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When #nofilter is a Negative

So, the other day I was sharing how it’s time to live our lives with #nofilter. Quit trying to pretend to be someone you aren’t, whether it’s online or in person. Jesus didn’t create us to be unauthentic in our lives, pretending to be the person that we believe others want us to be. That being said, there is a time when #NoFilter can be a negative.

When #NoFilter Living Backfires

There are some people who TOTALLY have no filter and they are a little too proud of it.

  • “The Oversharer.” “Well, you know, I don’t have a filter – I just let it fly like it is!” The oversharer tells you everything that is wrong. Everything that is wrong with them. Everything that is wrong with you. Everything that is wrong with a mutual acquaintance (btw – I don’t care how you frame this part, God calls it gossip and names it as a sin). Hezekiah 7:19 says, “Shut thy mouth!”
  • No, there isn’t a book of Hezekiah. It’s a joke.
  • “Public Pray for Such and Such” Person. I am all for praying for people. #praynowspeaklife. I am especially excited when we utilize our news feed to activate the prayers of people all over the nation/world. That’s not what I am referring to here. “Public Pray for Such and Such Person” is the person that is like, “I want to ask you to pray for my nephew – he’s got a really bad meth problem and they caught him over at a prostitute/drug dealers home the other night…” sharing all of that person’s business in a public forum. When that person hears about the way that you have shared their business to facebook world, they’re going to be very happy with you.
  • “Call You Out without Actually Calling You Out” Person. This is the most common of the group – we all see it all the time on social media. In this category a person makes a very pointed statement about another person but doesn’t actually call their name. The problem with this one is that most of the time the person you are calling out isn’t even paying attention to you but you managed to share your venom with the world.  Proverbs 16:28 A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.
  • …and before you think that I was just ^*^THIS PERSON^*^ I wasn’t. Maybe you did this recently. Be assured, I have literally seen this hundreds of times and this post was formed about 4 weeks ago.

Social Media Isn’t the Place

As you probably know I have teenagers. One of the things that I have tried to teach my kids is we do not use social media to speak our mind and to call people out. This is a lesson that has been taught repeatedly and often needs a refresher course. Sure, we want to be honest, we want to be people who live “without the veil”. But if removing the veil is done at the expense of damaging or hurting others for the sake of clearing your conscious you have missed the point of Unveiled Living and the heart of “Death to Selfie”.

Social media isn’t the place to always remove the veil.


2Cor 3:13 We are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face to keep the Israelites from gazing at it while the radiance was fading away.

But we do, don’t we?

Most of us are skilled at veiling our lives and controlling what it is everyone sees. In the above passage we see Paul explaining how Moses would cover his face from keeping people from seeing that the glory of God was fading away (Exodus 34). In the passage Paul encourages us to see that we are not to hide/veil the glory of God in our lives as God is changing us into the image of Jesus. Do you veil?

The ME I Want You to See.

Do you ever make something or someone seem better than it actually is online? Maybe you can relate to…

  • “More Spiritual Than You Guy” loves to post bible verses to let you know that he is more spiritual than you. He’s not afraid to start online bible arguments and to tell you what’s wrong with you. MSTYG is more spiritual than you and he hopes that you understand that (at least that’s what he thinks). The truth is that MSTYG has a love problem – he loves Jesus, he just doesn’t necessarily love the people Jesus loves.
  • “Got It Together Mom” is better at being a mom than you. The imaginative crafts she does with her kids and posts online are better than yours (do you even do crafts with your kids) and her meals are better and prettier than the hamburger helper you fixed. The truth about GITM is that she struggles with insecurity and feels the need to boost her self-esteem by building up her online image.
  • “Wish You Were Here Poster” doesn’t actually #wishyouwerehere, they just want you to know that they are “here” and you aren’t. WYWHP sometimes is more excited to make you jealous about their trip than actually enjoying the trip itself.
  • “Perfect Marriage Person” has a spouse that “completes” them. They love to share how great their significant other is and can be quite sickening in their over the top post. What hurts is when you find out that PMP doesn’t have a perfect marriage at all but fakes it to make themselves feel better about their imperfect marriage. If they put the effort into their relationship that they put into their online posts they might actually have a better marriage.
WOW… those were kind of harsh, weren’t they. But you know, I’m trying to make a point: Quit trying to pretend to be someone online that you aren’t.Quit trying to impress people you aren’t even connected with. It’s time to stop using a filter on everything in your life. The more that we use filters on our lives the less authentic we are. And that’s not who Jesus created us to be.
16 But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.
#nofilter #forreal