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Everything You Need to Know about our BIGGEST WEEKEND EVER!!



For such a long time we have been praying and preparing about this weekend and I believe that it is going to be one of those that we will remember for a long time. Here’s what you need to know:

  • “Share the Love” Weekend – One of our core values here at Vertical is #loveisaverb – it’s not a feeling, it’s an action. Occasionally we have opportunities to share and minister to those outside the walls of the church and tomorrow is one of those days. Over the past weeks we have spent many, many hours ministering to UNCP in anticipation of our upcoming launch, tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 22) we will minister to our Bladen and Lumberton communities. If you attend Vertical Bladen, please join the team at Dublin Elementary at 8 am. If you attend Vertical Lumberton, please join the team at Lumberton HS at 7:30 am. Wear some work clothes – if you have rakes or minor yard tools bring those as well.

  • Who are you Bringing to Vertical this Sunday?  For weeks as a church we have been praying for people that we love and care about. Have you invited them? Maybe they said “no”, or gave you the “maybe” that you know actually MEANS no. DON’T GIVE UP!!! One more prayer, one more call and one more ask could change someone’s eternity. Never forget that we #celebrate when good people seek, when God’s people grow, when saved people share, and when the lost are found!
  • btw… this weekend is baptism Sunday at Lumberton so you know that is always a special day! Have you been baptized SINCE you believed? 

Vertical University launches THIS SUNDAY NITE!! For years we have prayed towards an open door to minister to UNCP students and the town of Pembroke as well and we are so very thankful that God has made a way. Vertical University launches THIS SUNDAY NITE, 6pm, at the Campus Ministry Center across the street from the GPAC in Pembroke. We cannot wait to see what God is gonna do!!!

“Are You Guys Closing the Church?”

That was the question that my wife was asked after the 9am service at our Lumberton location last Sunday. It was a legitimate question being that we were telling everyone that “today is our last day at the theater”. I just couldn’t believe that the person didn’t understand what’s next as we FELT that we have clearly communicated it multiple times over the previous weeks and 3 different times in Sunday’s service. This question reminded me that you can never over-communicate important information.


So here’s what’s happening at Vertical Church as of this Sunday, June 7th:

  • All 3 Vertical Locations (Lumberton, University, Bladen) in one location. For the next 5 Sunday’s our services will take place at our Vertical Bladen Location located on the campus on Bladen Community College
  • Service Times are at 9am and 11am.
  • VKidz and check-in process will be as you are accustomed.
  • OUR 1st SERVICE AT LUMBERTON HIGH SCHOOL will be on July 12th, 9 am and 11 am.
  • Vertical University Launch Team Meeting. Anyone who is interested in being a part of the University Launch Team is expected to be a part of the “Start Strong Bible Study”. It is 6pm Sunday night, 6/7, at the BCM House across from UNCP.


Sunday is going to be special as we have all of us under one-roof. Worship is gonna be off the chain!!! We are beginning our series, “The Devil Made Me Do It” and I will be talking about something that we all deal with, spiritual warfare. I will also share how you can win that war.

It’s gonna be an exciting day that you don’t wanna miss! Bring someone and watch God work!!!


It’s Friday and I’m FIRED UP!

Friday morning = Time to catch up on everything I didn’t get done on the other 4 days of this week – Dreaming about all that will happen this weekend – Opportunities to bring glory to God – Looking forward to time with the people I love more than anything on this earth – highly caffeinated – Awesome.

I’m pretty stoked about the weekend. Here’s why:

  • Week One of “Death to Selfie” was incredible. Donnie brought a fantastic word about the dangers of comparison and the way that it can kill contentment in our life. It is SO EASY to look at people’s online post and think, “everybody else’s life is SO great and mine sucks!” It doesn’t – we must remember that just because we see it on Facebook does not make it so.
  • Are you more connected than ever yet sometimes feel more alone? I cannot wait to bring you week 2 Sunday! I think being connected is great. Sunday we are going to talk about how we can be more connected than EVER (and it will change your life and the life of those around you.)
  • It is Baptism Sunday at Ltown!!! Have you been baptized since you believed?!? If not, it’s time to publicly follow through with that commitment to Jesus through baptism. If you attend Vertical Lumberton and would like to be baptized this Sunday please inbox me and I will put you in touch with someone who will make that happen.
  • I am so proud of everyone who said “YES!” and have followed through with your commitments. We have been blown away by the way that you all have said “YES!” and have put action to those words… keep it up – we’re praying over you and your commitments.
  • Sunday Night is our Vertical University Interest Gathering. Some of your “YES!” commitments was to be a part of our Pembroke location coming this August. This Sunday night, April 19th, is our first interest gathering for anyone who is interested in being part or wants more information. As you know it takes a lot of preparation to open a Vertical Church – Sunday night is our first step in that. We will share what’s up, answer all of your questions, pray, hang out and eat some food. Sounds like an awesome Sunday night to me!

This is one of those days where I am blown away that I GET to do this. Don’t forget to bring those used jeans to donate this Sunday to either Vertical Location. Thank You, Jesus!

Vertical University Interest Gathering from mike pittman on Vimeo.

You Like My King’s English? (This Sunday at Vertical)

What a week we’ve had Sharing the Love around our region. I love hearing your stories – keep them coming!!!

I told you last Sunday that this Sunday may be my favorite Sunday EVER at Vertical. I’m telling you that it is a CAN’T MISS SUNDAY! Gotta conflict? Reschedule. Migraine? Come to church and have the leaders pray over you. Surgery? Postpone to Monday.

It is THAT important that you not miss this Sunday at Vertical Church!!

Here’s a few things you should bring:

  1. An open, expectant heart. The way that we arrive often influences the way that we receive. I want to challenge you to pray over the next couple of days that God would help you to peel away another layer so that you can get to your “YES!”
  2. A friend. You should always strive to bring someone because every week holds the potential of life change. Remember, “Relationships Make the Difference.” You are the connector (reconciler – remember Week 2?) between someone in your life and God.
  3. Tissues. I just need to point out that many of you won’t be wearing long sleeves because today is the first day of spring (YAY!!!) It will be really awkward when rivers of snot floweth from thou noseth and you have nowhere to wipeth (You like my king’s English?)

Seriously, DO NOT MISS SUNDAY! #cantwait

Why I’m So Pumped About “YES!”

Happy Friday to you all!!

Has this been a crazy couple of weeks with the weather or what?!? Is Anybody sick of winter weather besides me? Someone told me on Wednesday that we were supposed to have some bad weather Sunday and I told them that “I REBUKE ANY BAD WEATHER LOCALLY FOR SUNDAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS!” And I am serious… We cannot have bad weather this weekend because this Sunday -


I truly believe that “YES!” will be one of those defining moments of our church – one of those moments in time that we will point back to in amazement. I am so excited because…

  • I will be sharing all the insider things that so many people are wondering about.
  • What’s up with the Lumberton location…
  • Where our next Vertical location will be and when we will launch (Notice I didn’t say “if”)
  • All of the exciting plans, changes, goals and visions in the future of VC.
  • JESUS is alive and He is changing people’s lives WEEKLY at Vertical Church!!! We are so thankful to be part of the work He is doing in our region.
As jacked up as I am about talking about all of those things, that is NOT what I am most excited about. I believe that over the next few weeks many people are going to say “YES!” to what’s next for them spiritually and THAT’S WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!!!