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April Shout-Outs!!!

Us_bullhorn_2Welcome to a new monthly feature on WholeHearted Life called "Shout-Outs!!!". I’ve been thinking a lot lately about people who get "it" done…

What is "it"? "It" is whatever "it" is and there are some people that are just willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure that "it" gets done here on a weekly basis. For these people it doesn’t matter what "IT" is, they will do it for JESUS and for the vision of hyde park!

I often sing the praises of those who work directly with me, members of the band, worship leaders, choir members, Eddie D. (i even talk occasionally about the guys up in the booth who make us sound great and keep our services running smoothly week-in and week-out). The people I want to give a shout-out to today are those who I don’t often mention – people like:

  • Penny Blaine, Joe Davis and the Kidz Konnection Krew. These guys and girls make me laugh whenever I have the opportunity to minister with them but even more important is the fact that they make our kidz laugh all the while teaching them timeless lessons  in a way that ministers on the kidz level. This Krew (you like the hip "k"?) puts together approximately 40 programs per year, all on a week to week basis (which means they perform 80 times per year) – it’s tough! And many times have a hard time even getting to worship with us because of things that need to happen BEFORE the next group comes in.
  • Our Kidz Place Team. This ministry, headed up by Kim Campbell, make our kidz Sunday’s special. I can’t think of any ministry more important than one that teaches the principals of the scriptures to our children. Thanks goes out to all of you in this ministry!
  • Our Guest Services Team. Laura Sampson, Mary Dahl, Chuck Smith, Marilyn Britt, Ellen Babson head up this team that is so important to who we are as a church. They along with parking lot extrodinaire, my man David (Old Skool) Lovette, remind us that every week is someone’s 1st week at hyde park!.
  • The ROC Cafe’ Crew. This ministry, headed up by Hubert Waddell, sets a great tone for Sunday’s at hyde park. Hubert and Ray Britt are the 1st people I normally see at hyde park on Sunday morning. There are a lot of people who make the cafe’ click on Sunday’s.
  • I’ve gotta throw someone in from the music ministry – Ralph Shomaker. Ralph organizes and pulls all the music that you hear on Sunday’s. Were it not for Ralph our musicians would still be suffering from someone pulling and organizing music who hates it (that would be me grin ). What Ralph does for our ministry is literally immeasurable. I literally could not go back to the way things used to be and still perform on the level that we do week-in and week-out.

There are so many more people who could make this list – it might be you and maybe you’ll be getting a shout-out in May! Do me a favor – shoot these people an email or a card and let them know how much you appreciate what they do!

So which one were you?

April_19_and_20_140 This ought to be fun…

The discussion at my lunch table this past Sunday after church was "who" matched up with our characters in the skit Sunday morning. (If you missed the service check it out here and then respond)

I was pegged as being like "Tom" with a touch of "Steve-O-Rino"…
Keyna was a mixture of "Steve-O-Rino" with some "Mona" mixed in…
Our friend Renee’ was squarely fit with the title of "June".

What about you and your friends? Be kind – Responses start NOW!April_19_and_20_135

Sunday Nite (and other stuff)

April_19_and_20_140Today (at least for me) was amazing at hyde park. We learned that God made all of us with a unique personality (the chances of there being another person exactly like you is ZaZillion to one *yes – i coined a new word – a zazillion* grin ). We laughed, we sang out, we worshiped and I had the opportunity to pray individually for some – a great, great day. I hope that you were there…

  • We laughed… the skit this morning during Pastor’s message was HILARIOUS! June (Leilani), Tom (Jared), Steve-O-Rino (Nicky) and Mona (Sara) were such good matches to help all of us recognize that God uses different types of people to accomplish different works. Great job to the cast and to their director, Rhonda.
  • We learned… do you get it? Did you see how God might could use you at hyde park in the week to week ministry?
  • We were LOUD… not really, but our "love was loud" this morning as hundreds lifted their voices to the King of kings!
  • The song, "Beautiful Jesus" was huge today. I love that new song!
  • And "Our God Saves" – the anthem of the year.
  • You know, as I thought back over the day an interesting thought entered my mind: "today looked a lot like what i "signed up" for – much worship, YOUR Spirit flowing and high, Lord, the joy of JESUS evident and lot’s of new people in the house…". Seeing JESUS change lives is 2nd only to bringing Glory to Him (and seeing lives changed does bring glory to Him).
  • Pastor was so comfortable on stage… I was so impressed with how well he interacted with the actors this morning – a natural.
  • FAITHTrac 101 (New Attenders Class) next weekend – Awesome. I love seeing new people learning about hyde park from our Pastor. Which means…
  • I get to PREACH next Sunday!! I am already pumped!!
  • I’m also pumped about baptism coming up in 2 weeks! I ask you, "have you been baptized SINCE you believed?" If not, take the "plunge" and start that new life with JESUS.

On a completely different note…

  • Saturday was Madie’s birthday. I can’t believe that she is 12. It seems like yesterday…
  • Madison was in competition Saturday down in Brunswick County. SHE WAS AWESOME! Her group won their division and placed 3rd overall in their age group. That was my 1st dance competition experience… if her apparent talent is any indication it won’t be my last grin

Big week ahead for us – Check back tomorrow!


Envy_2If you have loved the "Made" services thus far you are definitely in for a surprise this weekend!

This weekend’s message is titled, "You’re Not So Weird".  You know, the whole "Made" series is based around the fact that all of us are "created to make a difference".

Have you ever found yourself…

  • doing something because you felt like it was the "right thing to do" but for whatever reason it just didn’t feel like you?
  • wondering how come what excites "him" does nothing for you?
  • having "gift envy" – coveting someone else’s gift or talent?

If you answered "yes" to any of these then this weekend is for you. And to top it all off – we will teach this principal in the coolest way imaginable! I believe that you will "GET THIS" in a way that you never have before! DO NOT MISS THIS WEEKEND’s SERVICE AND DON’T BE LATE! (YOU WILL BE SORRY).

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Notes from BSU Part Two (The Bridge Illustration)

Once you’ve shared your story, if the opportunity arises, you can share what it all means to them with this illustration – you can literally draw this on a napkin:


You tell them: We matter to God. He made us, and He wants to have a relationship with us.
(then add a "cliff" to your picture demonstrating us being separated from God…)


You say: We’re all sinners, right? (Romans 3:23). Our sin separates us from God – it’s like it creates a canyon between us and God that we can get across.
(then, adding to the picture you write the word "DEATH" at the bottom of the canyon, drawing arrows that point towards death…)


Saying: because of our sin, the bible teaches that we earn death (Romans 6:23) – that was not acceptable to God because He loves us so He decided to do something about it – He sent Jesus…
(you now draw a cross spanning the canyon and cross out death, saying…)


"When Jesus died on the cross, not only did he pay the price that earned us death, the cross is like a bridge between us and God – bridging the gap in a way only He could do!"
(Drawing 2 stick figures and an arrow showing us walking across to God, saying…)


"Jesus made a way that we could now be reunited, reconciled to God – He did it with the cross…"

Remember, we don’t save – the power is God’s and the results are totally up to Him. When you step out in faith to share this watch out… God WILL take over (at least He always has with me). Good sharing – I’m praying for ya!