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Archive for February, 2007

On the Edge!

Why am i on the edge? Because i have NO IDEA what Sunday’s gonna be like; i mean, I know that the music is gonna be "ON", and i know that we have some slammin’ ideas for using media that everyone’s gonna love. I know that we’re gonna be pumped because we’re coming off of the "Rumba" (and that should be a great experience – thousands will descend on downtown Lumberton and we will be there too!). But in the end i have no control over who comes or what time or when…

I have been known to have a "problem" with control – over-management and over-involvement. Hey, at least I admit it!

Finalhdliving I believe that this whole weekend is going to be great and positive. One of the highlights should be the new series that Pastor is going to be starting Sunday, "High Definition Living". We are preparing some great stuff to go along with this series – definitely something that you’re friends, family, co-workers and all will be able to relate to.

Something else you need to know about this series – we are attempting to destroy the myths that many have about the church. Statistics show that most American’s have no problem with JESUS – they have a problem with the church. Now I know that for many this is just another excuse to use to explain WHY they don’t attend – the truth is that everyone who doesn’t attend church is because THEY DON’T WANT TO. Simple as that; I pretty much do everything that I want to do (don’t you?). Well, I believe that most people don’t want to attend church because they’ve never been to a passionate church with music that they actually like and a message that faithfully teaches about the Bible and JESUS while helping them to make application to their life -

HYDE PARK IS THAT CHURCH. Hyde Park will continue to strive to be A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHURCH.

So bring your friends – unashamedly. Invite – liberally. Love – extravagantly. Serve – humbly. And pray – fervently. I have to say, not many people have made time to pray over the wall this week – the most important thing that will happen to make LAUNCH! a success is the ferverent prayer of the saints.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you that I went to UNCP’s BSU house to speak last night! I love college students and the room was filled with some great young people that could turn that campus upside-down for JESUS! Let’s pray together that God will begin something hot in their hearts to reach that campus (and community) with the passionate, contagious love of Christ.

I needed something to remind me this morning – this was it. Love ya’ll.

Sunday Nite Comments (on a Monday Morning)…

"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see." Hebrews 11:1

And so we wait and pray and prepare – because now it’s just about here…

6 days from now we will LAUNCH! the new services and Bible Fellowship Group ministries. We’ve had our last large gathering prior to LAUNCH! – we will have no additonal opportunities to inspire, vision cast and send off.

The time is now.

I feel confident that we have done everything we could possible do to prepare for next Sunday – we’ve prayed, studied, built leadership, dreamed, prayed, trusted, preached, met, learned, taught (did i mention that we PRAYED!?). We’ve asked the tough questions – we’ve challenged each other – We’ve wondered "What If?" LAUNCH! is and has always been in the hands of JESUS. We have worked as hard as we could and done all that we could because I believe that God gives us the gifts and abilities that He does for the purpose of doing our part but in the end He’s the One who orchestrates and blesses.

I am confident in the hands of JESUS.

Yesterday was a great day. I spoke about the fact that YOU ARE A MISSIONARY, that God wants to reach "your world" for JESUS through you. I ended the message by challenging our people to come forward and write the names of people that were on their hearts, those they would love to see come to LAUNCH! next weekend. We constructed a wall (our "Wall of Love") at the front of our auditorium for this purpose and the response was unbelievable! At that invitation hundreds left their seats, grabbed a magic marker and wrote for their friends and loved ones; We have hundreds of names written on the "wall of love". (Hope to get some photos on here of that). Please pray that God will help those who want to reach friends, family, co-workers, etc. – that He will use those people to bring others to Himself. And remember, if you live in our area you are welcome to stop by and pray for the names on the wall anytime during office hours.

I’m excited because…

  • I believe that many, many people are praying. I believe that many of them WILL come this week and pray over the names on the wall. Are you praying for this weekend? Turn up the heat – pray like you’ve never prayed before!
  • We are depending on YOU to get those invite tickets and pass them out to anybody and everybody. IF YOU NEED TICKETS PLEASE COME BY THE OFFICE AND GET ALL THAT YOU NEED! Invite everyone you see to Hyde Park this weekend!!!
  • Pastor will begin his new series "High Definition Living" and we have some awesome stuff in store – Pray that God will make our ideas/plans come to life.
  • Rumba on the Lumber is gonna be a HUGE opportunity for HP – have you made plans to be there?
  • I believe that you know that we need every one of you to make LAUNCH! a success. Please, this time, do not assume that someone else is doing what you should do. This is the moment when lives are changed.

And so we wait and pray and prepare – and we do so in faith; not faith in ourselves or faith in the hard work that has happened – faith in JESUS because it’s all about JESUS. We want Him to be famous in this region. Pray. Pray hard. Believe. Have faith that He will use us. And buckle your seat belt, because in 6 days, it’s ON!

C3 is Over!

The conference is over – Keyna and I board an American Airlines flight @ 8:05 am in the morning and we see the kids hopefully by 2!!! (Looking forward to seeing our family).

I’ve missed all of you and look forward to being with you on Sunday.

I have TRULY been inspired at the conference and have so much to say. I will give you some C3 insight next week, but in the meantime I want you to check out my friend, Tony Morgan’s, speaker by speaker commentary on the conference.

Check it out! See you Sunday!

C3 Day One (and a surprise!)

Well, day one is over and it was a great day that ended with a pleasant surprise – more on that in a moment. Here’s my recap of C3 day one:

  • Keyna and I began our day at the conference in the "Assimilation / Volunteers" track. The room was packed out and we ended up near the back of the room. I was excited by the passion of those who spoke about the great lengths that Fellowship Church goes through to make sure that their guests feel special. As I listened and thought about what they were saying as opposed to what we’re doing I realized, "this is what we’re doing. HALLELUJAH!" God used this breakout session to show me that we are on the right track with the "First Impression Team" headed by Laura Sampson. Keep up the great work Laura and all of you who serve with her.
  • We then had the opportunity to join the "Worship/Media" track where they spoke about the way that they use media to enhance the service. As I thought of what we are working towards I realized, "this is the direction that we are headed!" Once again, I was encouraged that we seem to be on the right track. Our "Creative Communications Team", headed by Sebrina Harris is doing a slammin’ job and we’re gonna be seeing some fresh stuff very soon. Are you creative and like working with graphics and stuff? Check this ministry out – we REALLY need you!
  • During a break, Keyna and I had a conversation with Preston Mitchell, Executive Pastor of Fellowship Church. He was gracious and fired up about C3.
  • To finish off the night, after supper, I was sitting in on the music team rehearsal and I looked at the dude sitting in front of me and realized It was my friend, Robert Elkins, Worship Pastor at 1st Euless. Robert and I grew up together, played in bands together and today, both lead worship in great churches. We had a great time listening to the rehearsal and catching up. I TOTALLY DIDN’T EXPECT THIS. I was sitting there thinking, "from the back that dude looks like Robert." He turned to the side and i’m like, "that HAS to be him." and it was. Great to see you, Rob!

What did  I learn today? That we are doing a lot of things right at HP. I am so proud of all of you; We are certainly part of something very special. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow! I will try to let you know how it all transpires.

Ready for the Challenge!

We’re here (Check out yesterday to see WHERE "here" is)

Drinking some coffee, just finished working out, spent some time in the Word, done some message prep (i’m speaking this Sunday!) and getting ready to go to the C3 pre-conference. I am excited.

Why am I excited?

  1. Because Sunday is the first time i’ve spoken since Christmas Eve! I have been so consumed by LAUNCH! that i’ve not had time to speak in service. But now, where we’re at i’m ready – are you?
  2. Because Sunday is the LAUNCH! before the LAUNCH! We have been preparing for this day for more than a year. Really. And here’s the truth – we have placed this at His feet. We have done all we can do in preparation, now we trust Him to do what He does.
  3. Because this Sunday is gonna rock your world! Why? Because i’m sure that you have never seen anything like what we’ll do Sunday in church – EVER! This weekend is gonna rock us to the core of who we are.
  4. Because I am totally open to whatever He wants to do through me! I wish I could say that i’m always this way, but if I did i would be lying. But right now, i’m surrended. I’m very dependent upon His leadership and excited about where it may lead.

As you can tell, I’m pumped! Thank you to all of you who read this blog and promote it to your friends – you are a part of a movement, and it WILL affect others for all eternity. I’ll try to check in tonite. By the way – did you realize that there are only 11 days to LAUNCH!?