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Archive for May, 2007

Who takes the Plunge?

Plungelogo1This Sunday we have the priviledge of celebrating with some friends the "jumping off" point of their faith – believer’s baptism

This morning as I sat down at my desk I had 2 different emails from people who want to be a part of the "Plunge" event this Sunday and I gotta admit…

IT FIRES ME UP!!! I cannot express to you how much I love to see people go public with their faith! It’s part of what WholeHearted Life is all about – living an abundant life – and abundant living will never happen until you take that first public "plunge", going public (identifying) with JESUS, basically saying, "I am down with Christ!"

What about you? It’s still not too late to sign up to be a part of this exciting day. We’re baptizing as a part of all 3 worship experiences – 8:21 / 9:51 / 11:11. If you would like to sign up to be a part of one of these services let me know by clicking here. I need you to tell me your name, age, phone #, tshirt size and what service you would like to be a part of (also give us a 2nd service choice just in case yours in absolutely full). If you are participating and have not received a phone call will you email me just to make sure – give me the same info as those above.



The other day I was asked, "How did you get Charles Lowery to come to hyde park?" Answer: I booked him in May of 2006 – 12 months ago. Because we felt that this much sought-after, nationally known speaker/writer would be one of the best GuyFest headliner speakers we could actually book.

Guyfestgraphic_2 Do you have any idea how awesome Father’s Day is gonna be at hyde park?

Then the comment was made, "When I saw the advertisement for GuyFest, I thought you were promoting a men’s event somewhere else before I actually realized that all this was going to take place at hyde park! Man, this is gonna be GREAT!" Yep, sure is…

The concept of GuyFest was developed after wondering what we could do to help our men in the unique things that we men deal with – "Guy things", stuff we normally won’t talk about in front of the guys (much less the ladies :) ). This is literally us trying to provide an on-campus "Promise Keepers" style event that Dads and sons can do together without leaving Lumberton – THIS DAY MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN THE LIFE OF HYDE PARK MEN. So here’s the deal -


Fellas, this is THE EVENT that you should invite that friend to that you’ve been praying for; that work associate that you’ve wanted to tell about JESUS; that neighbor who’s family is on the brink of disaster; that brother-in-law that just can’t seem to get along with your sister (just kidding, unless it applies :) ). We will have tickets for you to give out to those you want to invite – YOUR PARTICIPATION IS SO NECESSARY AND IMPERATIVE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND MOST OF ALL, YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO JESUS.

Although GuyFest is free we are asking that you register (and do it quickly) so we’ll know how to prepare food. You can register RIGHT HERE or by filling out the insert at the church. Give us your Name, Number, and how many will attend with you (you can add someone at a later time if need be).

(And wives, do everything in your power to make sure that nothing interferes with your husbands attendance on this day (THE WHOLE TIME – 8:15- 12:15)

Drawing People to Himself

I love it when people make the decision to "go public" with their faith. To see someone stand before our congregation, their new church family filled with all these people that they don’t know and practically say, "what you believe, NOW I believe – my life has been and IS being changed by JESUS – through this picture (baptism) I identify with Christ, I identify with you hyde park…" (now, I know that they don’t say that, but that’s what they mean, don’t they? :) ).

This Sunday people will stand before our church and make that declaration and WE will rejoice at what God is doing. We should never cease to be amazed that

  1. He can save anyone. My friend Eric (who consequently has been attending hyde park as of late) has been one of my greatest influences in life; he’s a great preacher and has been involved in thousands of salvations (!!!) says, "JESUS saves from the guttermost to the uttermost!" All it takes is a heart that understands their need for Him.
  2. He chooses to use us. Why doesn’t God just "do it" already? If God just saved everyone who is to be saved it would rob us of the priviledge of being involved in His master plan (the master’s plan) to use us to reach the world. What a blessing it is to be involved in leading a person to Him – once you are you will NEVER be the same!
  3. He is alive and actively working to draw people to himself. Jesus says in John 12:32 "But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.". He is doing this all over America. In churches that have decided to not be religious but to be surrendered JESUS is saving lives like crazy! I believe that there is a spiritual awakening coming but I don’t believe it will revive dead churches; I believe that this new move that God may do is gonna take place in the churches and people who have decided that JESUS Himself is more important than tradition, buildings, pleasing immature Christians and doing what has been done for the last 50 years. I believe if we will truly lift Him up to a lost world (not our tradition OR our church, but HIM) that He will use us to draw our region to Him in an unprecedented way.

So Sunday, when your new brothers and sisters strongly declare their faith to you through New Testament, believers baptism remember – there is more where this came from – this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

(by the way – do YOU need to be baptized? 1st you BELIEVE then you’re BAPTIZED. If you would like to be involved in the PLUNGE event this Sunday email me immediately and we’ll get you signed up!)

Sunday Reflections (on a Monday Morning)

Not as much to write about because I was over in the KIDZ PLACE leading worship for Kidz Konnection! Some things I’m just thinking…

  • Rhonda does a great job leading worship in my absence. It is so encouraging to know that when I’m gone things can still be good. They are definitely different (they should be, i’m not in there :) ) but they can still be excellent and are.
  • Our band is incredible. I am amazed at what God has done with our live music in the last few years!
  • Penny Blaine does an awesome job with KIDZ KONNECTION at hyde park! Yesterday "the kidz" (the cast that does the weekly skit) were off but it was still great! By the way, mike p’s Kidz Konnection worship team absolutely ROCKS!!!!
  • I heard that Pastor hit a home run with his message yesterday (i’ll hear the podcast).
  • We’re baptizing next week and I’m excited about what God is doing in the lives of the people who surround us.
  • We have some great things in the making for a sizzlin’ hyde park summer.
  • Thank God we will have something for the kidz this summer!
  • I love what I do!
  • I’m thankful to serve at hp!

I’m back!!!!

Sunday – 6am: scared!
9:45 am: Pumped!!
11:05: Fired UP!!!
12:35: exhausted…
3:00pm: studying…
6pm: speaking to a very attentive group of 6th & 7th graders…
9pm: exhausted (again) but so excited about what i had experienced.

Monday AM – destroyed/defeated/depressed (give me a "d" :) ).

Tuesday – I waited on the Lord; "Father, I don’t want anything but to BE with You. I have no agenda, no wants or wishes; i don’t ask You to fix my problems or speak to me with solutions – today, i worship You, because You’re my God, my Father, my Savior and I KNOW that it is Your wish that I/WE succeed!

Wednesday – Good ideas flowing but decide to wait on it – don’t say anything – let it "simmer" a bit…

Thursday – I AM PUMPED!!!! We have an unbelievable summer in the works at hyde park!

  • The Kidz Place is gonna ROCK this summer with an exciting weekly program (kidz are gonna love this!!! :) )
  • Bible Fellowship Groups – Launching 3 New Classes on June 3rd / All BFG’s are gonna participate in Mission projects this summer and not only will it change others, it will change the BFG forever
  • A New Series will that will blow your mind…

this is gonna be a summer that people are going to HATE missing church!