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Archive for May, 2007


One thing that I’ve come to learn about my life as a Christian is that, in some way, it should always be moving in a forward direction. Now I am certainly a believer in "seasons" in a Christians life (I would highly suggest checking out this message by Craig Groeschel about respecting the seasons of your life), but all in all there should always be at least a little something happening spiritually…

Ask yourself this question, "what is happening spiritually with me?"

When you hear a message what do you do with what you hear? When a speaker tries to help you make application to your life does it "tickle your ears/entertain you" if it sounds good or does it drive you to actually try and apply what He is suggesting? 

What about your prayer life – how’s that going? That list of people that you wanna reach for Christ, is that growing? Is it coming up before God in your prayer time?

Your witness – have you "gone public"? As I was reading scripture yesterday in my quiet time I read this and I thought to myself, "isn’t it a shame that these people SAW JESUS, experienced His miracles, His presence in the midst of them yet they were more concerned of what others thought than to do the right thing." But then I thought…


Here’s the question: Do you REALLY wanna go to the next level with God? Are you REALLY serious about the things that HE is serious about? Do you REALLY want to see your family/friends/relatives/work associates come to know HIM and be passionate about Him?

It ain’t magic friends – YOU have to actually make an effort towards Him. Meaning to do the Next Right Thing and actually DOING the Next Right Thing are not the same.

Sunday Nite

First, let me say that you’ve gotta watch this video on Bree’s blog from yesterday – Great find, girl!

What an AWESOME day we had today! As we journeyed into week 3 of the "CLICK: Doing the Next Right Thing" Series we were discussing hitting "FastForward" on our faith – specifically, "Going Public". The challenge today was how many of those in attendance have actually "gone public" with their faith (see verse) – not dealing with whether people know that they go to church but how many understand that they desire to live for JESUS in this world. To top it off I decided rather than just talk about Baptism that we would demonstrate it with some people who needed to be baptized (and I would actually finish teaching the message in the pool).

I came into the morning with a baptism scheduled at 8:21 (Adeana) and 11:11, though I was unable to schedule someone for the 9:51 service; however, I had a quiet peace about that this morning – for some reason (God) I KNEW that someone was going to ask me to baptize them at 9:51 -

AND THEY DID (way to go, Nancy!). Then…

Immediately following the person asking me to baptize them, the brother of the guy being baptized at 11:11 sees me and says, "he’s not coming, Mike." Well, by this time I had faith that God was gonna work that out (the baptism and actually finishing the message in the pool was the main illustration and the closer to the invitation this morning – needless to say, it was PRETTY important)…

Guess what? Immediately after finding out that my 11:11 candidate’s going to be a no-show, SOMEONE ELSE comes up (Sandy) and says, "Mike, my wife (Tarra) and I would like to be baptized at 11:11." As you can imagine, I’m about ready to shout now (I haven’t even spoken in the 2nd service yet!), then…

After the 9:51 service (and my 2nd set of wet clothes) I’m outside for a moment and a guy walks up (Kelvin) and says, "Mike, YOU WERE TALKING TO ME THIS MORNING! I’m going home to get my clothes for you to baptize me in this service if it’s ok with you!"

That’s the kind of day i’ve had; people DYING to go public with their faith. "God, may we never again have so little faith concerning those whom You’ve put in our care. You are a miracle Worker and You desire to do great things in our midst."

To those of you who stepped up and "went public" on the spur of the moment today by participating in "spontaneous baptism" – I am proud of you beyond belief; It took a lot of guts to do what you did today.

And to those of you who placed your trust in JESUS this morning – welcome to the family of God! We’re excited to watch God work in your life and look forward to serving HIM with you. Much love to all…


I try to pass on what i’m reading – Here are a couple of books that would be a great read.

Big_idea The Big Idea: Focus the Message, Multiply the Impact

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day


Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t (thanks Tim!)

What’s on my Radar?

Yes, it’s Friday and I’m pumped – lot’s to do today, Brandon finally gets married tomorrow (and I will no longer have to hear the "how many days til I get married" countdown :) ) and of course, the Starbucks has indeed kicked in!!

Here are 3 upcoming events that are workin’ overtime in my incredibly small brain:

Plungelogo1ON JUNE 3RD, we will have our next baptism event, not at the park but here at the hyde park. We’ll be having an outdoor baptism at all 3 of our worship experiences that day. You might be wondering, "where will they baptize? Hyde Park doesn’t have an outdoor baptismal…" Ye of little faith – we have an incredible solution (and no it’s not kiddie pools – i promise :) ). This is a day you need to put on your calendar. (oh, and p.s., if you’ve not been baptized SINCE you actually invited JESUS into your life this day is for you – sign up here)

Last year we did our 1st outdoor "Mass Baptism" at Luther Britt Park and it was an amazing day! We rejoiced together as 30 people from hyde park went public with their faith and identified with JESUS through believer’s baptism. In a church like hyde park, which has a lot of people who come from a non-churched background, it’s very important to fully explain baptism (cause most don’t understand WHY a person needs to be baptized) and to provide events like this as an encouragement to actually do the NEXT right thing.

Guyfestgraphic_2June 17th – 8:15 to 12:15 – I don’t know if you really understand HOW HUGE Father’s Day is gonna be at hyde park? This is literally us trying to provide an on-campus "Promise Keepers" style event that Dads and sons can do – THIS DAY MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN THE LIFE OF HYDE PARK MEN. And wives, do everything in your power to make sure that nothing interferes with your husbands attendance on this day (THE WHOLE TIME) – and ladies, we have worked hard to plan an unbelievable day for you with great speakers and literally one of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard, Paige Strackman!

BfgJUNE 3RD – the launching of at least 3 new class sessions (2 @ 11:11 – 1 @ 8:21) Are you currently involved in a Bible Fellowship Group at hp? If not, this is the day to do it as we are planning on an incredible summer of service in our BFG’s.
Here are 3 reasons that YOU need to be an active part of a BFG:

  1. YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO SLOW DOWN YOUR HECTIC LIFE! The new classes (along with some others) are starting a new study, "Take it to the Limit" which will be great coming out of this series of doing the NEXT right thing. IF YOU ARE BUSY AND ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SLOW DOWN YOUR LIFE A LITTLE *join the club* this class will be for you. If you are interested in signing up to start this study you can register here.
  2. YOU CAN HELP OTHERS BY SERVING.  Throughout the summer our BFG’s are going to do more than talk about the bible, they’re going to put action to their prayers; our BFG’s will be helping others in the name of Christ (service projects, parties, food distribution, pregnancy crisis center, possible construction, yard work, etc), helping them to see that there is hope for their life and that they are welcome at hyde park.
  3. YOU ARE NOT GETTING ALL YOU SHOULD FROM HYDE PARK. It’s a fact: Many people just attend worship; unfortunately, they will eventually grow cold at hyde park in this pattern and leave the church because they will never actually become involved (they will use the excuse that we were too big or that they just couldn’t get connected when in fact most never actually did their part to connect.) If you are one of these let me ask you, if something happens to you or your family, who in our church will know? Who will help and minister to you in your time of need? WE WANT TO LOVE PEOPLE but we can only do this when you become a part of our process. (which means taking the New Attenders Class *which is this Sunday @ 9:45* going through the 8 week 201 through 401 process *write me if you don’t know what this means* and joining a Bible Fellowship Group)

Well, that’s it for Friday (i think). I AM SO FIRED UP ABOUT SUNDAY!!! I believe that God is going to do something HUGE!!!! in our midst this weekend! (i warned you that the Starbucks had kicked in :) !) As you pray, ask God to impact many lives this weekend. I love what i do!

Dr. Falwell


I was saddened to hear of Dr. Falwell’s passing but am excited about his promotion.

I was a fan of Dr. Falwell. I met him in St. Louis about 4 years ago; I’ll never forget how shocked I was that he actually took the time to hang with me a few minutes in the lobby of the hotel we were staying in. I was a little taken aback by his humbleness (I believe his charisma and confidence at times made him appear otherwise – that day I saw humbleness) despite his fame (or notoriety, depending on who you speak with).

I loved hearing Dr. Falwell talk about starting Thomas Road, how he knocked on "90 doors-a-day" for the 1st year of the church’s life. I loved hearing him tell about starting Liberty (an excellent school that I have very seriously considered attending for my Masters work) – hearing the plans that he had made that would keep him working way past the age of 90. I remember him saying, "God IS NOT finished with me yet!"

He’s still not, Dr. Falwell. On Tuesday, when they celebrate your homegoing, no doubt, many lives will be affected and changed for the glory of God because of your life.

"Lord, that you would allow us to impact our region the way that you used Dr. Falwell to impact the Lynchburg area! Please – in the Name of Jesus."