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Archive for September, 2007

The Church and Starbucks?

Starbucks I thought that this was a really great find by Tony Morgan – people more passionate about coffee than the church is about our mission? You know, if the church had as much passion for our mission as the leaders of Starbucks has about making Starbucks the ‘thirdplace’ in people’s lives we would be blowin’ up!

By the way – love me some Starbucks – if Lumberton had one I KNOW they would know me by name!

More to come today… Check back!

Sunday Nite

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely spent! I thought that my 35 minute "power-nap" did the trick but it was a short-lived boost… I am dog tired tonite!

Today was a great day – difficult, but great. There is nothing "fun" about going into such a difficult area, but as I said on Wednesday, how can we not talk about sex when it is at such a crisis point? (yes, even in the church.) Pastor did a TREMENDOUS job tackling such an uncomfortable subject – make sure you check out the podcast tomorrow – pass this one on to someone you know!

  • Potter’s Hands did a great job with "Everything" this morning – powerful stuff.
  • Crossover had 75 students tonite!!!
  • We had 28 people who want to get free financially in today’s "GoodSense" class!
  • 11:11 was rockin’!!

I think I’ve mentioned on here that I am one of the moderators for "". Tonite, I received this statement on the site and wanted to share it – I’ll explain why after you read it.

I don’t have anything to “confess” but I wanted to comment on this whole web site. I think the idea of confession is good, but this is not the forum for it. I think some of the “confessions” are put on the site just to be shocking without any regret. Besides, how do you know they are even true. The possibility that somebody could write a fabricated confession with just enough details so that the identity of the supposed confessing person can be deduced . . . when in fact it isn’t even true. This would cause pain and embarrassment. The web site could become an avenue for hidden vendettas or for embarrassing somebody you don’t like. Also, the site in essence becomes a temptation for others to read and try to guess who is making the confession, which is only human nature, even though we should not use the site that way. In essence, I agree with the whole concept of “confession” . . . I just think it should be done in a private, personal manner. I’ve been going to Hyde Park for about . . .well, I’m not going to say because you might figure out who I am . . . but I have not really ever heard about anybody, such as the deacons, being available to hear confessions . . .oh, I know they’re available . . . but it’s never really advertised. I personally would feel much more comfortable talking one-to-one than just writing an anonymous statement on a web-site. Interested in hearing any comments about this feeling.

The reason that I choose not to post this on "the site" is because I don’t want those who are truly going to the site to confess and take a step towards God to read it. is not a place for discussion, but WholeHearted Life is. I, unlike the writer, believe that the site is a great forum for this – we are redeeming the very thing that leads some people astray, technology, for God. Let me say it again, the purpose of the site is for people to anonymously confess their sin and take a step towards God. I know that not everyone sees things through our "lenses", however, people need to understand that it is our hearts desire to help people who have no hope. As Pastor has said so many times, the site is not for everybody – If you can’t prayerfully minister or be honest about your own shortcomings, you might not want to visit the site. My suggestion would be to allow God to minister through you to those who are hurting and confessing. Honestly, the reason I show it here is that I appreciate the attitude of the writer and hope that they read my response here.

Great week ahead of us! Are you ready?!?

(if you’re interested, here’s the Room Roam 2 Video from Crossover last nite)

the best way…

…to get someone you care about to come with you to hyde park is to invite them to do something:

  • "come to church with me Sunday and we’ll go to lunch when we get finished." OR
  • "come to church with me Sunday. We can grab some lunch and watch the game…" OR
  • "come to church with me Sunday then we can go shopping (for those of you who love to browse) AND OF COURSE, THE OLD STAND-BY…
  • "come to church with me Sunday – we are in the middle of an amazing series… it will really make you think!"

Remember, you are the greatest link between those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus and Him.


…a good cup of Espresso roast – my laptop – my mind is spinning – Sunday is almost here! Here’s the scoop on what’s going on in my head today (i know, you’re thinkin’, "short post today, huh?")

  • This weekend, "Secrets" continues with the message, "Let’s Get Pure" and let me just say YOU DON’T WANNA MISS THE END OF THE SERVICE if you are interested in a visual to describe God’s role in all this we’ve been discussing – that’s about all I’m gonna say about that. It promises to be unforgettable!
  • I know that I frequently link you to Perry Noble, I would stop if HE would quit challenging ME so much! Today he asks the question(this is absolutely a must read): What would you be willing to attempt for God if you knew you could not fail? DANG!! You have no clue how much I wish that I felt at liberty to share my answer with you…
  • My main man Eddie D has been gone this week and I’m ready for him to get back!! (By the way – his uncle passed last weekend).
  • In yesterday’s post, i talked about "The Wrong Gauge" and basically shared my "anti-religion" bent… Laurie had a great comment here and I wanted to take what she is saying one step further…

    I think it is so important that you and I read scripture, pray, surrender every part of who we are to JESUS because in the end this whole issue is a discipleship issue: WHO are you following – people or JESUS? Our goal is to raise up "fully devoted followers of JESUS" (no originality, just true) who "love God, love people and serve their world". Period. In doing so, a person must learn to THINK for themself – think beyond their preferences, conditions, past experiences/history, etc. – to the point of asking themself,

    "what does God say in the scripture about a situation? How does JESUS in the gospels react to similar instances? How can I apply that to my own life?"

    I believe that asking these sort of questions and making the full scripture our ultimate authority and allowing JESUS to be the "filter" that all these questions flow through we will have a JESUS centered response. As Laurie said in her response, our attitude is "all in the heart" – what is the heart behind the reasons or reactions that we may have. I want all of my actions to be truly reflective of JESUS.

    LOVE is the right gauge. Always. Period.

  • I have a really good Pastor friend who is about to do something totally radical in his community – I CANNOT WAIT TO TALK ABOUT IT HERE!
  • Hoping to have a great UNCP showing this weekend! Looking forward to October 12th as I will be traveling with the college ministry for a beach retreat (i’ll be the speaker that weekend – we’re going deep!). Sign up through the college ministry on Sunday morning…
  • DivorceCare is starting back on October 3rd… do you know someone separated or divorced who needs a group to work through this stage of their life with? Pass this on and tell them to register HERE. (tell them CONFIDENTIALITY is a high priority – they won’t feel alone.).
  • BFG leaders meeting this Sunday nite @ 5:30 in the OASIS Student room. Everyone (including 3 year old -5th grade) is required to attend as this is our new plan for ministry – You will walk out with a plan in hand to begin reaching out to new people and reaching in to those already involved in your group. Bud Parrish is our presenter.
  • Getting ready to do a "Room-Roam" a Crossover Kid’s room with Brandon – I hope it’s trashed!!! (Madison is now in Crossover and ever since RoomRoam began she’s been doing a great job cleaning up her room – she is SCARED-TO-DEATH that she’s gonna be roamed and her room not be "ready" :)

Well, that’s about it… if I think about anything else I’ll do a 2nd Friday post. See you Sunday!

This Goes with Today’s Post…

Jeff Kapusta, pastor of LifePoint Church in Wilmington, posted this today. Reminds me of today’s post.