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Archive for October, 2007


Tonite we party!!

October 31st at hyde park is a "magical" night – honestly. For the past 5 years we have attempted to make what the world knows as "halloween night" the BIGGEST bridge we build to our community all year long. It’s pretty simple stuff – line up a bunch of cars with trunks open, fill up their bowls with endless candy, register the attenders (so we can contact them for special events at a later date), put together some cool (if not cheesy) games – hey, the kidz like them!!! and the people just come…

We don’t advertise it other than a little in house and mention it on the front sign but they stream in.

The reason the Fall Fest is so cool is bunches of people visit our campus in a non-threatening way, experiencing a night of fun and entertainment and hopefully having such a great time that they think, "you know, IF i was looking for a church for my family, i believe that i would try hyde park!" I love this because i believe deep down in my soul that this day WILL come and they WILL come back… and on this day we will present the Gospel and at some point this person WILL surrender to JESUS to become the Forgiver of their sin and the Leader of their life.

And that, my friend, is what it’s all about!

I want to hear from all of you – what are you doing tonite?

On another note: concerning yesterday’s post about the grouplink challenge, were you one of those who want to "plug in" to a new group but just haven’t yet? This is your chance! Do it – you know you wanna!

Grouplink Challenge

Grouplink_graphic_3If you’re "hyde parkian" you’ve no doubt heard me lament about the fact that we have hundreds of people who attend our church but have not connected to anything other than the worship experience.

This is not good. As a matter of fact, in Sunday’s message i said,

"for those of you who only attend a worship experience – you aren’t connected anywhere else, i petition you to get plugged into a ‘BFG’, because if you don’t get plugged in YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LEAVE HYDE PARK. You will – you’ll leave and you’ll tell people that we are ‘just too big’ and we don’t want you to do that! If you don’t get ‘plugged-in’ you’re gonna fall through the cracks. You need a place where somebody knows who you are – a place at hyde park where you are ‘doing life’ with others."

We are willing to do anything we can to help people to connect with God and with people – we are constantly looking for ways to do this. It’s never easy to get new people to actually connect. I think maybe it’s their fear of commitment that keeps them from taking the next right step. So, in the process, they just continue to wait… often times never finding their place.

In an effort to keep this from happening, we are just under 2 weeks away from a new opportunity for people who are "unconnected" to connect – bfg grouplink. Grouplink is:

a brand new 6 week connection that allows you to go deeper in your relationship with God and to meet new people at hyde park. The short 6 week commitment allows you to see if the group is a ‘good fit’ for you!

We are actually offering 3 great studies to kick this thing off – they are:

Imarriage_sm iMarriage – Imagine what would happen if you and your spouse focused on fulfilling one another’s dreams rather than piling on expectations. Possible? Absolutely! Learn the secret of removing the big "I" from marriage. Interested in this? Register Here

Limitsg_smTake it to the Limit – A study for those whose lives have become TOO FULL and whose checking accounts are too empty! Learn how to get the most out of this life! Register Here

Bestqsg_smThe Best Question Ever – You are about to be introduced to a single question that will revolutionize the way you make decisions. Andy Stanley poses this question as a filter through which to evaluate every decision in every arena of your life. Register Here

Are you connected to a bfg? Are you looking for something new but just haven’t stepped out to "try the waters"? Are you connected to a bfg but feel like maybe it’s time to "step it up" at hp, maybe in a leadership capacity (we do have some opportunities coming up that you could do this!). Maybe you have a friend attending whom you have not been able to get to take that next right step… come on, guys – help a brother out!

Sunday Nite

What a day we had today! Here’s what i’m thinking about this evening…

  • Tough message for me today… I really felt the weight of trying to make the "DRIVEN" life REAL – as i said over and over – "Love God, Love People and Serve our World" has to be more than a catchy phrase! It’s not something we want you to know in your mind so you can repeat it – we want it to download into your very being, your fabric if you will, because "DRIVEN" is not something you know, it’s something you live.
  • I’m really relieved that today is over. As I was speaking with some friends before lunch (a long, long wait to eat…) i was sharing with them, that in this message, you saw me at the height of what it means to feel inadequate… I was very overwhelmed this weekend by how much i need God in all that i do.
  • Also, about this morning… 9:51 was REALLY great… at 11:11 we really connected… but after 8:21 i just wanted to quit! Man, what in the world was the deal in there? Literally, I walked out of the service and cried out to God that i felt like a failure. (amazingly though, after the service, so many from that service shared how much they were moved and challenged by the message – i was like, "what did you hear? Are we talking about the same…") Thank JESUS for 2nd and 3rd chances! :)
  • I had the priviledge of meeting some great new people at church today! I love the enthusiasm of the new attendees… so excited to be a part of a "DRIVEN" people!
  • Also had my heart just broken as i prayed with someone after 8:21 who was just heartbroken and hurting… God was ministering in the house today.
  • Our band and singers are so great! You will never know how much it encourages me to be in the congregation, worshiping God with you, participating in song and realizing, "man, they sound tremendous!" I’m reminded of how much God has blessed me with great people to serve with.
  • i think that it is absolutely amazing that a person can tackle a subject like Service and people realize their need for JESUS in their life. That should prove to all of us that God uses whatever He wants, however He wants – it’s SO not about us! Amazing.
  • The Narrow Way Band concert was postponed on thursday – i hope that i’ll be able to post the make-up date this way – stay tuned on that. Did I tell you how amazing NWB has sounded in the re-grouping rehearsals that we’ve had?
  • This morning at 11:11 i had the priviledge of worshiping with someone corporately for the 1st time – my 7 year old son Matthew. Matthew is ALWAYS over in the kidz place but when he heard me tell someone that i was speaking this weekend he said to me, "dad? I’m going to come hear you speak at 11:11…". (he listens to me preach on the hyde park podcast when he goes to bed at nite – really! i’m sure it puts him right to sleep :)) I realized as he and i lifted our voice, together, in song to the Lord, that this was a 1st for us – this was the 1st time that he has actually wanted to sing in worship… maybe (hopefully) my JESUS is wooing this young man whom I pray with faithfully serve HIM for all of his life…
  • Missed Pastor today as he was preaching at a homecoming service…
  • Thanks for all of you who are SO encouraging towards me – your words of love and affirmation are soothing to my soul.

Well, that’s it for me tonite. I’m going to bed…

What if i fail?

Failfail_2 There is a song by the band, Delirious?, title "My Glorious". Check out these lyrics…

The world’s shaking with the love of God
Great and glorious, let the whole earth sing
And all you ever do is change the old for new
People we believe that

(Chorus) God is bigger than the air I breathe
The world we’ll leave
God will save the day and all will say
My glorious!

Clouds are breaking, heaven’s come to earth
Hearts awakening let the church bells ring
And all you ever do is change the old for new
People we believe that…

(Chorus) God is bigger than the air I breathe
The world we’ll leave
God will save the day and all will say
My glorious!

I have to share that this song is just resonating with me today! God IS bigger than everything that you and i deal with on a daily basis! He wants to do amazing things through you and i.

Which brings us to the picture above – So many of us deal with the issue of fear… maybe we feel really drawn to something but we’re afraid to do it because we’re kind of scared that we might fail…


I know, deep down, that we are in the midst of an amazing time at hyde park - i am SO excited about this weekend! I am speaking part 3 of the "DRIVEN" series titled, "Driven by Obedience" and am so ready to bring it! There was a time in my "not-so-distant" past that I would not tell anyone other than those closest to me that I was speaking because I was truly afraid that people would blow-off the service because I was speaking rather than Pastor. I have had a change of heart in this mindset – I realize that i have found myself as a speaker, I’m comfortable in who i am as a communicator and those who aren’t stimulated or drawn by that can do what they will – I WILL COME PREPARED WITH PASSION AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD LEADING MY THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS and believing that lives will absolutely be changed. You hear that? I believe lives will be changed this Sunday – do you?

No Narrow Way Band Concert Tonite

Narrow Way Band is the rockin’ worship band that i occasionally front. The reason that i only "occasionally" front them is because my schedule (nor Brandon’s – Meadows, hyde park Crossover – also in the band) doesn’t allow it – we’re just too busy to do a lot of dates.

Well, we agreed to be a part of a BSU Outdoor Concert at UNCP tonite but it has been postponed due to rain. Kind of good (maybe i can help with promotions now… Plus – we’ll probably bring our own PA!) but overall a bummer as everyone in the band was ready to do this. It has been over a year since we’ve played together live and the practices have been absolutely ELECTRIC! I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear where we’re at…

I’ll let you know as soon as I get a reschedule date…