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Archive for December, 2007

Today was Awesome!

Jesusiscoolshirt_2(This shirt reminds me of pastor’s message :) )

Were you there? I hope that you didn’t miss it! Today, for the 1st time since 2003 we met in just 1 service and it was really cool!

For those of you who read but don’t attend hp, the reason we did one service is this weekend is traditionally a down weekend for us. Being a "younger church", many of our people travel home for Christmas and miss church this Sunday. So, rather than splitting a thin crowd 3 ways we decided to combine them for 1 service. We knew it would be crowded (it was) – We thought we’d have to put out chairs (we did) – but we were excited for the opportunity to bring everyone under one roof.

Pastor’s message was great – GIVE US VISION, PASTOR! I love to hear the humility come out in our pastor, to share the fact that he has no idea WHY God chose him (Dennis Harrell) to lead such a great work…i know the feeling. We’re thankful for what God has done, but to say that we "get it" would be a lie. When he shared the thought of planting churches…I was burning inside. I don’t just wanna "reach" this region, I want to revolutionize it, that the movement of JESUS would be the life-changing movement that we see in the book of Acts!

  • I like the new stage set-up – You may have not even noticed it, but we changed up some of the set up for today. We have a lot of ideas for upcoming stage designs and new usage of lighting in our services. Matter of fact, by Easter you will see some great things happen with our stage and lighting!
  • Music was bangin’ today! If you only knew how far our band has come… Our musicians are absolutely incredible! I have to admit, the room being that full was fun which brings up the point…

    Why so many services? I want to remind all of you that we went to 3 services because of our BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) situation – there is NO WAY that we can do what we need to do with BFG’s if we don’t have multiple BFG times! You’ll just have to wait until next years Sunday after Christmas!

  • Audio/Visual – Our AV crew is the best in our region and as cutting edge as it gets in these parts. If you think about it, thank Tim, Bernie, Mitchell, Jim, Lewis and Amy. And…if you’re looking for a place to serve that is hugely important (but don’t mind that it’s low on the recognition meter) we are always looking for people. Experience isn’t necessary (actually, sometimes it’s good not to have experience, that way WE can train you :)). Matter of fact, I hope that 2008 brings video and iMag to hyde park!
  • I’m still on vacation…BUT…being that we were in town I decided to be with you today and take a Sunday off sometime soon. Maybe I’ll go here or here or here.
  • In February I’m gonna be going here (can’t wait!)
  • Also, hopefully sometime this winter I’m gonna have the opportunity to hit the slopes (and don’t talk to Roger Taylor about me skiing – he tells flat-out lies about me skiing! :))
  • Because our worship experience was at 10am, for the first time since I became a Christian I actually BEAT the methodist to lunch! Amazing! :)
  • Good thing ’cause i was pretty hungry!
  • Gotta get our new music together for 2008 – be on the lookout for the new iMix in the next week or 2.
  • New series "RENEW" begins NEXT SUNDAY – i’m working on a resource to apply the teachings; but in the meantime…
  • Make plans to start 2008 right! Make a commitment to read scripture and pray daily – i’ll be suggesting some plans, but as of right now – Who will join me reading through the Gospel of John beginning Jan 1st?

Today was a really great day and continues to be great as I’ve had the opportunity to eat with friends and now tonite I’m hanging with my family and some friends at the house, playing some Wii. Tomorrow i’m looking forward to a relaxing day and then a couple of great parties tomorrow nite.

As my boy, Mike Bloomer would say, "living the dream!" That’s it – See you tomorrow! 

I’m on Vacation…

…and i have not done much of anything


  • Eat and eat and eat (am i the only one who feels stuffed?). Mom’s house, my house, leftovers…Look out LifeStyles Fitness, here i come!
  • Put away Christmas presents!
  • Took down the tree…man, that thing is HUGE!
  • Clean Matt’s bedroom (long overdue!!! :) ) Man, i found stuff…
  • Hang with my family…we’ve played, skated, played, talked, cleaned, played…
  • and of course, the above picture says it all (i AM the Guitar Hero Legend of Rock in the Pittman clan – finished it in 2 days! Check out the metal guitar solo seriousness!)

Just wanted to share that with you all and remind you that we only have 1 WORSHIP EXPERIENCE THIS SUNDAY – 10AM. I repeat: we only have 1 SERVICE THIS SUNDAY – 10AM (for all the baptist in the house – Pastor says it takes a baptist 9 times to penetrate :)).

Do not miss this service – the music is gonna be Huge – experience hyde park worship and see people in 1 service that you may not normally connect with. I don’t know what Pastor has planned but i’m sure it will be great! Look forward to reaching out to JESUS with you this Sunday!

Why I’m Here

This post by Steven Furtick so clearly states how i feel about OUR region. I feel so called to this area. This is home. I’m not saying that God COULDN’T have different plans for me (I believe I’ve learned 2 never say "never") but if it’s up to me I will spend my days doing all I can to bring this region to the saving, tranformational knowledge of JESUS CHRIST.

There ARE areas that need what we have so badly… when i hear about Upstate NY’s need for relevant, biblically focused churches I think, "God, do You need me there?" Or when I think of my extended family in Maine and the fact that after my uncle’s life was changed by JESUS at hyde park a few years ago (he came to hear me preach) he went home and there is nothing like hp there, you wonder, "Lord, what can i do about that?" There’s just one problem…

i feel SO called to this region!

This isn’t Los Angeles – the crowd that we’ll be reaching isn’t a culturally hip or hollywood crowd. This ain’t Seattle – the crowd that we are called to isn’t predominately young professionals who live on caffeine and wear black :). Heck, the crowd we reach isn’t even Steven Furtick’s Charlotte with over a million people within their reach…

It’s our area. It’s overly religious. There’s literally a church on every corner, yet, the church has no power. It’s weighed down in poverty – it leads the state in teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It’s our home. It’s our mission field.

Missionaries who go to foreign countries must understand the people they are called to reach – they study them, their culture; they learn their language (they even dress in the way that the people of the region do). They become a part of them that they might help them to become a part of US. We are a group of people on mission to understand our people that we might reach, teach and eventually, through the power of God’s Spirit, usher in a transformation that will change the landscape of our region forever. I want to be "that church".

And that’s why I’m here.

Signing Off

RenewIf i haven’t made it clear, I’m "signing off" from blogworld for a few days to recharge, spend time with family and to "Renew"…

(this is the graphic from the upcoming series beginning January 6th! Make plans to start your New Year in a new direction – RENEW).

Don’t forget – just ONE Huge Service this Sunday, December 30th – 10AM. Merry Christmas Everybody!

Christmas Services

Logo_a_fullscreen_2Wasn’t today an unbelievable day? From the opening moments of "Go Tell it on the Mountain" to the interpretive "Mary, Did You Know?" – the video of the "baby Jesus" on "Joseph’s Lullaby" and Potter’s Hands rendition of "Still Her Little Child" – today was one of those days that makes me so proud to be a part of hyde park’s worship ministry…

Pastor’s message, "The Divine" did a great job explaining what God brought to us… my prayer is that many people now "get" what they didn’t before they walked in. Pastor: thanks for all you do; i love you – Merry Christmas!

Our tech crew is just unbelievable! I am so proud of all of you. Tim, Bernie, Lewis, Jim, Amy and Mitchell: thank you so much for doing a job that nobody seems to recognize (except when something goes wrong). On a day like today, where so much of what happens begins with the tech team, you proved how valuable you are to our ministry. I love ya’ll so much – thanks for making us sound and look good (at least those who can "look" good). Merry Christmas!

Our band, singers and choir: As always, you delivered a wonderful day! You are all so great at setting the worship table, doing what you do for the glory of God! I am so proud of you also – you make ministry a joy. Merry Christmas!

To those who "make it happen" on Sunday…1st Impressions, Kidz Place, the ROC Cafe’, BFG’s and more: ya’ll are awesome! Never forget "Who" you do what you do for! You are the difference makers… We’re taking this to another level in ’08 – get ready!

To our Kidz Khoir (I know i spelled it wronged – but i like sticking with the "k’s"): Ya’ll were awesome tonite (…i know, kidz don’t read this, but their parents do – tell them Mr. Mike was talking about them on the internet and thought they were GREAT!). Great job Candi (and Candi’s helpers); i know that you did this quick, good job!

And to you, WholeHearted readers: I don’t know why you actually read me, but you do – Merry Christmas and my love to all of you. As I stated back on my 1st ever post, I just decided to share with the world conversations that I was already having with those closest to me about the things that interest me most. Thanks for your comments, your readership, your encouragement and for joining me on this ride! I’m looking forward to an unbelievable WHOLEHEARTED year in 2008 – join me?