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Archive for March, 2008

Clearing up Misperception

This is what you received in your Bible Fellowship Group:


This is the Daily Devotional:


The book that you received in your BFG iS Not the book, "Made: Created to Make a Difference". There is a daily devotional AND a small group guide – they do look similar.

So, did you get your book yesterday?!? If not, come on by the office – WE WANT EVERYONE TO DO THIS STUDY!!



What a day we had today!

Today was day one of our "MADE" series – I hope that you didn’t miss it!!! If you did there are a couple of things that you really need to know…

  1. You need to get your copy of the book "MADE" on Monday! The "Made" series is based around the book, "made: created to make a difference" by Jud Wilhite. Starting tomorrow morning (Monday as i’m writing on Sunday) we will all begin reading our daily readings. IF YOU DID NOT GET YOUR BOOK GET IT IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Where will you study the series? Our on campus BFG’s began their study this morning – Our HomeGroups will begin this week. The majority of groups seem to be meeting on Tuesday nights, but there are groups meeting Monday, Tuesday, Weds and Thursday – so many options for you!(Check the map for times and days on HomeGroups. No excusesgrin). If you are going to study in an OnCampus BFG but missed Sunday you can catch up on Wednesday nite at 6:45pm.
  3. This is your opportunity to DO what you’ve been promising God that you would – take it and be a doer! Many people promise God that they will "do this" or "that" but never follow through – if this describes you then I’m TALKING TO YOU. You know that you need to do this – so do it!

More to talk about than just that – about today…

  • I led worship in Kidz Konnection today! Every once in a while (about once every 2 months or so) I lead worship WITH MY FAMILY in Kidz Konnection. We’re looking forward to next school year when Matthew will finally be old enough to join the group (all singers must be 3rd grade and up).
  • Kidz Konnection was rockin! When is the last time you attended KK with your children?
  • Did you know that KK was designed with families in mind? The design is the place where kidz and parents worship and learn together. I hope to add more parental interaction into KK by next school year.
  • I attended the 9:51 worship experience this morning. I am so proud of our team! They get better and better. They also seem to get more and more confident in my absence (a MAJOR objective of mine).
  • Matt was pumped about "Operation Serve" in his Class this morning. Our kidz are also doing the "Made" study, but in their own way. Kim (Campbell, our Children’s Director) has done a Bang-Up job getting ready for the series – lots of preparation went in (Great job, Kim!!!) The kidz seemed to love it!
  • I don’t know about the other services but 9:51 had some great, positive energy!
  • Great to see Cyndi onstage this morning with the singers…
  • North Carolina is in the Final Four!!! Too bad my bracket is "blown-up"…
  • Steven was there for the 9:51 / 11:11 worship experiences – he was unable to make the 1st.
  • Awesome to see two unexpected friends in worship this morning – Pastor Donnie Paschall at the 9:51 and then our former youth minister, Randy Hand, was in the house at 11:11. Anyone knowing someone who needs a great preacher to fill-in should get up with me as Randy is available for the time being. (get up with me and I’ll put you in touch with him).
  • Some awesome stuff in store for next weekend – you won’t want to miss it!
  • I’ll say it again – DO NOT MISS NEXT WEEKEND’S SERVICE!!!

Anyway, that’s it for me. Great day. Look forward to hearing from you about your daily reading…

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Friday, Pollen, Groups and Henry!

HenrysI can’t believe it’s Friday! This has been a different kind of week for me – got thrown a "curveball" that kind of altered my plans for the week (i work much better when I know what’s coming). I apologize for the hit and miss on here, but at least it was "WholeHearted"

So here we are, Friday (Sunday’s Coming!) and I am really excited about some things that will be happening. Here’s what’s running through my pre-occupied mind this morning…

  • "Made" starts Sunday!!! Question #1: Where will YOU be doing the study? Either Sunday Morning OnCampus, Wednesday Nite OnCampus or Weeknite HomeGroup doesn’t matter – just DO IT! Sunday morning studies start Sunday.
  • You will pick up your "Made" devotional Sunday morning. We’ll have 3 distribution points. Daily readings begin Monday!
  • There will be a listing of the HomeGroup Map in this Sunday’s bulletin with the HomeGroup locations listed. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SIGN UP TO JOIN ONE OF THESE GROUPS SUNDAY MORNING AT THE DISTRIBUTION TABLES.
  • Seattle’s Best "Henry’s Blend" this morning – the story: "Henry’s Blend is named after the big friendly cat that once lived at the original Seattle’s Best Coffee roasting plant on Vashon Island. Henry’s Blend is a favorite of those who know Seattle’s Best Coffee. It has a great full body, a slightly heavier texture and a deep dark brown color. Whether used for drip or espresso, Henry’s is easy to recognize by its full, sweet aroma." I believe Henry’s Blend is my favorite at home coffee.
  • The "Made" series will be fun as well as challenging. We’ll see some great new songs, some onstage DRAMA, community action (put it on the calendar – April 19th – all groups will participate!). The make-up of this series is a great one to use to connect new attenders to hyde park, so invite those friends to do this with you: EVERYONE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT GOD CREATED THEM TO DO IN THIS WORLD!
  • We have a young man whom God SO has His hand on. I love His heart, his passion, his obvious concern for others, his love for me and willingness to serve. I believe he reads WholeHearted – if you do, you know who you are: I pray for you right now that you will follow JESUS with all your heart and live your life in a way that honors HIM. Thanks for caring – your heart definitely ministered to me, dude!
  • My white house has a green hue to it… I believe the inside of my head also has a green hue (at least IT FEELS like it does).
  • Steven and Lauren (Easterling) bought their 1st home on Wednesday!!! (Steven is the "young" worship leader – as opposed to the old one who is rapidly graying ) I am so excited that God has opened this door for them to stay with us in Lumberton (they are from the Birmingham, Alabama area)!! The decision to stay here was definitely a God-decision – all of their family is there! That means that their hyde park family BETTER LOVE ON THEM because ministering to/with you is the reason they’re here. Great things in store for them!
  • North Carolina Tar Heels are in the "elite 8". Too bad the rest of my bracket is blown to smithereens!

Well, that’s about it… See ya, Sunday – great day – I’m excited – don’t miss it!

Hero Awards

It’s Easter Tuesday. To say that we’ve got a little of the post-holiday burn would be an understatement.

For the past day I’ve been processing everything that happened on the weekend. The things I was just JACKED about… the things that I was not so much… Areas that slammed home-runs… areas that showed me things we’ll be working on over the next few months.

Just wanted to tell you who I was the most proud of this weekend…

  • it wasn’t the band or the singers or the choir (although I was beyond proud of what they did this weekend). You were tremendous and what you do blows me away!
  • it wasn’t our Guest Services (although, as usual, you make people feel special). You make me feel special every week – I know that you did the same for our guests.
  • it wasn’t the FrontSide Cafe’ crew (although you endured the cold and the wind to give our guests a different look at what a church experience can be!). Week-in and out, our cafe’ crew is the BOMB!
  • it wasn’t even our Pastor (even though I felt that He hit a GRAND SLAM!) I was so proud of you, Pastor. Your comfort level, your passion and your obvious belief in the power of JESUS was on display Sunday.

I’ve made up a new award: the HERO award. None of the above wins the award (though they do receive honorable mention).

The winner of this weekend’s Hero Award are those of you who introduced me to your friends, neighbors, family members and work associates that YOU BROUGHT TO CHURCH SUNDAY! 

You went out on a limb, you went for the ask… in some cases, you picked them up and brought them to church. Some of you bought lunch for them – you loved on them – you wanted to make sure that they had the chance to hear the gospel message. You are my heroes! Thank you for loving them enough to bring them to hyde park – thank you, for trusting us enough to share the life-changing message of salvation with them.

Easter Sunday Nite

Img086_2WOW! We’re you there?!?

We had an incredible day…i’m still trying to process it all

  • "The Door" was (for me) incredible. Pastor was SO incredibly annointed to do what he did this morning. I asked him after the 8:21 service, "were you as comfortable as you appeared?" His reply? "no." Fooled me. grin
  • The stage looked incredible! It took a lot of work this week to transform our auditorium to what hyde park saw this morning. I heard so many excited and positive comments! Thank the Lord that we don’t have the kind of church that fights over the color of the carpet (or the walls grin).
  • Our musicians and singers are SO great – "thank You, Lord!". God has blessed us with so much talent and we have come so far. As i listened to the blend of our horns with the great groove of our rhythm section i was just blown away!
  • Steven can SING! He killed "God of this City"!!!
  • When all the people began walking to the front to walk through "the doors" I was amazed! So many people obviously touched…
  • We were so packed at 9:51. We pulled out chairs to make room – I have an idea we’ll probably implement to make sure we have a little more space next year.
  • The Egg hunt yesterday was awesome. Great job Kim and team to make that happen. Lot’s of guests…
  • …and speaking of guests, we had SO MANY this morning. I am so proud of hyde park for reaching out to those that they love!
  • Many of you introduced me to your guests this morning. I want you to know that meeting them was, by far, the highlight of my day. HUGE hi5 to all of you!
  • One of the servants at hyde park, Gloria Jean, had a heart attack yesterday and is at Duke. I believe she’s doing well – we missed her today. Remember her as you pray.
  • Great job to Hubert and crew to make Frontside Cafe’ happen this morning – despite the wind!
  • Can’t wait to see the results of the "Made" signups from today!
  • Satan has tried to cause technical problems for us ALL WEEK (including at 6:45am today!). But God receives the Glory – it was ALL GOOD!
  • …and speaking of that – big UP to the tech crew – ya’ll are the best around!
  • Have you checked out the testimonies over at ? Have you shared yours yet? We’re all waiting…

So filled with love today for you and looking forward to the "Made" series. Now, time to chill with  my family…