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Archive for May, 2008

Some Pictures of 24Hour Prayer Point

I know… it's Friday afternoon… you're thinking about the weekend… Where you're gonna eat… blah, blah, blah… While you're trying to figure out how to finish your day I HAD TO encourage you, 1 more time, to be a part of our 24Hour Prayer Point. It started at noon today and will last until noon on Saturday.

For those of you who didn't sign up because you were scared in a "are they gonna make me sit in a weird circle and hold hands with someone and pray out loud?" kinda way – YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT:

  • it's a "walk-through prayer", meaning (as you'll see in pics below) that you'll walk through a couple of rooms and see pictures that have prayer instructions above them (telling you how to pray for the people in the pics).
  • it's set up really cool. It's got good "prayer atmosphere", some candles and music.
  • you'll know that You spent some time with JESUS as you pray for these people
  • YOU SHOULD BRING YOUR KIDZ and expose them to this. There is nothing like using something like this to teach your kidz about missions as well as sharing the need to truly pray for others (I'm taking mine after school). Great way to open up discussion…
  • The "LOST ROOM" (that's what I call it) has some great imagery.

I hope that you don't choose to look at this as something that everyone else will handle – you'll miss a blessing. grin

Img005  Cherokee Mission Team…

Img007 Click on the picture to read the prayer requests…


Img006 These people are in spiritual bondage that is only broken by JESUS.

Fresh Friday

You know, Friday posts for me are quite different. Monday through Thursday I have a plan, a point. But on Friday's I sit down with a blank slate (most of the time) and just share. I have a cup of whatever's my current fave (still kickin' the Henry's Blend) and let my fingers do the walking…

  • I hope that this isn't the weekend that you were planning on jetting to the beach or the lake because Week 3 of "Simple" is so "hyde park". Pastor's message is called "Simple Church" and he's gonna breakdown the inner workings of the why's and how's. For many of you, Sunday is gonna be an "AHA!" moment…
  • …Not to mention the fact that the music is gonna be HOT Sunday, HOT I TELL YA! I am on fire and can't wait!!!
  • Bree's latest post is unbelievable – such a talented writer (i take that back – such an overall talent). Take a moment to read it – you'll be glad you did.
  • If you're wondering why no video blog this week, i've decided not to do it weekly so it doesn't grow old as fast (and when the video features me it's bound to get old real, real fast!)
  • On a very serious note – we've had friends at hyde park who have had their share of trouble lately in regards to their previous law enforcement work. Take a moment right now to pray for Steve Lovin – he is scheduled to be sentenced today. I would be amiss if I didn't tell you that God has really been working in Steven's life over the past 2 years (as he has in a lot of these guys). I have personally watched a man transformed into a person who is filled with the love of Christ – it's SO evident in him. I've seen him handle moments of pressure with grace and love… God is good! Remember to lift up all of our friends affected by this and their families when you pray: Randall Patterson, Gary Odum, Roger Taylor, Joey Smith and Steven Lovin.
  • Today beginning at noon is the 24Hour Prayer Point. Even if you didn't sign up it's not too late. All participants will sign up for 15 minute blocks to pray.
  • Churches don't reach people – people reach people. Got it yet?
  • I am so SERIOUSLY pumped about next weekend, June 8th that I can't stand it. SERIOUSLY!

OK, that's it… Go live for JESUS, make a difference in "your world". See ya Sunday!

On My ipod

Here's a couple of songs playing on my ipod right now – Choir members need to know "New Doxology". The second song, "How He Loves Me" is a deep song from the depths of an honest soul…

Enjoy. grin

How You Can Affect People Around the World!

Prayer This Friday we will participate in the 24 Hour Prayer Point – what is it? It's…

  • a 24 hour prayer emphasis where we (you and I) will join with our mission teams as they pray for the upcoming mission work in Cherokee, Senegal and of course our region (as many will serve in different ways right here at home this summer).
  • Beginning at noon THIS FRIDAY we are asking people to sign up to come and pray for just 15 minutes (who can't give 15 minutes?).
  • Everyone will meet in the Youth Room (Oasis) to pray.

The question is, will you give just 15 minutes of your busy life to do something supernatural that can have worldwide spiritual implications? Let's do this thing together – sign up TODAY. Call the office or email Carole and tell her to count you in.

Raw Spinich Reaching

Spinich The other day Pastor Harrell and myself sat with another pastor who had come for the purpose of fellowship and inspiration – it seems God has been doing something pretty amazing in his small church lately. Somewhere between the talk of salads and how much easier it is to eat your spinich in your salad we began to talk about what we really met for: to talk church, leadership, growth, people and how to continue to honor God through change.

As we ate lunch and began to talk about the seriousness of lostness and the danger of religiosity (i have no better way to describe the conversation grin ) Pastor began to figure how many people in our region actually attend church on any given Sunday. Now, before I tell you, I want to remind you that we are in the heart of the "bible-belt", the area where people are more "churched" than anywhere else in America. The numbers I'm about to give you are not scientific by any means, but I do think that they demonstrate the seriousness of the subject:

The number of people attending church in our area on any given Sunday: somewhere between 20 and 25%
The number of people within a 10 mile radius of hyde park church: between 35 and 40,000
The number of churches in our area showing significant conversion growth: 0
The number of churches that seem to actually be concerned about the fact that they aren't reaching people: not enough

Everyone at the table was blown away (and humbled) by the seriousness of the numbers. The numbers DO in fact tell the tale – the tale of the fact that we ALL better realize that, as I said the other day,

"people aren't just gonna fall under His (God's) spell and run for the doors of hyde park, but instead, He will draw people to Himself by His Spirit and make them think about Him – their need for Him and how life would probably be better with Him. Then, He will place people in their paths (that would be you) and because you have tried your best to represent Him in all you've done with and around that person (hey, we all mess up – people are forgiving) God will use you and I to bring them to a place where they can explore who He is – a place that allows them to follow BEFORE they obey."

Churches DON'T reach people – people reach people. You are "the church". How is God using you to reach those that are far from Him?

WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! IF NOT US, WHO? I will not sit around and be content to go through our weekly church meetings and going about our normal lives, putting JESUS on the back window of our cars until next weekend when we check Him off our list again. I would rather go through life being that guy that puts out the spinich on the salad bar…