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Archive for August, 2008

Amazing Day

Man, I hope you weren't one of those who were out of town today – hyde park was off the chain, amazing, tremendous…

JESUS was definitely in the house!

  • I had a feeling today was gonna be "one of those days" at hyde park – I had a special feeling about the service today.
  • The crowd was great! We had to bring in the chairs because there was no more room.
  • Really proud of our worship leaders today! I was the drummer in the band today by choice. I decided back in late spring that I wanted to "be the drummer" every once in a while because 1. every once in a while I miss playing and driving a band… and 2. me being the drummer gives me an opportunity to allow other leaders lead while I still have the opportunity to be a part of the worship. Good stuff.
  • Steven really did a great job this morning! We had the opportunity to do extended worship as we didn't have another service in front of us – we took ever advantage of the extra time.
  • "The Stand" is just an amazing song!
  • If you haven't liked the direction of hyde park over the past month YOU JUST DON'T LIKE HYDE PARK! I am suggesting, as Pastor said, "get on board"! I want you too! Really!
  • Pastor's message this morning in one word: passionate.
  • I SO agree with him. Thank JESUS that I learned as a young Christian how to "feed myself". I don't understand Christians whining that they need to be fed - open up your bible and ask Jesus to feed you! Don't starve yourselves… I have found that a person saying that they "want to be fed" is code for "I don't like what you're teaching" or the method that a person uses.
  • Pastor laid out, for the church, that what we do is try with everything we have to be the kind of church that actually reaches the unreached. I am SO THANKFUL to be a part of a family like hyde park! 
  • Enjoyed the Senegal team testimonies – and that video that the kidz put together, AWESOME!
  • GroupLink. GroupLink. GroupLink. Get used to it – it's gonna be HUGE this month! I was really excited this morning as every one of our GroupLink brochures were taken. I really feel like we're about connect a lot of people beyond the worship service.
  • I cannot wait for the new series beginning next weekend – "WE". Are you in awe?
  • I hope that, if you haven't taken FAITHTrac 101, that you will sign up to be a part – it's this weekend and it is definitely your "next step" with hyde park! (you can sign up here)
  • Remember, DivorceCare begins this wednesday. Do you know someone struggling with the pain associated with divorce and separation? We can help – you can too – get them here. And don't forget we have brochures to help you with that.

Looking forward to taking tomorrow off – hope you are. Let's send off summer with a bang!

“ONE” Service

One 8 31 

We do multiple services for a variety of reasons: so we can connect people in small groups during a corresponding worship service, to utilize our building to its full potential, to alleviate parking over 3 service times and to give people choices as to when they worship (choices are always good!).

The only thing that I struggle with about having a multiple service schedule is the fact that it isn't often that we get to have the majority of the church together at "ONE" time.

People who go to 9:51 service don't see people in the 8:21 service – people in the 8:21 service DON'T EVEN KNOW PEOPLE who attend the 11:11 service (8:21 person: want a shock? Attend an 11:11 service and count how many people you actually know in there :))

We noticed last year that there were a few days per year where we had a large number of people out of town (The Sunday after Christmas, 4th of July, Labor Day). We looked at the numbers and decided that rather than stretch a thin crowd across 3 services we would just have "ONE" huge service. When we do this…

  • we get to worship with people who attend different times.
  • if we just do "ONE" service we can have an extended service (which means a little more music :))
  • it feels good to worship when the place is packed out!

This Sunday is "ONE" of those days – be here early and come with your heart prepared to meet with JESUS! And make sure you tell your friends (they may not know…).

Night Of Worship

Night of worship web You've heard me say before that, for me at hyde park, it's all about the weekends. 

Over the past few years I have made a deliberate change in my scheduling to put the emphasis on Sunday's that Sunday's deserve. Instead of doing 2 or 3 big, special events during the year that tie up and tire our people (ie. Christmas, Easter musicals or plays), I try really hard to have 52 special events per year with a couple extra thrown in for good measure.

However, every once in a while it's great to just "get the church together" to worship Jesus. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know that we are going to Celebrate Jesus in a special service on Sunday Nite, September 21st – "NIGHT OF WORSHIP", 6pm. We have a very special evening in store for you – especially those who love music.

At the end of Sunday's post I spoke a little about worship. My prayer is that during "Night of Worship" God would work among us - check out what I said here

Join us for a night of music – a night of prayer and an expression of adoration to JESUS. (oh yeah, tell a friend about it).

You Need to Twitter

Twitter Social Networking really rocks! For example, over the past few months I have reconnected in a real way with people that life has just made me lose contact.

The 1st time I heard about facebook my thought was, "why in the world would i ever want to do that?". Now today I find myself feeling more connected with more people than ever.

The 1st time I heard about twitter and checked it out I thought, "that has to be the dumbest thing that I've ever heard of! I don't care if you're having coffee or just ran down your dog because he's chasing a 3-legged monkey!!". However, the other day I recognized something:


As much as it seems useless, I like knowing that Deb "took the boys to the beach for the morning and has bathed them and now has a little time to herself – phew!". She's in Va Beach – but it's as if I spoke with her today. And I'm glad to know that Joey "ran, he ran so far away!" and that Steve "thinks that we're all jealous because the voices only speak to him.". You see, Joey is in Charlotte and Steve is in Los Angeles.

Thanks to social networking they're all part of my daily life now.

Which made me think: what if a bunch of people at hyde park were on twitter and we all kept up with each other in snippets as we went through our day. The below video explains how twitter works (those reading on rss feed go to main site to see short video.)

When you sign up for twitter sign up to follow me (hydeparkorama) and I'll follow you also. I seriously look forward to doing life with you!

Sunday Nite

Really great day at hyde park today – worship felt deep and Pastor's message was so "right on" – I really felt God was moving in the place.

  • This morning felt like the official ending to summer. All of the crowds felt increased – there was definitely an excitement among the people.
  • So great to have James back on the drums this morning! We've been praying for him a lot around here. After some medical setbacks from a recent surgery James called me last week and said, "if you want me to play this weekend, I think I'll be able to…". Out of all hyde park attenders there aren't many that I go back as far with as James - He was great!
  • Last nights, "Nite of Laughter" was a huge success – were you there? Jerry and Amy are a delightful couple and they were non-descriminate in the way that they picked on us all. They had a good time with Keyna and I meeting a Taco Bell.
  • Next time we have something like that I would suggest that you find a way to make it!
  • big props to John and Donna Selph for handling the serving side of "Nite of Laughter" – ya'll did an awesome job! Big props to those of you who made yummy treats.
  • Next time somebody better get mike p some cheescake (i'm just sayin…:))
  • "ONE" Service next Sunday – 10am – be early, it's gonna be a big day!
  • Praying today for a pastor friend in another town whose church is in a time of confusion and lack of direction. It's amazing how satan uses "christians" to divide the body of Christ. In my conversation with him I found myself amazed that believers who are supposed to be mature don't understand the concept found in Hebrews 5:11-14, 6:1-3. I've read this and read it – asked Pastors for their explanation of what it means and they all say the same things: Many times, instead of literally applying the teachings of Jesus to their lives, growing in personal holiness (and the application of His righteousness) and helping to teach others they would rather go over and over concepts they should know by now.
  • I am SO THANKFUL to be a part of a church that for the most part understands this concept!
  • I appreciate our Pastor. His heart for people – his heart for hyde park – most importantly his heart for Jesus. He so clearly showed us his heart this morning in his message "Lost and Found". If you didn't hear it check it out on the free download or podcast (usually up by Monday afternoon).
  • Did you meet Andy Smith this summer? Andy was the leader of our summer kidz program, "SuperHeroes". Andy announced to the kidz this morning that he was gonna be around for awhile amidst loud cheers from them – THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM and he loves them! Great job this year, dude! Glad you're sticking around – we need your positive spirit around as you lead young people to place their faith in JESUS!

You know, today was one of those days that, after 3 worship services, you think about all you've seen and experienced and you just wonder what more you could've done to help people "enter-in". There were so many moments when you just felt like God was drawing people in, yet, there was a resistance to "meet Him there" – I don't know, maybe it was just me.

I look forward to a day when people will "WholeHeartedly" abandon their pride in the area of corporate worship. A day when people will literally leave their seats during singing and just come to the stage (yes, during worship) because they have a desire to "be one" with the people on the stage. A day when we will sing, "and I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe to the One who gave it all" and we can literally, passionately cry out to Him together, going to a place that seems to be otherworldly… an honest place of worship and abandonment of others perception of our worship. In this environment, unbelievers will experience the presence of JESUS in an unmistakable way – our worship will be a witness.

Sometimes, when I'm onstage I find myself praying in my spirit while I sing, begging God to draw you out of that place of fear – that place of worrying what others would think "if you got lost in worship" – "I want to lift my hands and just go to that place, but what would my husband/wife think" or "if I actually do what my heart is telling me, the people around me are gonna look…". I don't know how to lead people out of that other than to say

Obedience in public, corporate worship is a next-step to a deeper walk with Him – It's amazing how "free" you can become in many spiritual areas when you express how you feel about Him in public.

I wanna go deeper – I will be challenging YOU over the next few months to go deeper – let's take this journey together. My love to all of you.