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Archive for October, 2008

Fall Back Saturday Nite

All Hyde Park Volunteers and Attenders:

We are SO GRATEFUL for all that you do that we are going to give you all an extra hour to sleep tomorrow nite (saturday) :)! The following video will remind you to do something very important Saturday nite:

Don't forget to "Fall Back" like Scarlet did tomorrow nite - set your clocks back 1 hr before you go to bed. We ought to have a record BFG day Sunday, huh?

Candy, Canned Goods, Death and Motives

This is one of those mornings… I wake up with my mind just racing, can't sleep, this thought (and that one too!) distracting me…

It's time to break out the Henry's Blend, open up the typepad and let it fly as we go into a busy and important weekend at hyde park:

  • Tonite's the Nite: Every year for the past (i believe) 7 years on October 31st, hyde park has been the place to be as we host, "Trunk-A-Treat". From 6 to 8 pm thousands of people will stream onto our campus for some good ol' fun. The most amazing part is that the only advertising we do on this event is the sign in the front.
  • Our mindset about tonite is this: most of the people who will come tonite don't attend our church – we want to do all that we can to make tonite a great nite, to love on them, be hospitable, knowing that God is active in this world drawing people to Himself. Most are not concerned with that TONITE, but I believe the day will come when they are concerned about Him, a day that they'll recognize their need to be reconciled to Him – I hope that everyone of them turn to us to help them turn to him. TONITE WE ENTERTAIN THEM BUT SOMETIME SOON WE WILL LEAD THEM TO SURRENDER THEIR HEARTS AND COMMIT THEIR LIVES TO JESUS. That's why tonite is worth it! 
  • Brandon and I bought hundreds of pounds of candy yesterday at Sam's Club. I wish I had $10 for everyone who said, "I think I'll just go home with you…" which I honestly thought was an odd comment considering it was like a flatbed of candy – do people like candy that much?
  • I do suppose seeing two grown men pushing hundreds of pounds of candy around was kinda a "whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?!?" moment. (a few of you just spit coffee on that one :)).
  • Food drive We will begin a food drive this Sunday at hyde park. Due to the increased number of calls and visitors to our office needing assistance we found out that many of the assistance ministries that we work with and support are low on food and money. It really is at emergency status. For a listing of the needed items you can go here.
  • By the way… if you didn't get the email about the food drive this morning from us and you're "hyde park" you need to sign up here – you are missing some of our most important messages!
  • Don't forget that tomorrow nite will be the last nite for the "Forest of Death" (sounds metal, doesn't it?) that our youth host out on Carole's property. It's located on Indian Heritage road – if you need directions I can help.
  • I hope you took the time to watch yesterday's posts (part one here – part two here) – much discussion could ensue. Funny that such a great point was made on a show that many Christians would never watch. It's Friday… at some point, if you haven't seen them, do – it will make you laugh AND think (might even make you "check yourself").
  • I'm really excited about Sunday morning – I get to debut one of my favorite songs (the one at the bottom). Also pumped about preaching next Sunday! Make the song your background music at work today… you'll be glad you did on Sunday!

Desperate Housewives Clip 2

If you haven't seen this morning's post watch it 1st because it won't make as much sense.

As I said this morning, I don't watch "Desperate Housewives". Never have. However, Tim Steven's used this clip at a workshop that he did and I thought this clip was huge. And if you don't automatically press stop on the player after the profanity (it will be a shame if you do because you will miss a really great point – by the way, do you turn the channel everytime "that" happens or walk out of a movie? :) anyway, I warned you…) if you don't automatically press stop on the player you will be challenged by the way that the clip ends…

People have questions – I hope that they CAN turn to us to help them with the answers. 

Your Next Door Neighbors???

I don't watch "Desperate Housewives". Never have. However, Tim Steven's used this clip at a workshop that he did and I thought these clips were huge. It should remind us that there are people ALL AROUND us who are just like this:

Part 2 is coming later – check back.

Those who read on facebook or a reader click here to see embedded video

tweet, tweet

Twitter Earlier this year I joined facebook. I had resisted social networking for years, really not understanding and totally underestimating the powerful way that it could be used for the advancement of the gospel. If you're reading this I assume that you are fine with technology – WHY haven't you joined facebook yet?

Anyway, that's another post…

I want to talk about twitter and the way that it can be used. Twitter is what's currently going on in your life but you have to communicate it in 140 characters or less. For those of you who use facebook, it's like your "status" (as a matter of fact, whenever I "tweet" my twitter updates my facebook status automatically). As I've said before, it's the status updates that I love most about facebook, twitter just takes it to another level.

I don't know… there's something about a text message. Something safe – you're in a meeting, you could never answer a phone during the meeting, but a text comes in… you check it out, have a chuckle (and a quick escape) and you reconnect where you were – it's like a mini-vacation! (ok… not really, but you're normally glad that you got it! :))

I follow hyde park friends and a few others. Whenever they "tweet" it comes to my mobile via text message. That way I know it…

  • when Elizabeth is petitioning for homework to be banned…
  • when Bree needs some humor in the middle of her day…
  • when Ed is driving at nite, is tired and wants anyone needing coaching to give him a tweet with their number…
  • when Los has posted a picture about something funny that just happened
  • when Blake's getting his swell on at the Y… (you get the picture)

I feel more connected to a greater number of people than I ever have – and that's a good thing. Join the crowd.