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Archive for December, 2008

Flowers, Gift, “ONE” and Christmas Services…

Friday!!!! Caffeine-driven… mind all over the place… where to start?? How bout this: We are going to have a tremendous weekend at hyde park…

  • On Sunday morning, not only will Pastor Harrell continue the Christmas Series, "A Gift Worth Sharing", we will celebrate Jesus in the true spirit of Christmas (Worship)with some really great music.
  • Flower On Sunday evening, our Kingdom Kidz Choir will present their Christmas Musical, "The Flower of the Holy Night"! Looking forward to that – this will be Matt P's first performance in a hyde park play as a character. He's pretty excited after watching his sister perform for years!

Also pumped about the fact that our hyde park Christmas Service is just a little over a week away! The title of this years Christmas service is "The Ultimate Gift". We're putting the finishing touches on that service and believe that it will be one that will totally set the stage for the precious gift that we receive at Christmas. I hope that you read Tuesday's post, "Deal?" where I'm talking about the Christmas service (check it out here) – but seriously, the Sunday before Christmas is the PERFECT time to invite friends, co-workers, family, etc. to church. More people attend Christmas and Easter services than anytime of the year. Take advantage of the "spiritual momentum" that is already built into the season.

Three more things…

  • Like to worship with the crowd? Don't forget that we will have our next "ONE" Service on Sunday, December 28th. A few times per year we have determined are "travel days" where a good number of regular attendees are not here for services. On these days, we combine our 3 services into "ONE" packed-out service, giving us the opportunity to meet and worship with those that are portioned out over the 3 services. 10 am – extended worship – packed out – great message from Pastor – don't miss it!
  • Beyond inspired about our New Year's Series for 2009, "Rooted: Growing a Deeper Faith". How many know they need to grow spiritually? We're gonna check our hearts at the door and ask Him to fill them with the ingredients that are necessary to grow deep roots. More coming on that over the next few weeks.

I close today with a few words from a conversation that I had after the Night of Worship – Christmas Edition. The person said, "you know, I'm really glad that you did the part where you all stood around the piano and sang those songs without the other instrumentation like we used to do". He went on to say, "that section of the program was great, and we really appreciated it, but you know what it did for me more than anything? It accentuated how great what you normally do is – when the band came back in on the next song it just hightened how good they are!". The best part was that it wasn't a younger person who said it! Very, very encouraging.

See ya Sunday!

The Shack

The shack Knowing that I may possibly be the last person to read "The Shack" by WM. Paul Young, I finally gave in last week. I'm glad I did.

I am a reader. I am not a fiction reader. I should be but for some reason reading fiction at times brings guilt as there is always something out there I need to be reading that isn't fiction, ya know?

I am so impressed by the writers imagination. The story is captivating, heartbreaking, inspiring and at times breathtaking. I loved the way Young dove into the depth of God's love for us.

I don't want to go deeply into the story, you have to do yourself a favor and read it for yourself. I will however say that I can see how people are so inspired by the story. "The Shack" is the story of a man named Mackenzie Phillips, faithful husband to Nan and father of five kids. A tradgedy happens to Mack's family that leaves him in the throws of depression and the overwhelming sadness that often accompanies tradgedy. The happening leaves Mack with many hurts, doubts and questions concerning the incident as well as God. The major happening in the story is that God decides to do something about it.

You really gotta check this book out!

I am also aware that some people are offended by the route that the author takes to describe God in the book, totally missing the heart of what the writer was presenting. One word: Fiction. It's a story. A story interwoven with theology and questions, but none-the-less, a fictional work designed to entertain as well as make the reader think and hopefully discuss the complexities of the book. I was actually inspired in that God was willing to do whatever was necessary to reach Mack (sounds familiar to another story of God going to great lengths to reach us, doesn't it?). God is not looking for your ritual – He is always interested in relationship.

Warning: at the end of chapter 11 I was torn up!!! Check it out for yourself.

The “10th”, Our Mission Team & 3 Silly Kings (video)

Quick WholeHearted post that looks like a Friday "A.D.D" Driven post if you ask me!

Today is the 10th – have you commited to our 10-10-10 (MVP) Mission Vision Plan?

Mvp Want to personally be involved in the mission of Jesus through the body of Hyde Park church? Join MVP. What do we do? Every 10th of the month we commit to fast for one meal – pray for at least 10 minutes for our mission work (local and foreign) and give $10 towards that mission work.

Do you realize if just 100 people from hyde park take this goal we will raise $1000 per month that will go directly to our mission? Awesome!

I will be praying and fasting over lunch today with those who have commited – hope you will. (if you are interested but have not yet signed up email Carole, our missions director: and tell her to "sign me up!".

Our mission team is on the ground in Senegal.

You can multiple updates everyday on the hyde park Sunday's Coming Message Board. A couple of words from the missionaries as of 11pm Tuesday nite:

  • Jarrett (2nd time Team Member) says, "Just to breathe in the exhaust and smoke here got me excited. I knew I was in Senegal.Just from talking with Cheryl I know the things that we're doing here are going to be different…I'm nervous because tomorrow I have to share some of Genesis with some local teenagers. Then maybe come Thursday we'll actually start visiting houses.
  • Robyn (1st time Team Member) says, "I haven't been in Senegal but a little more than a half a day but the people here are so warm and friendly. They have welcomed and accepted us like they have known us all their lives…The fellowship among fellow believers coming together for one purpose(to see God's kingdom advanced and name glorified) is refreshing!!!!!!!! Please continue to pray for God to move in the hearts of the Senegalese to receive God's greatest gift—SALVATION!

We're looking forward to their daily updates. We're also looking forward to them joining us LIVE in all 3 worship experiences by the wonder of modern technology. Hard to believe we can talk live with people on the other side of the world, isn't it?!?


Our J.O.Y. Group (Seniors – Jesus first, Others second, them last) celebrated Christmas a few days ago. Their get togethers are always a "JOY" (excuse the pun – couldn't help it :) ) mainly because Ada and Bob Barnes are such a "JOY" (there i go again) to work with. They are seriously funny – Bob playing the straight man to Ada's picking… Always good stuff (not to mention the good food). Anyway, I wanted to share some pics of our favorite 3 Silly Kings (Children's minister, Andy Smith, Bob Barnes and Dick Smith) as they were decorated in the spirit of the season. Enjoy – See you tomorrow!

  December 7 08 017 December 7 08 014  December 7 08 018

And the video… well… it was REALLY funny live :) (those reading on a viewer or facebook go here to see video clip)

3 Silly Kings Part One from mike pittman on Vimeo.

3 Silly Kings Part 2 from mike pittman on Vimeo.


"Nite of Worship – Christmas Edition" this past Sunday Nite got me pretty excited about Christmas. It's fun to celebrate the true reason for the season with a big crowd of people. To look out over the crowd and see the smiles as people sang and worshiped their Lord – like I said yesterday, "Good Stuff".

Gift Worth Sharing I am really excited about our Christmas Services coming up on Sunday, December 21st. 3 Great Services – 8.21 – 9.51 & 11.11am. We have some great music planned – we have a great overall service in the works but there is one thing that we are working extra special on: communicating the true message of Christmas. We are always pretty evangelistic here at hyde park (one of our core goals is to make the gospel as understandable as possible) but on days like this we go all out to make the Story of God as understandable as possible because we expect people to be in the house who normally wouldn't be with us. I remember what it was like visiting a church as an "outsider" and feeling out of place and not really "getting" what was going on.

I don't know who you've been praying for this year, who you've been talking to about God, who you've been inviting to church. You know, those one or two people who seem to be on your "impossible" list (remember, with God "Nothing is Impossible" :)).

What about that lady that graciously waits on you at your favorite restaurant? Invite her. Or the dude that you talk to at the convenience store? Invite him. The new couple who moved in down the street – or the young school teacher that you've been avoiding inviting to church (isn't it funny that we assume others don't want what we have found?). We haven't said it in a while but here it goes:


If you will do whatever is necessary to get them here (bribe them with lunch, tell 'em you'll pick them up or you'll wash their dog, rake their yards… whatever it takes right?) we will present the Gospel in a very explanatory and creative way in the power of God's Spirit ("Lord, be with us…") and pray with you that God will come into their lives in a revolutionary way.

Deal? If they NEED Jesus get them here! This is one day that very well may change their life!

Sunday Nite

Long shot 12 7 09  Good day today at hyde park – 4 services in all (3 morning worship experiences and Tonite's Nite of Worship). Good crowds – Good Stuff.

  • I led worship this morning. I really looked forward to leading all week (that's a good thing).
  • It's a good thing that I was pumped to lead today because it was a challenging morning to lead worship…
  • We had a lot of things planned – we featured our Christmas offering this morning…We shared the fact that we have a team leaving this week to minister in Senegal (this is our 3rd Senegal trip). The money from our Christmas offering goes right on to the mission field to support missionaries just like David and Cheryl Johnson, our missionaries in Senegal, West Africa.
  • We then prayed over our missionaries who will be leaving tomorrow…
  • And we did an extra song (it all timed out well on paper :))
  • …however, as things go it all ran a little longer than anticipated putting the squeeze on us between services – not much turn around time.
  • On the flip side – "Offering" is one of my favorite songs to sing – PERIOD. Christmas or non Christmas – doesn't matter – those words absolutely fire me up!
  • Did not feel well today. Woke up with a headache and basically struggled all day long.
  • Pastor did a great job this morning as he reminded us that Jesus was like an "icon of the Father" – He was the image, the representation of God in human form.
  • We celebrated baptism at the 11.11 Service this morning – I LOVE seeing people say "Jesus is my Lord"!

Tonite was the "Nite of Worship – Christmas Edition".

  • Great, Great crowd tonite. Really great feeling in the house as we worshiped together.
  • We had fun as we sang around the piano – taking it back, as Steven said, "Mrs. Norma's style"…
  • My bud Herman was with us tonite – one of these days we'll have to get him onstage with us and let him do his thing!
  • So proud of our band, singers, choir and tech team – ya'll are unbelievably great! Thanks for serving with me.

Ok, that's it – my bed is calling me. See ya tomorrow?