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Archive for March, 2009

A Kickin’ Friday!

I am JAMMIN' on a cup of Henry's Blend (my 2nd), loving the Word and starting to get excited about what I believe is going to be an incredible weekend!

  • Looking forward to leading worship at the "Living Life Pure" Men's Conference this evening. Taking place at Arran Lake Baptist Church in Fayetteville. The band has a slammin' set put together. Most importantly, we are looking forward to leading these men in worship. I spent the morning yesterday with Pastor Jeff and Worship Pastor extroidinaire, Danny McDonald. This conference has the potential to be one of the most life-changing experiences men have experienced in a long time. Too bad that many were too busy to invest 8 hours in their relationship with the Lord, their spiritual growth as a Godly man and the betterment of their family.
  • That last statement sounded harsh but you know, it's not meant to be. I wish that I could make people do what they really need to do. To know what's best for someone but to be unable to convince them otherwise at times is frustrating. Do you think that's how God feels towards us sometime?
  • Here are the directions to Arran Lake church. By the way, it's not in Hope Mills but in Fayetteville (feels like Hope Mills to me).
  • Sunday's Services at hyde park are going to be INCREDIBLE! I warned you…
  • Night of worship
    and we are going to have a tremendous nite of praise to our Saviour. We will sing, shout, pray and call out to Him. So looking forward to all that we will experience.
  • By the way… if you have a prayer need Sunday Nite would be an excellent time to have someone to pray with you. We have a time of prayer built into the nite and will spend time there.
  • We begin our new Series next weekend! It's titled, "K(NO)W PERFECT PEOPLE?". Get it? I can't remember the last time that I was so stoked about a series (and I believe I'm initially stoked about all of them, huh?).
  • I'm just telling you now, that person that you've been praying for to come to Christ: plant the seed now – invite them to our Easter Services. That co-worker that used to go to church but for whatever reason stopped: plant the seed now – invite them to our Easter Services. That family member or neighbor that says that "church just isn't for me": plant the seed now – invite them to our Easter Services. What will happen on Easter has the potential to set this area on FIRE.
  • What is it about? Let me just say that your story will bring Glory to HIS story – many, many, many of you are going to BE the Easter story.
  • Ed Stetzer has an ongoing series of posts on Andy Stanley where he's speaking about communicating. Great, great discussion on his blog that I've really enjoyed reading. Andy is such a great communicator of the Gospel of our Savior – so thankful that God has raised Him up to speak to a new generation that has proven so hard to reach. I've been to all of Andy's campuses and there are so many lives being changed by Jesus through them – they don't do things the way that other churches normally do, they do things with the goal of reaching those who are not yet saved. I'll never forget Andy quoting Craig Groeschel (and this is my paraphrase), "if we're gonna reach those that nobody's reaching, we're gonna have to do things nobody's doing".

I hope that you have a tremendous weekend – love your God, your family, read the Word, tell somebody about Jesus and let's meet Sunday to worship the Lord together (and don't forget Sunday nite).

New iMix (Easter Services)

Here's some new tunes that you will most likely hear by Easter (which by the way is only 4 Sunday's away!!!)

Anyone of you who are interested in throwing these down with us in the Worship Choir should plan to join us next Wednesday evening at 8:15 in the auditorium. (Let me know if you're interested in coming).
Here are some of the songs from January

Random Weds

A random day here at WholeHearted…

Night of worshipDon't forget that this SUNDAY NITE is "Night of Worship"!! Every once in a while we have the opportunity to get together on Sunday Nites for the purpose of "oneness" – a time to lift our voices and celebrate our Savior together – a time to worship with some that we miss because they attend another service or serve in another area of hyde park.

We have a really great evening of worship planned. Built into the night will be a time of prayer:

13Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. 14Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. 16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (James 5:13-16 NIV) 

Maybe you have a prayer need that you would like someone to agree in prayer with you. We will have people available (including myself and Pastor and other leaders) to lift your need up to the Father.

You know, Easter is right around the corner! Are you interested in being a part of our worship choir for our slammin' Easter Services? Easter 2009 will be one that you won't soon forget. Interested? Let me know so I'll expect you – see yout at 8.15 tonite in the auditorium.

Over the past month or so there has been a lot of discussion on hyde park's "Sunday's Comin'" Message Board about the subject of depression. Tonite at 6.45 in Room 111 Pastor Harrell will host a discussion on the topic. As he says, we're gonna take an evening to love and encourage one another. I hope that all who deal with this issue will be a part. I would also suggest bringing your spouse if you're married because they need to be part of this conversation.


This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. The team that worked on this are BEYOND creative! Love it when people use their gifts and sharp minds (and wit) for God's glory and to drive home a point.

Get ready to laugh – share it with your friends!

Sunday Nite (on a Monday Morning)

That was some AWESOME sleep that I received from God last nite!!! I needed it. I was totally wiped out after a really long (but great) Sunday.

I'm bringing a Sunday Nite (on a Monday Morning) but gotta be brief as I have staff meeting in just a couple of minutes (which I'm definitely looking forward to – love meeting with our team).

  • Yesterday's weather was not great (and i'm being kind with that) but I felt like we had a really good day attendance wise considering. I just will never understand how people who say their lives were changed by Jesus can go to work on Monday morning in the cold, wet rain, but decide to not gather together with the church to worship Jesus because the weather's not great.
  • That being said, I can definitely see why a person whom Jesus is not at the forefront of their heart and life would've skipped church yesterday. I'm just sayin'…
  • 3 services – 3 different bands. We had to scramble yesterday and do our musical chairs version of the band due to unforseen illness. 1st Service: I played drums while Brandon did an EXCELLENT job taking the middle of the stage and stepping up to lead worship. Let me say it again: dude did an excellent job of stepping up when needed (and looked like a lead-worshiper as well – did not seem nervous in the least. I LOVE seeing people grow). 2nd service: I was back in the lead worshiper spot while Andy Smith stepped up on drums. He was totally ready as God had seemingly worked it out by allowing him to rehearse with us Wednesday (also due to an unforseen illness). Andy was totally ready because of that rehearsal. 3rd Service: yet another addition as Bree stepped in for Candi who became sick early that morning. How proud am I serving with such a great group?!?
  • Our music yesterday: We rocked Michael W. Smith's new song, "A New Hallelujah" (praise charts arrangement – video link at the bottom) which I think will become a great anthem for this season of our church. We then brought back last week's learner, "Today is the Day" (Lincoln Brewster / praise charts). We closed the music set with Passion Band's great rendition of the classic hymn, "How Marvelous (My Savior's Love)". Our song of invitation/contemplation was "Here I am to Worship" (Robert Elkins/G3 arrangement).
  • Had some great conversations at hp yesterday morning – God is rockin' some worlds!
  • The Gathering last nite was really great. Totally different than we've ever done it before – totally stripped down: no extra staging, no pipe-and-drape, no complete band. We did an "acoustic" set with just Robby Gaddy, Charlie and myself. You could definitely hear the marvelous voices in the crowd singing! 
  • I believe we did this for a reason – God wanted to totally strip us down to remind us that it's not about all that other stuff. It's cool – but it's totally not necessary.
  • I even brought in another voice to speak to us – Paul Brooks. Paul is on the gathering team and is a gifted communicator who brought a very relevant and challenging (and stripped down) message to the students in attendance.
  • It was amazing how our music totally went with the message (unplanned). We totally didn't talk about it prior (once again, I felt like God was orchestrating that as well).
  • I believe we set up the next Gathering at UNCP (our last for this school year) to be one to rememer.

Love you guys – I've got some notes from the message that I'll probably share tomorrow as well as some other goodies.