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Archive for April, 2009

God Used You!

Received this email from Elizabeth Pait the other day:

Someone stopped me yesterday at church. She said she just wanted to let me know how much my cardboard miracle meant to her. She said she is struggling with Bipolar disorder and it meant so much to see a person could have it and still have a normal life.

Just a quick, after Easter (and a little late) thanks to all of you who participated and the encouragement that God used your cardboard miracle in a powerful way in someone's life.

…and while we're on the subject: if you're a lady and struggle with depression, Bipolar disorder or anything of the like – we have a class that meets with Elizabeth every Wednesday evening, "Life's Healing Choices" in room 109

And Elizabeth, I agree: Jesus does ROCK!!!

So Easy A…

So I'm sitting in the van with my 8 year old son, Matt, waiting for Madison to finish her dance rehearsal. We were finishing up some homework and he says, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you – I led someone to Christ today!".

"You what?!? Who?" was my reply.
"My friend, Logan", he said. So I said to Matt, "tell me what you did".

"Well", Matt says, "I was talking to him about God and about how Jesus died for us and how we gotta have Him in our hearts. So I asked him, 'do you want to ask God into your heart?' and he said, 'yes', so I led him to Christ".

I'm smiling pretty big at this point – "tell me what you did; how did you 'lead him to Christ'" I asked him.
"I prayed for him, dad. And then I made him pray and he asked God to come in his heart".

"Really", I said, "dude, that's amazing! That's awesome! Where were you at?"
"In the lunch room – he was sitting across from me", he said with a smile on his face.

It made me think; I wonder how many WholeHearted readers have shared their faith with someone recently. You know, it's really not that hard – YOU'RE PROBABLY THE ONE WHO HAS MADE IT A BIG DEAL AND DIFFICULT TO DO. Maybe, before this week is out you will take the challenge to share your faith with at least one person.

Share your story (share God's story) – save a life. So easy an 8 year old can do it.

Sunday Nite

I know I say this almost every week but WE HAD AN INCREDIBLE DAY AT HYDE PARK!!! I have to tell you – we always plan to have amazing services where lives are changed by the amazing, life-transforming power of Jesus Christ. When I quit caring about this it will be time for me to hang it up.

I have also had an all around amazing day today. My mind is racing tonite with ideas, my heart is beating with anticipation, a Spirit of faith and excitement is stirring in my soul this evening (truth is I could go on and on trying to describe how I feel tonite – it's good – but I better get on with this so I can finish my day with the woman I love). Here's today's Wrap-up:
  • Week 2 of our series, "So You're Dead… Now What?" was off the chain! So many people have faulty views of the afterlife, death, heaven, etc. Turn on the tv – listen to them discuss the afterlife; it's CRAZY!!! The stats tell the truth: 91% of Americans say they believe in God, 87% believe in heaven; yet when asked, the number was fewer when you ask them about today's topic: Hell. 
  • Pastor said, "when talking about hell people will say, 'I can't believe that a good god would send anyone to hell'. Have you ever met a 'good judge? Can you believe that a 'good judge' would actually sentence someone to death by execution? A good judge matches up the crime and the punishment."
  • "Too many Christians don't take hell seriously!"  
  • "People have NO CONCEPT of the length that God went to that people WOULDN'T go to hell!" 
  • In reference to Luke 16:19-31, Pastor said, "The rich man didn't go to hell because he was rich – he went there because of a choice he made (or didn't make) in his life. On the other hand, the poor man, Lazarus, didn't go to heaven because he was poor but because of a choice that he made in his life. 2 different choices – 2 different destinations".
  • The video that we used to set up Pastor's message was powerful. One note about it: it was hard to read because of the way it was made (one of those things that you just miss until it's too late – like on Sunday morning). Anyway, if you have a couple minutes I suggest that you watch it again (and pass it on). You can see it here
  • We had the priviledge of seeing 5 baptized today in our 11.11 service – THANK YOU JESUS for drawing people to Yourself and for Your salvation. 
  • In other things today, such as music, our band, singers and choir were on fire! Always a priviledge to stand onstage and lead people into the presence of Jesus with them. An even greater priviledge: to worship the King of kings with them, knowing how unworthy we are to come into His presence. Thank You, Lord, for Your grace and mercy.    
  • Today's set was even more uptempo than usual. We were offsetting the heaviness of the issue with an uptempo, encouraging worship set that focused on God's goodness and His delieverance. The line-up was: Mighty To Save (Hillsong), My Savior Lives (New Life Worship / Desperation Band), Open the Eyes of My Heart (Paul Baloche) and Today is the Day (Lincoln Brewster)
  • Enjoyed meeting new people today at hyde park! Enjoyed fellowshiping with others as well. 
  • As I close I just HAVE TO SAY that I am totally pumped about some things that look like they will go down this summer at hyde park – this is going to be an EXPLOSIVE summer at hp. 

As I said, an amazing day – so thankful for the opportunity to share it with all of you! See you this week online and around hp!

Looking to Sunday!

Sunshine… The Word next to me… Henry's Blend in hand and best of all, IT'S FRIDAY!!! The reason that I say "Thank God it's Friday" isn't because I don't like what I do but because I love what I do – Friday is a reminder that it's only 2 days until our next worship gathering.

I'm totally pumped to be back in service with all of you this weekend!

We are going to have an amazing weekend at hyde park – week 2 of our "So You're Dead… Now What?" is going to be an eye-opener indeed. Did you know that according to a National poll that:

nine in 10 Americans (91 percent) believe in God. Almost three-quarters of Americans (74 percent) say they believe in hell and only two-thirds of those asked in the poll believed in the devil (67 percent). (10/28/05 FOX Poll: More Believe in Heaven Than Hell)

Isn't that amazing, terrible and scary all at the same time? People believe in heaven but not in hell? Has it ever been pointed out to you that Jesus referenced hell more than He actually referenced heaven in the scriptures? Well this weekend we will tackle the heavy subject of what the bible actually says about the dreaded (but real) place known as hell.

But don't worry – even though the subject is heavy, I GUARANTEE YOU that we have a service planned that will inspire, challenge and even smile in the face of seriousness. Remember, hell was not created for you - it was created for Satan and his angels. THIS is God's will: "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9 – NIV)

What about Satan? You think that he hates that verse? Check out the video below (facebook readers – go here to see video)

So You're Dead Now What Teaser Week 2 from Jason Krohn on Vimeo.

See you Sunday! Bring A Friend – It really is going to be an amazing Sunday at hp!

“If Someone was in that Casket…”

So I was out of town this weekend for 2 reasons: Madison was dancing in competition and it was her 13th birthday – we decided to make a weekend of it together. A few things that I know I missed were that…

THERE WAS A CASKET ON THE STAGE SUNDAY MORNING as we began our new series, "So You're Dead… Now What?" Pastor was tackling the issue of death. The decision was made to put a casket on the stage for the effect of "death is a real-life issue" – (I'm sure it freaked a few out as well). Here's the thoughts behind the casket:

  1. We knew that there were some that the casket would bring up memories that they would rather leave in another place; We also knew that looking at that casket would make some who never think about death actually consider the fact that "Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment," (Hebrews 9:27). There is much in this life that make me uncomfortable – if I can be uncomfortable yet bring others to a better place spiritually, then so be it. We decided to use the casket.
  2. It is an eye opener to actually ponder death. As Pastor said Sunday, "What you believe about death and eternity will determine how you live". Do you realize that most people believe falsely concerning death?

I had a conversation with a young lady at lunch today who attended hyde park for the first time Sunday. We spoke specifically about the church and Sunday's message – she said to me:

"it was my 1st time with ya'll and you were talking about death. And I was like, 'wow, that's a heavy topic today but it was cool because I've been talking lately with a friend about what happens after we die and stuff'.

She went on to tell me that she appreciated us talking about it like we did because she wants and needs to know the Truth. (She also said she was thankful no one was in the casket because she would've been outta there otherwise!).

I heard that the services were excellent, that Rhonda, band and singers did an amazing job (as usual). I'll check out the message on the podcast.

"The Gathering at UNCP" was Sunday Nite at the UC Annex and I was HATING missing that! I didn't recognize that it fell on Madie's birthday when we scheduled out the whole year. The exit reports told me that it was an awesome evening, that we had a really great crowd, the band was rockin' and that Brandon did an excellent job reminding everyone that they needed to stop and "Pause". (make sure to check out the pictures on facebook).

I went to church and saw Gymnastics all at the same time! when I attended church at Barefoot Church in North Myrtle Beach Sunday morning at 9am. Excellent message… excellent service… I believe that lives were changed – as always, I totally was in that service. (you can see Sunday's message from there here)