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Archive for December, 2010

Will You Stop, Pray, and Ask for Us Today?

Pray_that_was_easy Today is a good day. God is on His throne and knows exactly what today holds. I know and believe that with everything within me.

Today is a very important day for Vertical Church – December 10th. Will you stop what you're doing and ask our God to make the Sun Stand Still on our behalf today? Something like this: "Lord, You know the major need that presents itself for this new work that You have inspired these people to begin. We ask You, right now in Jesus Name to hear their prayers and make this miracle happen. (now you add your own prayer to the end of it – GO!)

Cool. Did you pray or did you just think about praying? Seriously, right now, will you please ASK for us in Jesus Name (we will wait for you)?

For those of you who prayed for us – thank you – continue to remember us throughout the day, whenever you think of us, see our name on Facebook, think about a member, may the Spirit remind you to say a short prayer on our behalf again. Now… here's the other things on my mind this morning:

  • Are you interested in seeing the brand new Chronicles of Narnia movie while help some kidz at the same time? You can see it for FREE tomorrow at 2pm! 1 present = 1 ticket. Details here.
  • I can neither deny nor confirm that a certain jolly man with white hair/beard wearing red will be at the Cinema tomorrow following the movie. (HINT: i wouldn't mention it if I didn't have a good source for my info)
  • Still very excited about all that took place last Sunday. I am looking forward to gathering weekly with all of you.
  • We had a meeting with musicians on Wednesday night about Vertical Worship. To say that I am pumped about the people who are coming on board to be part of leading us in worship is a serious understatement. Those of you who know me know I have some pretty high expectations there. That being said, I am excited.
  • Enjoying wrapping my heart around Rediscovering Christmas with some friends. You can still be part HERE. Sign up and join with us as we place Jesus in His rightful place this Christmas.
  • Our V-Team Leaders are blowing my mind. I am so proud of the way that they are owning their ministries at Vertical. Looking forward to beginning our 1st Leader Study with them next week!
  • Brandon is preaching at Antioch this Sunday. I'm sitting on the front row! Who's there with me?!?
  • I have repeatedly said that Vertical is "not a church with small groups, we're a church OF small groups". I love the people God has given me opportunity to get to know and grow with. Last night's study was convicting, challenging and refreshing all at the same time. Thank You, Lord.
  • Are you in a V-Group? Interested? Go HERE.
  • Just got word that Dick Smith died this morning. I love Mr. Dick… kind man with a great heart who loved the Lord. Earth just lost a great soldier but Heaven just gained a servant.
  • Looking very forward to seeing Madison dance this weekend for her Christmas recital. Madie is an amazing dancer… and beautiful… most of all, she's a great kid and her daddy loves her.
  • This is the part where I get misty eyed over my love for my family. Thank You, Lord for blessing me so…
  • I am right now thanking Him for all of You, in Jesus Name…

…and while you pray, please, as I said earlier, lift up Vertical – nothing bad, it's AWESOME, just a real important day. I love you all. The honor is mine.

See the New Narnia Movie FREE!

Would you be interested in seeing the new Chronicles of Narnia Movie, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" this Saturday, December 11th?

Vertical Church is honored to be teaming up with Robeson and Bladen County Department of Social Services to provide Christmas presents for needy children. And we're excited to be doing it at our future meeting place, Cinema Four Theaters!

1 Present = 1 Chronicles of Narnia Ticket (and you help a local kid have a better Christmas) Here are the details:



Sunday Nite

I was absolutely blown away by today!

This morning was the very first AM service for Vertical Church. What I experienced through today's service was nothing short of awe inspiring. The crowd was great, the vibe was sweet and God's presence was evidently in our midst. Thank you Jesus.

  • This is the first time that Vertical felt the way that I have imagined it would. The environment was in all ways Vertical.
  • We were very excited that we had to bring out chairs today!!! YES! Seeing people literally sitting on the floor is a beautiful thing.
  • We are very thankful for Holiday Inn and their hospitality towards us. It's been a great place to meet but… 
  • WE CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THE SPACE THAT CINEMA FOUR OFFERS US – especially in fully activating our children's ministry! 
  • The V-Team (our volunteers) totally set the tone for today. Their excitement was contagious. They totally decorated our space for Christmas and excellence just flowed from them. 
  • It's becoming very obvious that the vision of our church is taking hold and our people are owning the vision to create a church that people who don't go to church will love to come to.
  • My message today was titled "Rediscovering Christmas" in which I discussed the fact that although I intend yearly to make Christmas about Jesus I often find myself lacking at the end of the season. We looked deeply into the lineage of Jesus found in Matthew chapter one. I believe that we saw something most haven't recognized through the part of the Christmas story that most people skip over (or skim at best)
  • I challenged our people to make a definitive change together starting today. Whether you were there or not you can be part of that here
  • "The key to rediscovering Christmas isn't changing my mind – it's changing my heart." 
  • I am very, VERY pleased with our music. I am definitely looking forward to having a larger space that will allow us to have a full band and music ministry. Having a band will definitely give us an edge in worship that we can't have acoustically. However…
  • …that being said, VERTICAL WORSHIP ROCKS! So impressed and inspired. As the band was sound checking and doing a quick run through I was walking through the room, praying and worshiping. I brought my worship with me this morning.
  • People have asked me what Vertical Worship will be like. It will be like… excellence in worship dedicated to Jesus Christ done in a way that reflects the next generations.
  • When the worship leaders were praying this morning before the service, Rhonda brought the glory down. I'm telling you, the presence of the Lord was definitely in that place.
  • Most of our Music today was off of Chris Tomlin's excellent Christmas CD, Glory in the Highest. Today we used: Winter Snow, My Soul Magnifies the Lord and Glory in the Highest. We also used the classic Here I am to Worship/Call from Hillsong. Powerful set.
  • I cannot say enough about everything we experienced today.

I hope that you take me up on the Rediscovering Christmas challenge – let me know if you do. I will leave you with Chris Tomlin's song, "Glory in the Highest".

Operation Rediscovering Christmas

Today was amazing (more about that later).

I wanted to get this up: this is the action step that I told you about in this morning's message:

 You can start your reading plan here. If you already have a YouVersion account just log in with it.

Let's do everything we possibly can to experience the Christmas story. The readings are compact – it won't take long to do. They have also included devotions (additional readings) that go along with the daily readings. I'm going to do it – I hope you will as well. Maybe we can discuss it some on Facebook.

Once you sign up go here: accountability and share this decision with someone (and of course, you may put me down – I would love to spiritually share the season with you!

Day 1: Luke 2:21-40 – let's do this! Who's with me?


A Gathering, A Morning Service and a Hippopotamus

The gathering will be this Sunday morning. Since we began this work we've been meeting on Sunday afternoon's at 4pm. Immediately after the November service, like before we hit the doors to leave, I felt that December had to be in the morning. When we checked the venue we were pleased to find out it had opened up for us as it had been previously booked weekly.

The morning service will actually be Vertical Church's very 1st morning worship experience. 

Don't_make_hippopotamus_angry The Hippopotamus? I don't know… petting zoo or something? (I'm making that up – it would be cool though! Check out the pic… that's would probably be me)

We want you to come experience what the Lord has been up to with us as we prepare for our move to our new location, Cinema Four in January.

We will begin weekly services in 2 months on February 6th, 2011 – Super Bowl Sunday. The big game won't be the only thing big that day! 

Attenders can expect an exciting service, friendly people and an atmosphere unlike what you would normally expect at church. The dress is casual, the environments are modern, the music is next generation. 

You are invited and encouraged to come early for coffee, drinks and refreshments and to check the kidz into our V-Kidz environment – a service aimed at helping children learn the basics about God.