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Archive for June, 2011

The Reason We Take 5 Weeks to Talk Family

The family is a big deal to God.

It all started with a family (Adam). After the flood God's chosen people, Israel, descended from one man, Abram (later to be called Abraham). God promised Abraham, who had no children and was REALLY old that he would give him a family and that family would actually become a great nation (nothing is impossible with God who kept His promise). This is how it actually went down:

Abraham→Isaac→Jacob→12 sons (including Joseph)→Joseph brought family to Egypt (70 or so people)→430 years later they leave a Nation of approximately 2 million

God used one family to grow and build a nation. The reason we are taking 5 weeks to talk about the family when there are so many subjects we could tackle is that it all starts at home – spiritual foundation starts with the family. Now, I know,  we have a lot of different situations – we have households with mom and dad, households with just mom or just dad. We have grandparents raising children. Regardless of the situation the responsibility of passing on spiritual principals lies with whoever is raising those kids and they do it by MAKING and TAKING advantage of moments that matter.

Our goal is transforming our region one parent at a time, one child at a time, one family at a time so that eventually God is changing the fabric of our region for His glory. The way that happens is by taking advantage of moments that matter.

Do You Need to be Baptized?


Have you been baptized SINCE you believed? We will be having baptism this Sunday.

Baptism is the 1st step as a new believer! It's a person saying to the world, "Yes!! I Believe that Jesus Christ has saved me and is changing my heart and life!". If you've not been baptized SINCE you believed and would like more information or would like to be scheduled for baptism  let us know HERE.

Do it now if you want to beat the deadline for Sunday!

Who at Vertical Do I Appreciate Most?

One of the things that I love about being the pastor of a mobile church plant is that it allows people to live out this verse in a very practical way:

[A Living Sacrifice]
    I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. (Romans 12:1 ESV)

The joy that I get week in and week out watching our whole team do what they do because they love Jesus and want other people to meet Him is uncontrollable. I am excited by their excitement. The thing that inspires me is that I know that they live out Romans 12:1 every weekend in a way that many Christians NEVER do:

When the road crew rolls the cases off the trailer and set up the stage it is their "spiritual worship".

The Cafe' crew brews coffee, blow up balloons, put the thoughtful finishing touches on the tables (not to mention preparing the restrooms as they do) because they are presenting their gift to Jesus.

Our Upstreet Team learn how to share biblical truths in a way kidz understand, roll out their huge carpets, put up pipe and drape to transform a theater into a cool place for kidz to learn about Jesus show us all what it means to be a living sacrifice.

When our parking team sweeps up cigarette butts, picks up beer cans and puts out signage in preparation for the people to occupy their lot they do it so people who don't like church can meet God.

When the host team (including VKidz check in team) puts up their tents, computer stations and signs in order to make preparations for bunches of first time guests they are always excitedly anticipating that people's lives will be changed TODAY – their enthusiasm is worship personified.

Vertical's Usher team are filled with worship leaders! They don't sing on stage but they seat people in such a way as to facilitate that their worship experience will be distraction free and excellent. The attitude at which they do this is filled with grace and is certainly their spiritual act of worship.

Vertical Worship: as they pick out chords to learn songs they do so with the thought that what they present as a living sacrifice will not only bring glory to Jesus but will draw people to Him as well. This includes the most amazing Audio and Visual team anywhere!!! Hallelujah!!

Our Waumba Land team not only sets up the most incredible environments for a mobile church but when they are changing diapers they do it all for the glory of God!

Who do I appreciate the most? I certainly appreciate everyone who shows love and care for my family and and my staff.  However, the most special place in my heart would have to be for those who aren't doing it for me or for Vertical but instead are truly using their individual talents and gifts as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is their spiritual act of worship.

Sweeping up AND wiping "butts" is worship? You bet!

Sunday Nite (June 19- Father’s Day Edition)

Do I mention every week how awesome today was?!? I cannot help it – it ain't hype it's God's people coming together and seeing Him do something magnificient in our presence. I know that this is real and that I'm definitely not dreaming but what I am personally experiencing  at Vertical is blowing my mind – I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS ALLOWING ME TO BE PART OF THIS. 

Here's what's on my heart this evening:

  • Today was a very special Father's Day as it was our first one ever at VC. One of the cool things about church planting is that everytime you turn around you have the opportunity to experience "your first" (fill in the blank).
  • Speaking of firsts, Joey Autry tweeted, "RT @joeyautry: UpStreet set new attendance record today! Awesome leaders bragging on Jesus to kids!" Upstreet is our elementary ministry and we have an AMAZING team!
  • Another first took place today as we had our first Baby Dedications. 3 parents, Cley and Alison Carrol, Jon and Nikki Lloyd and Michael and Deena Whitney came before the church making the commitment between themselves and the Lord to raise their children in the fear and the admonition of Jesus. Awesome.
  • …the other awesome thing about it was our Waumba Land team making this happen! The cake and Mt. Dew Punch was bangin!
  • We had some cool give-a-ways! Olive Garden, Outback, and Lowes giftcards, golf games… some guys hooked up this morning.
  • The service started with a BANG as the '80's visited Vertical. Rhonda, Bree, Karla Beth and Elisha joined the band with a rockin' rendition of the Go-Go's "Vacation" – lots of fun and recieved well as we continued our Family Vacation Series.
  • 3 words: the Dad Life. (if you missed it you just missed it!)
  • It was SO GOOD to preach to you after 3 weeks out. I wanted to take a few weeks and allow our gifted team of preachers to speak into your lives as we tackled our first family series. It only makes sense to have you Kidz Pastor and your Student Pastor to tackle a week on the family, right?
  • My message, "Moments that Matter" seemed to hit home a lot of times this morning. We laughed a lot, tackled some tough challenges and truly had some tension filled moments as we talked about speaking wisdom and knowledge into our families.
  • I'll post all of the points and scripture tomorrow.
  • Got some great father's day presents from my family today. NO SOCKS!
  • Our band was so awesome today. I am so blessed to have such an amazing team of worship leaders. Jon, Justin, Robby, Bob and Andy Smith on drums for the 1st time BROUGHT IT!!! I've said it before but we are so thankful to have such an incredible team so early in our church. Jesus has certainly brought a ton of talent our way.
  • One more week of Family Vacation.

I love you all – thank you for the opportunity to speak truth into your lives.

The Dad Life