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Archive for October, 2011

God Wants to Use Your Hairbrush

This is Beth Moore sharing the story I shared in my message Sunday morning. Remember, God SIMPLYwants to use your life to glorify His. Believe it.

I must decrease and Jesus must increase in me. Let it be so, Lord.

Vertical Church Coming to Bladen County!


We believe that God is at work in our region. People who don’t normally like church are coming to Jesus. There are so many people who believe in God but for whatever reason feel like outcasts in the church. Since launching VC 8 months ago we are finding many people who were church outcasts who have found a home at Vertical. We are also finding that there are many who find their calling in helping people who don’t like church meet God, which is the vision of our church.

On Sunday night, November 13th, Vertical Church is coming to West Bladen High School for a Night of Worship and to explore what could be and should be. We’re calling it, “What If?” If you are interested in seeing if you might be part of helping people in Bladen County who don’t like church meet God, we hope you’ll join us at 6pm for this evening of passionate worship and vision.

Come as you are. “But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”(1 Samuel 16:7 ESV)

Together, God can use US ALL to reach people in Bladen who don’t think they need church.

We Start a 2nd Service This Weekend!


We are so excited over all that we have experienced over our first 8 months of ministry. All of the stories of people's lives being touched by the Lord and the way God is using those people to touch others. 

I believe that there are many more stories to be written.

With this in mind I am excited to announce that beginning THIS SUNDAY, October 23rd, we begin a 2nd Worship Service:

  • 2 times for worship at Vertical Church – 9am and 11am
  • 2 identical services, music and ministries

One of the reasons I'm excited is this gives people options -

  • options to attend an earlier service because of a prior engagement, 
  • options to serve 1 service and sit 1 service with your family.
  • options to attend church before you have to go to work
  • options to play golf (we know it happens)

Most importantly, this service gives us another opportunity to reach people through our services and gives YOU another opportunity to serve.

Options are always a good thing.

Sunday Nite (October 16)

So tired. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my eyes are burning and all that I want is to go to sleep. I'm not sick – I just had an incredible day and feel like I gave everything that I had. To feel this way is totally worth it to have the opportunity to be part of Vertical Church. I am so thankful that Jesus called me to this and has given me this experience.

Here are the things on my heart this evening:

  • Today was the final day of our "Real Holiness" series. We have determined that holiness ISN'T any of the following things: morality, a certain style of dress or music, attending church, giving in the offering, wearing your hair a certain way, not having tattoos, etc. None of these things can make us holy.
  • My goal for this morning was to connect the dots and answer the question, knowing that holiness ISN'T me trying real hard to be good, "what DOES God expect from you?"
  • Once again told the many people attending VC who haven't yet given their hearts to Jesus that today's message isn't for them. I'm NOT calling people who haven't received Jesus to learn to live a better life that looks more "christian". One of the biggest problems in the church is that people think they can fake it til they make it!!!! We don't want people to fake anything – we want them to come to the place that they desire God's power to change. We are praying that the Spirit draw them and that they might desire to be transformed by Him.
  • The question isn't "how good can I be? – the question is "how empty can I be?" 
  • At the end of my message I asked everyone who is serious about living a holy life, one that is given to God to give us their mobile number so we could encourage them with a daily text. Listen friends, we are here for you!! We are going to do this together. If you are interested in concentrating on your desire to allow Jesus to change your heart you can still sign up to receive our daily text message:
  • I poured my heart out to our church today… left every bit of it on that stage. I pray that I adequately made clear all that God expects and how every bit of it is counting on Him.
  • Not only was today the last day of "Real Holiness", it was also the last day that Vertical will only have 1 service. BEGINNING NEXT WEEKEND WE WILL HAVE 2 IDENTICAL WORSHIP SERVICES – 9 am and 11 am. 
  • Which service will you be attending?
  • Next Sunday we kick off a new series titled, "The Office". Honestly… this is a CAN'T MISS Sunday as we will be doing something crazy – something beyond anything we've ever done at VC.
  • Music today was pretty incredible. As Jon was on a much deserved break Rhonda led worship and with the anointing she always carries absolutely BROUGHT IT!!! The thing that would surprise most of you is that she was having serious vocal issues, to the point of drinking lemon juice backstage between services and songs (it works – for some reason the LJ helps you to keep your voice). I didn't know this until right before the 10:30 service and was shocked because of the notes she was hitting at the 9am. By the way she was still hitting them at the 10:30.
  • Rhonda, Justin, Robby, Christoph and Andrew brought a powerful set this morning starting with a new song, "Your's is the Victory" (Newspring), "A Mighty Fortress" (North Point), and "Your Love Never Fails" (Jesus Culture).
  • The conversations happening after the service said it all – people, broken and desiring to bring God glory with their lives. I'm believing that this is a week that God will begin a major transformation in our church… 
  • Never forget that before what happened in the bible can happen in our region it must first happen in our own hearts. 

There are some exciting things that we will be unveiling this week at Vertical Church – exciting week – you WILL BE hearing about all that is coming up at Vertical. Honestly, I love you guys… thanks for taking the journey – we're just getting started.



Vertical in Pics (a few weeks worth)


This last set of pics are from our student ministry, FUZE, which meets at Mr.P's Skateworld on Wednesday nites at 5:45pm. We're seeing some great things happen among our young people. I am very thankful for the large team that makes that happen!!