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Archive for February, 2012

Sunday Nite (February 12)

It was definitely a cold morning – one of those morning’s that makes the Pastor of a portable church thankful for the bunches of people who love Jesus so much that they put on an extra layer of clothing and come on out to make sure everything is “just right” for all those who will attend! That being said, if you let the cold weather keep you in this morning YOU ABSOLUTELY MISSED AN AMAZING INCREDIBLE SERVICE!!! Straight up, no hype here… I truly hate that you missed it because…

  • 1st of all, it was SUCH a beautiful morning!!! Everyone who fought off the temptation to stay in their warm bed was greeted by a beautiful, albeit cold, morning filled with more sunshine than you have seen in a while. For those of you who have been missing that daily fix of natural vitamin D, this morning you could get it.
  • This morning’s service was HOT, beginning to end!
  • Even though there were some who didn’t fight off the urge, we had INCREDIBLE numbers!!! So thankful for the momentum that our church is experiencing right now!
  • Worship was off the chain! Jon, Bree, Justin, Robby, Shay and Christoff just brought an incredible, spirit led worship set that so beautifully tied into my message today. “The Difference” (Hillsong) going into the chorus of “The Highest” (Elevation) was just so good! They pulled out “Fire Fall Down” and I was so glad. I had not seen today’s set prior to this morning so I loved the surprise of what they were bringing. I believe anyone could have preached after that! They followed up my message with “Your Mercy Reigns” (Elevation) which is always amazing. Certainly one of my favorites. I was very proud of the way they served up worship to our King.
  • The new stage set was just amazing!!! Kelly Little and her team did such an awesome job on it! We might have the greatest design team in all of portable church! Regardless, they seriously BLOW ME AWAY! So thankful to be part of a church that gives artist an opportunity to use that gift for His glory.
  • We began our new series, “Overcome” this morning. I was looking so forward to today because I knew that this message was so timely to where we are as a church. We have so many young believers who needed this message. We also had many followers who have been with the Lord as well who needed to receive this world (ESPECIALLY YOUR PASTOR). I don’t think that I ever preach anything that I am not dealing with myself. I think of it as preaching the word of God from my weakness. Thank You, Jesus, that when I am weak YOU are strong.
  • Have you ever thought, “I REALLY thought my struggle with sin would get better after I got saved!”???  Yeah, me too. Amazing how difficult it can be at times. I told them for me it can be thoughts, desires, self-control, my attitude, pride, anger, jealousy, being argumentative. That’s some of my list.  Today we began tackling how to overcome habitual sin in our own lives. (you can hear the podcast HERE).
  • I hope that (1 Corinthians 10:13 ESV) helped many out this morning – many of us need to receive this truth:[13] No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.
  • “Stop It! Make it Public. You’re New. Let your new life lead.” Live these out this week.
  • I honestly believe that lives will be changed over the next 3 weeks. Our next series is gonna be intense as well – can’t wait!
  • With so many great things we experienced today I am just reminded tonight that there are so many people struggling… people I love. Some of them are members of our church, some are friends from our past and it just breaks my heart. I hate sin, I hate death, I hate unforgiveness. So many people that I am praying break through in their lives. I hope that you will pray with me in this.
  • Vertical Bladen Location interest meeting next Sunday night, 5:30 at the Woodmen of the World building in Bladenboro. Anyone interested in learning about our plan to be part of Bladen county should join us. Very excited about that.

I love Jesus. I love my church and I love you all. Let’s have an incredible week as we learn to “Overcome”!

You can “Overcome”

There is a war inside of me. It’s a battle between who i am and who i want to be. The longer i struggle the harder it is to see, the man that i am and the man i am supposed to be.

Have you ever thought, “I thought things would get easier after I got saved”?

One of the hardest things in the world for the Jesus follower is living out a life that they could describe as spiritually victorious. Most people (if they are honest) would admit that they struggle with some sort of sin, no matter how small they may think it is and truly overcoming that sin seems next to impossible. Thoughts, words, actions, integrity issues, infidelity, public sin, private sin. As the struggle goes on and on many feel powerless against it.

Did you know that God’s desire for you and I is that we overcome those things? Do you really believe it’s possible?

This weekend I will begin a new series titled, “Overcome” and I really believe it will be a great step in helping so many of us. I feel like this series will be so practical in helping you to not only learn what being a true overcomer looks like, but also how YOU can be a victorious overcomer.

I believe with everything within me that this will help you a lot.

Would You Say that You Overcome?

There is a war inside of me – it’s a battle between who I am and who I want to be. The longer I struggle the harder it is to see, the man that I am and the man I am supposed to be.
Would you describe yourself as a person who is living out a God-pleasing life?
One of the hardest things in the world for a follower of Jesus is living out a life which can be described as victorious in spiritual things. Most people (if they are honest) would say they struggle with sin of some sort. Overcoming that sin seems next to impossible. As we go the struggles that life throws at us make people feel powerless in that pursuit.
Did you know that God’s desire for you and I is that we overcome?
This weekend I will begin a new series titled, “Overcome”. I feel this series will be so practical in helping you to not only learn what being an overcomer looks like, but how YOU can be a victorious overcomer. This is going to help you a lot.

Our New Web App is INCREDIBLE!!

Did you get the Vertical Church app yet?!? I know that I am biased but I think it’s an amazing tool that puts Vertical Church always at your finger tips. As an avid  Android user (Droid 3) I use my phone for everything including much that has to do with Jesus. One of the 1st things I do after dropping Madison off at school in the morning is open my YouVersion app to listen to that day’s scripture reading in my daily plan. I listen to music on my phone and especially preaching.

The great thing about the app is I don’t have to pull over our Vertical content anymore – now it’s one touch and Vertical is on my home screen. You will be able to hear our messages, see baptism testimony vids, series vids and read this blog as well as other Vertical staff. I hope we will be hearing some Vertical Worship on there soon. I am even thinking about using it for some short teaching opportunities in the future. I can guarantee some great things coming on the app in the coming months.

You’re welcome. Download it on your device here

Vertical Bladen Location Announcement Video

This past Sunday we announced to our church that in August we will be started our 2nd Vertical Church location in Bladen County. Here is the video and how you can find out more about it: