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Archive for July, 2012

Lives Are Being Changed… Is Yours?

One of my favorite things about Vertical Church is the way that we do baptisms. The stories – they are so real and raw… real people having a real experience with a real God Who is changing their lives. Your next opportunity to be baptized is Sunday, July 29th.

So my question to you is have you been baptized SINCE you believed? Baptism is the 1st step as a new believer! It’s a person saying to the world, “Yes!! I Believe that Jesus Christ has saved me and is changing my heart and life!” If you’ve not been baptized SINCE you believed and would like to be scheduled for baptism or would like more information let us know HERE

Here’s an example of a person who had been saved but never followed through with believers baptism, my friend, Mike Burney:

Sunday Nite (July 15)

Vertical Lobby

I’m back!!! Well kinda…

After a week of vacation in Pigeon Forge we were excited to be back at Vertical. I wasn’t preaching today (I won’t be for a few weeks as I spend some time preparing for our fall ministry) but just attending. It was so great to be back with our Vertical family. Here’s what I experienced this morning at Vertical Church:

  •  Today was week one of our new series, “Heart Attack”. Here’s the deal: your heart is constantly under attack. The condition of our spiritual hearts are always being tested. In this series we are going to help all of us to uncover the different conditions that hinder our heart. Today’s subject: Anger.
  • Our Student Pastor Brandon Meadows (FUZE) did an awesome job bringing the word this morning. It seems that Brandon touched a nerve in a lot of people this morning. So many people have unresolved anger issues. If you don’t think you do and have never personally dealt with your anger I have to wonder if you are actually looking deep enough. We are all SO good at burying our pain.
  • For those of you who were caught off guard with how good of a job Brandon did – you should know that he is no novice. Brandon preaches all the time to our teenagers which is why you should do whatever possible to GET YOUNG PEOPLE TO FUZE ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS. Brandon and his team will give these young people what they need to hear in a way they need to hear it. It’s not student ministry as usual at Vertical Church FUZE.
  • We are SO blessed with talented speakers/preachers at Vertical Church.
  • Do not miss one week of this series. Next week’s subject: Guilt. Anybody ever deal with some guilt from your past?
  • I had some incredible conversations this morning. I love the opportunity to hear what God is doing in people’s lives, pray for their needs and just be with them. God has blessed me so much! I praise Jesus for this!
  • The band was incredible today (as usual). We had a triple Iron Maiden electric guitar attack this morning with Joey Hinson and Robby Gaddy on electrics and John Astle on acoustic. Andrew was kickin’ on drums, Christoph SOLID on bass. Our worship arts Pastor Jon Lloyd and Glenda Cable rounded out worship on vocals today.
  • Great music today: You Deserve (Hillsong), Jon’s original song, “Because He Lives”. We rounded out the service with “Jesus Paid it All” (Kristian Stanfill).
  • I can’t wait to share with you the things we have coming up for you beginning in August and after school returns. It’s going to be an outstandingly VERTICAL fall. Get ready!!!

See you online this week. I love you all.

Sunday Nite (July 8)

Hey everyone! Jon Lloyd here, in for Mike P. while he’s on vacation. I want to give you all a recap of what we experienced today at Vertical Church. What a great morning!! Coming off the holiday week with many people out of town, we still had a very well-attended morning of services – even with having a 107 degree heat index today!

Let’s get right to it:

  • This morning we wrapped up our series “The End is Near.” This has been an awesome series for our church as we’ve spent three weeks talking about “the end:” what it means, what the Bible says about it, and how we can prepare for it.
  • Our new Connections Pastor, Danny McLamb, brought the message this morning, entitled “The Most Unexpected and Shocking Event.” Danny brought a very practical message based completely on what Jesus and Paul said about the end. It was the perfect message to close out our series, as Danny emphasized that, yes, Jesus IS coming again!
  • Can anyone say “rapture video?” (hehehe) If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. Let’s just say that I nearly jumped a foot out of my seat.
  • This morning’s message is available right now on our website, iTunes, and The Vertical App!
  • The return of Jesus is CERTAIN!
  • Jesus’ return will signal the beginning AND the end.
  • He’s baaaaaacckkkkk!!! (anyone?)
  • We closed out each service with the Lord’s Supper. This is always a special time for our church, and this morning was no different.
  • Before the 9am service, just before our prayer time, our guitarist Robby came up to me and told me that a long-time friend he’d been praying for for EIGHT YEARS was in the house this morning – and guess what? During our 9am service, this man gave his life to Jesus! Somebody say AMEN! Don’t tell me prayer doesn’t work. Who are you praying salvation for right now??
  • I was at the NEXT table and this same guy came up and said he wanted to be baptized. THAT, friends, is why we do this. WOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Ric Flair style)
  • Vertical Worship was rockin’ and rollin’ this morning! We did Hillsong’s “Go” for the first time this morning – high energy and loud voices! Then we went into Elevation Worship’s “Kingdom Come.” After Danny’s message, we came up for “Arms Open Wide” by Hillsong. We did this song a bit differently today than normal, in a much more low-key contemplative style. After everyone had taken communion and had a chance to just sit in the presence of the Lord, we stood the congregation and closed out the service with every voice united singing “My whole life is yours, I give it all, surrendered to your Name, and forever I will pray, have your way, have your way!” Definitely a Spirit-filled moment at both services.
  • Our band consisted of myself, Alison, John A., Robby, Chris, and Brad. I am always amazed at the caliber of musicians I get to lead with, that God has brought together for such a time as this.
  • Our VTeams knocked it out once again this morning! From VKidz to the Cafe to the parking lot to the setup crew – these dedicated servants come early and stay late every week, even when it’s 107 degrees, and they are nothing short of excellent. I’m so blessed to be a part of a church with volunteers that model servants’ hearts.

As you can see, it was an awesome morning at Vertical. Next week we start a new series called “Heart Attack.” I’m sure Mike will have more to post about that this week.

What a great series this has been. Jesus is coming again – are you ready??

Join us Tonite for the Fireworks Show!

Every July 3rd the City of Lumberton hosts a killer Independence Day fireworks show. The residents of Lumberton line the streets of Fayetteville Road from Blockbuster Video all the way to CiCi’s Pizza! This is where YOU come in:

Join us at 6:30pm in the Kimbrell’s Parking lot and help us give away some “COOL” Vertical stuff to people who are sitting and waiting in the heat for the show to begin. If you have a cooler,can fill it with ice and have something to pull it with LET ME KNOW. (If you have a cooler with wheels that’s even better). We will fill it with popsicles and hit the road.

Make sure to bring your chair to set up in the parking lot because after we finish sharing with others we will watch the show together from the best seat in Lumberton! See you at 6:30 or as soon as you can get there!!


Sunday Nite (on a Monday Morning)


Me: It was a “HOT!” day.
Congregation: How hot was it?!?
Me: It was so hot even Jesus would have purchased a Vertical #theendisnear Church fan (John 2:13-16) >>>


I’ll be honest: with it being a holiday weekend I pretty much figured that this weekend would be a down weekend – I was wrong! As Independence Sunday fell upon us at Vertical Church we came in an attitude of giving everything we had on what is traditionally an off week. I am so glad that we did – here’s what happened yesterday at VC:

  • Week 2 of “The End is Near” was a message titled, “An Knock at Your Door” based on the messages to the 7 churches found in Revelation 2-3. During the message we realized that however it is that God chooses to bring this world to an end, Will Smith will probably be there with guns on his back, some big shades and a very cool car! (grin)
  • These 7 letters to 7 real churches in that day are a warning… an announcement – a message of “I’m coming”, to a people who weren’t totally ready for “THE END”.  Most people in our world today are in the very same place: spiritual complacency and a lack of knowledge.
  • Throughout the message, as we read Jesus positive words to the church we all asked ourselves, “COULD Jesus say this about me?” As Jesus said the negative things to these same churches we challenged ourselves by asking, “WOULD Jesus say this about me?” I felt that it was a very introspective morning.
  • Oh… the fan jokes from the beginning of this post?!? The air conditioner was barely working in our worship center. I literally sweat through my shirt – no kidding! I thought to myself, “if there is anyone in here who is grossed out by sweaty people this morning I guess I lost them!” I told them that had I known it would feel like this I would have preached about hell (grin).
  • Shout out to all of our team who gave it all yesterday during set up, services and tear down in the sweltering heat! They #lovejesusandpeople  Greatest church planting team in America!
  • I will post the questions we dealt with later today so you can make this a part of your daily introspection this week. Don’t brush over this stuff – it can literally change your spiritual life!
  • To the person who listens to us preach and sits through the time at the end of the service where we call you to a next step with Jesus who says, “I’m good” and never does anything: you AREN’T good. I hope that you will listen to this message.
  •  We had incredible crowds this weekend for a holiday weekend! Our attendance has increased this summer instead of hitting the summer slump. Maybe it comes this weekend – regardless, we are SO THANKFUL for God’s provision for Vertical Church. We are so thankful for all of you who faithfully attend.
  • Thank you to all of you who share your stories and testimonies with us about the way that God is working in your life!!! We live for this stuff so keep your stories coming.
  • So many prayers yesterday morning. So thankful for a church that believes that we are to #praynowspeaklife
  • Worship yesterday was incredible. They opened the service with Jesus Culture’s “Your Love Never Fails” (LOVE). Later, Bree brought Christy Nockels “Waiting Here for You” before my message lifting high that chorus, “waiting here for you – with our hands lifted high in praise and it’s You we adore signing Alleluia!” Great song.
  • We closed the service coming out of a powerful invitation time going straight into (and appropriately after talking about “the end”) “Revelation Song”. POWERFUL.
  • Vertical Worship yesterday consisted of Rhonda, Bree, Jon, Justin, Christoph, Robby and Brad. Always awesome to have Brad Davis with us on drums. Dude is SO good!! I love it when my old friends are at Vertical Church.
  • Speaking of old friends… my former partner in ministry, Todd Moody, was in the house yesterday. He and Susie brought friends with them all the way from Myrtle Beach!! I loved looking out in our crowd and seeing my friend out there.
  • After service (and a shower) Keyna and I headed to Chapel Hill to see Jason, Laci, Alex and other family members. Thank you so much for supporting them the way that you all have with prayers and gifts. It’s so hard to live out of a hospital when you have a child up there for an extended period. They are so thankful for their Vertical family.
  • As we were at Chapel Hill yesterday (July 1) I stood in front of the ICU room that my daughter, Madison, was in exactly one year ago. We have come so far in a year and are so thankful for Jesus for all that He has done in our lives! Madison is doing great. We still thank you all for your prayers for us during that time. Here is the video of our journey.
  • We have another Vertical attending family up there: Lucas Larson is there with some pretty serious abdominal issues. Please pray for him. And if you know his parents, Brenda and Mark Hunt, make sure you reach out to them as well.

DON’T FORGET: tomorrow night we will meet at Kimbrell’s Furniture on Fayetteville road at 7pm to give out popsicles and balloons to fireworks watchers! EVERYONE is invited to participate. When we finish we will hang together and watch the fireworks ourselves. Let’s make this a Vertical family outing. If you have a rolling cooler, bring it with you and any food that you would like to share with others! We love you all!