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Archive for September, 2012

Incredible Ending to a Life-Defining Series

“UNLOAD” has been an incredible series. These last three weeks have been unbelievable – so many people making decisions, praying deep prayers and making big steps. And although so many have been moved there are so many more who need a touch of the supernatural in their life.

You would be surprised how many people are carrying things inside that they aren’t made to carry. So many people struggle and we would never know.

The core verse of our “UNLOAD” series has been Matthew 11:28-30:

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 ESV)

That’s great. So why is it so hard to do that? I believe much of it is a trust issue – we don’t really trust Jesus to handle our most important situations. It’s hard to unload on someone you can’t see and deep down (cringeyou don’t want me to say this...) don’t really trust. This weekend I am going to help you take your trust of God from something you know to something you experience and believe with all of your heart and soul.

I truly believe that this Sunday will be an incredible ending to what will be a life-defining series for many. If you have friends who struggle with emotional issues, doubt, insecurity, or with the love of God PLEASE believe me – this is the day to get them to Vertical Church. PLUS… it’s baptism day which you know is always special.

What are you Crying About?

Your tears are but a part of your journey to the other side of your problem. IF you count on God.

You may find yourself destroyed – where do you turn? Betrayed – who’s shoulder do you cry on? You cannot go on – where will you lean?

If you’re a follower of Jesus I hope that you are going to Him more and more. I told you 3 weeks ago: we want you to see Jesus as your go-to instead of being your fall-back.

Are you there yet?

David wrote this psalm as a song describing how God had brought him through his life – a life which was threatened by people wanting to kill him, running for safety, hiding in caves and mountains. David knew trouble. You do too. I want you to know that God’s love never fails you. Believe even when you can’t see it. Read the words from Psalm 30 found in The Message.

I give you all the credit, God—
you got me out of that mess,
you didn’t let my foes gloat.

2-3 God, my God, I yelled for help
and you put me together.
God, you pulled me out of the grave,
gave me another chance at life
when I was down-and-out.

4-5 All you saints! Sing your hearts out to God!
Thank him to his face!
He gets angry once in a while, but across
a lifetime there is only love.
The nights of crying your eyes out
give way to days of laughter.

6-7 When things were going great
I crowed, “I’ve got it made.
I’m God’s favorite.
He made me king of the mountain.”
Then you looked the other way
and I fell to pieces.

8-10 I called out to you, God;
I laid my case before you:
“Can you sell me for a profit when I’m dead?
auction me off at a cemetery yard sale?
When I’m ‘dust to dust’ my songs
and stories of you won’t sell.
So listen! and be kind!
Help me out of this!”

11-12 You did it: you changed wild lament
into whirling dance;
You ripped off my black mourning band
and decked me with wildflowers.
I’m about to burst with song;
I can’t keep quiet about you.
God, my God,
I can’t thank you enough.

Praying that it won’t be long until you feel like this and can sing your own song of deliverance. Keep praying, keep believing and keep waiting on Him – He’s coming!

Sunday Nite (on a Monday Afternoon)

What’s up all my Vertical friends?!?!

We had an incredibly awesome day yesterday at Vertical Church. Sorry for the slow posting – been incredibly wide open today. But here we go… if you weren’t with us yesterday here’s what jumps out to me:

  • Week 3 of “UNLOAD” focused on Unloading Depression. Our Executive Pastor Donnie Paschall shared that incredible message based on the Matthew 14 passage where Jesus walks on water.
  • He opened the message with the picture on the right. I believe the person who drove the car goes to Vertical and was too ashamed to admit it when Donnie called them out! (grin) This car is an illustration of carrying something it isn’t meant to carry. It’s not a truck, it’s a Jetta!! You’re not a truck… you’re not a Jetta and you are certainly not GOD – why are you carrying stuff that ONLY HE can carry?
  • Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”(Matthew 11:28-30 ESV)
  • He hit on 3 types of depression: Functionally depressed (you’re active and your depression doesn’t cripple you YET you have NO joy, NO peace, you are miserable, fearful and overwhelmed.) Hypocritically depressed (you’re ‘good’ on the outside but on the inside you are a WRECK) Genuinely depressed (classic depression that you would see a doctor for).
  • I think most people in there could relate to one of the 3.
  • When we doubt God’s ability and presence we short circuit the supernatural in our lives.
  • When we doubt the supernatural we drown in our doubt.
  • What if we took the perseverance we put into pursuing our struggles and pursued our Savior with the same perseverance? Life would change.
  • I hope you will download the message if you missed it. Just outstanding.
  • I am So thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to experience what we are experiencing at Vertical Church. It is just incredible. WOW!
  • All areas were just jamming yesterday. One of our biggest days in vKidz. HUGE shoutout to all of our vKidz teams for a job well done yesterday.
  • Vertical Worship was great. Jon was out yesterday and the team brought it well. Exalted One (Elevation Church), God is Able (Hillsong), Forever Reign (Hillsong) . Band yesterday was Justin (Worship Leader), Glenda Cable (Vocals), Robby (Guitar), Christoph (bass), John Astle (Acoustic) and Mike Scott on drums.
  • Yesterday was a big day for Vertical Audio and production as we made the huge leap into the digital world yesterday. Best part: no one would have known any different – that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Great job Mitchell, Scott and team!!! Proud of you guys.
  • Last night was our September VERGE and we had an outstanding group in the house. It is always such a joy to tell our story, teach through our beliefs, values and partnership covenant. The best part is always sharing the Gospel and experiencing in such a small group JESUS dealing with people’s hearts.
  • I don’t think you can see everyone in the pic… Candy Sue’s is the bomb place for us to do those sort of events. So thankful for them and the FOOD WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!
  • We had a great group join Vertical Church last night… so thankful that people who join our church don’t become members with privileges but partners with responsibilities. That’s one way that God’s church and people stay vibrant and contagious.
  • I have great expectations for this group.

Already can’t wait for next Sunday. I’m telling you UNLOAD will end with a splash!!! I hope you will join me in praying that God would move in a mighty way this coming weekend. We love you all – let’s have a Vertical ^ week.

You Can Join Vertical this Weekend

People often ask, “how does a person join Vertical Church?” If you’ve attended you know that there is no time during our service where we allow people to join. We believe joining a church is more than saying “I want to join” – we believe you should know exactly what it means to join Vertical Church.  With this thought in mind there are 2 things that you should know about joining VC:

  1. People who join Vertical are not members, they are partners. The way we see it, “members” have rights but partners have a responsibility to the organization. We’re not looking for members who will fill the seats on Sunday mornings – we’re looking for partners who believe in our mission and vision and are ready to join the team to help people who don’t like church meet God.
  2. There is only one way that a person can become a Vertical partner. That process is called:

Verge (vʉrj) noun

  1. the edge, brink, or margin (of something): also used figuratively: the verge of the forest, on the verge of hysteria

Some of you are on the VERGE of a decision that will change your life forever! This meeting is a time for us to share who we are and what we’re about and what partnership at Vertical looks like. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with our staff as well as ask any questions you may have about Vertical Church.

Our next VERGE is this Sunday night, September 23rd from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at Candy Sues Downtown – Dinner will be provided. I’m always looking forward to sharing a meal with new friends.

PLEASE NOTE: No children 5th grade and under will be able to attend. 

Sign up here. (and don’t forget, we will not have childcare – this is an adult only event.)

“So, How Did You Get Clean?!?”

I want to clarify something about Sunday’s message (“All that Masters Me” ). The story I told at the end, about the day that Jesus took my addictions from me -

Jesus freed me of more than cigarrettes.

My ‘I’m done’ moment was on a football field like this in Tennessee

On June 6, 1997, Jesus made me free from everything that I was struggling with at the time. I had been a Christian for about 6 weeks at the time but I was half-way in. I was still dabbling with drinking, smoking and more. Worse yet, if I wasn’t lying about it I made excuses about it. I remember one evening coming home with alcohol on my breath and Keyna saying, “Mike, you’ve been drinking?” to which I replied, “the bible doesn’t say it’s a sin to drink – it’s a sin to get drunk.” Problem is, the amount I drank WAS a sin.

But on June 6, that all changed. I came home a different man. I was clean. I felt fresh, washed. I was walking in a forgiveness that only Jesus could give to me. They didn’t do anything special at the conference, heck, they weren’t even talking about addiction when I gave it all to Him.

“So, how DID you get clean?” I prayed and sincerely asked God to take my addictions from me. I was serious and recognized that I could not do this on my own. I knew that I needed to change, not because of what a preacher was telling me, but what the Spirit of Jesus Who lived inside of me was telling me. That night was magical – it was real and I am free to this day.

I knew that I needed to change, not because of what a preacher was telling me, but what the Spirit of Jesus Who lived inside of me was telling me.

I wish I could give you the secret to walking in that freedom. I can’t explain it. I have told hundreds of people my story and most look at me with blank stares because they aren’t ready to give their issue to Jesus. They are like, “yeah, so you prayed but what else did you do?” Nothing. I kept my promise to follow Jesus and He kept me free from the addiction. It’s not “pray and then…”; it’s repent, surrender, give it away and then walk in it. It’s like I said Sunday, you need to have a “come to Jesus meeting” with you.

Most people are looking to everything EXCEPT Jesus to deal with their issues.

It was obvious that the message moved a lot of people. Person after person sharing with us that they were “done” – giving us packs of cigarettes, admitting to issues with porn, promising to dispose of their legal (and illegal) possessions when they got home. That’s a great first step and I hope they did. Matter of fact, I’m praying for all of them right now!!! It was awesome and seemed like a great move but If they aren’t truly ready to surrender they’ll just buy more (and hate that they threw away their stash!). But I’m telling you, If they were serious and surrender it all with a broken spirit JESUS CHRIST WILL SET THEM FREE. He will and wants to fix you, put you back together and make you whole again.

It’s not about a step or a certain program or action – It’s about the condition of your heart, your sincerity and surrender. Time for you to UNLOAD on Jesus.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 ESV)