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Archive for October, 2012

Conform, Perform and Measure.

God doesn’t choose me because I am getting better – God helps those He chooses to GET better. I need to stop trying to “get better” and UNLOAD whatever it is I’m carrying on Him. What you need to stop to live God’s life may not be what you think. Most of you think you need to clean it up  for God to receive you… not true – a clean mouth and clean life does not get you to God’s life. If you think all sin must stop before God will accept you… DAAAANG… I have news for you – you ain’t getting in. If you have to become perfect in your own self to be acceptable – impossible.

That being said, there ARE some things you need to STOP if you’re gonna UNLOAD on Jesus… The 1st is:

  1. Stop Conforming. There are people who are conforming to be like a Christian. There is no such thing. You can dress like one, read the bible like one, pray like one, go to church like one but you have never surrendered like one. You can listen to christian music, have christian friends but if… I know all about conforming. When I was in middle school IZOD was the thing… you wore the gator, I wore the fox. Members Only? Mine was called John Weiss. Who the crap was he? My friends wore Polo. I tried to fit in until the day someone said, “dude, is your polo guy riding a camel?” That’s how I became a metal head. I quit trying. Metalheads don’t care – everyone else are a bunch of posers (grin).  Stop conforming to what you think christianity is… UNLOAD that need to be like others on Him. Conformation without transformation is imitation. It’s not real… You will not be transformed spiritually as long as you are conforming. Stop.
  2. Stop Performing. This is one that I deal with. Growing up I felt like I just couldn’t please my dad… Some of it him, some of it me – but it’s truth, I always felt like I’m just not good enough. Always feel like you have to be the best – always trying to measure up. Some of you have slipped into becoming a performer. Some of you don’t think you’re good enough and in manifest itself in proving yourself.  You find your acceptance in excelling. You name it: Grades. Sports. Work. Marriage. Deep down inside you feel the better you perform the more “they” will like you. There are times that I feel like I hear that condemning voice, “You’re a failure.  You’re not good enough.” That is not the voice of the Lord.  Maybe this is a battle for you. There are some of you who have been performing for Jesus… you’re doing things trying earn His love, His acceptance… Earning God’s love through performance leaves you empty and tired… stop.
  3. Stop MEASURING. Some of us have an inferiority complex. I HAVE struggled with this in my past. If someone speaks well of another person but doesn’t compliment you do you feel like you’ve been slighted? Even just a little? Do you ever think, “Why didn’t they say something to me too? Do they think HE’s better than me? I work just as hard as they do!” Are these thoughts that run through your mind. Stop it – that’s not GOD! There are some of you who measure your sin against someone else’s sin and say, “well, i’m not as bad as them.” Stop it. If you wanna measure, measure your sin against Jesus. You need to Look at Him! Others of you are measuring your righteousness against other christians and think that you are better than them because you “do” more. Stop it. Stop measuring… Measuring our lives against others leaves us empty and on the emotional roller coaster.

We have to STOP conforming, performing and measuring. Friends,  let’s start trusting. God doesn’t choose me because I am good – God chooses me because HE is good.

Sunday Nite (September 30)

God has been SO GOOD to us at Vertical Church.

We had an incredible day today… words just fail me (first time, huh?). I will do my best to describe today…

  • Final week of our UNLOAD series. Today’s message was titled, “Trusting Ultimate Dad”.
  • I think our main problem is a “trust issue”. You would probably say, “i trust God”. I would ask, “do you?” If you trust Him Why won’t you give your junk to Him? I think what we find is the reason we struggle with trusting God is because we realize that we don’t deserve to be trusted. See, if I WAS GOD, I wouldn’t trust me, because I’m such a screw up.
  • Our text this morning was Galatians 4:1-7. We looked at the way God adopts us into His family.
  • Shared with our church today how I was adopted as a baby. Pretty huge twist about my adoption that caught a lot of people by surprise… you’ll have to check out the message to find out what I’m talking about.
  • God doesn’t choose me because I’m good, God chooses me because He’s good. He’s the ULTIMATE DAD.
  • We are in a great season. We’ve had so many 1st time guest lately we ran out of t-shirts. The company we deal with just couldn’t turn it out this week. It wasn’t lack of prep – we just bought them 3 weeks ago!!! Awesome.
  • It was baptism day and I LOVE baptism day. 15 people followed the Lord in obedience to being baptized this morning. I am so proud of all of you for following God and being obedient – I believe He will now bless.
  • So thankful for the team of people who make baptisms happen at Vertical. When we baptize it takes a lot out of us as a church. People have to show up around 11 pm on Saturday night and spend at least an hour and a half filling the pool and preparing it for Sunday morning. While most of YOU are sleeping.
  • It’s worth it.
  • Bree captured some outstanding pics here.
  • So many incredible stories from this morning. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to experience this!!!
  • Vertical Worship was banging! Alison Carrol leading us in worship this morning. “All the Praise” Hillsong and one of my old favorites, “From the Inside Out” – both just incredible. At the end of the service Jon brought a very “Vertical” rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You”.

I’m tired so I’m out. I love you all.