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Archive for November, 2012

Ever Wonder Why Others Aren’t as Loyal as You Are?

These “Forgotten Words” have been incredible. No doubt do every one of them have the ability to work together to change the world we live in. I am looking very forward to bringing the last FW to you this weekend. That word:


It seems that many people in our world have forgotten all about loyalty. For many in our “Me-driven” society, loyalty towards others has been replaced by a loyalty to ourselves. Maybe you would say, “I’m loyal to others, why do people not return my loyalty?”

This weekend we will dig into what loyalty looks like, what the bible says about it and why others are not as loyal to you as you feel you are to them. So it’s a date, right?!? See you Sunday morning for that!

Tonite, Friday night, November 30th, Join us for a chance to spread the word about Vertical Church! The City of Lumberton and the Carolina Civic Center Present The Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony & Movie In Historic Downtown will take place at 6:00pm. Musical entertainment provided by:

The City of Lumberton “D.A.R.E. Band” and The musical cast from “A Robeson County Christmas” preview.
The movie “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” will
begin at 7:30pm in the Carolina Civic Center.
FREE to the Public.
FREE Horse & Carriage Rides, Tractor Hay Rides, Hot Cocoa and Cookies.
Hot Dogs and Chick-fil-A meal items will be available for purchase.

And don’t forget, Sunday night is our Vertical Bladen Christmas at the former Traxx Restaurant in Downtown Bladenboro. Do you know people in or near Bladen County who don’t “do church” but need to connect to the Church? Bring them to this important gathering where we’ll share, THROUGH THE CHRISTMAS STORY, why Vertical Church is coming to Bladen County. The meeting will start at 5:30 but arrive early for the pre-meeting festivities and warm up your cold bones with some hot-Vertical-chocolate or coffee.

A Vertical Bladen Christmas is this Sunday Nite

I cannot believe that in 2 months we will begin our second Vertical location in Bladen County! There are thousands of people in this area who don’t attend church – we want to be a part of the plan of helping these people who God greatly loves meet Jesus. It’s coming!!! With this in mind this Sunday evening Vertical Church returns to Bladen County for


Join Vertical Church this Sunday at 5:30 pm for a very special evening as we celebrate the true reason for the season of Christmas.

WHEN: Sunday, December 2nd, 5:30 pm.
WHERE: At the former Traxx Restaurant, Downtown Bladenboro (go to downtown, you will see us).
WHAT: A very special evening of worship, focus and a timely Christmas message.

I cannot wait to hang out with our Bladen County friends. I am enjoying meeting new people and thinking about what God is going to do in their lives through VC Bladen. Help us out by making sure everyone knows!!! If you know someone who lives in or near Bladen County and doesn’t attend church do whatever it takes to get them there! They need to experience what is getting ready to happen weekly at VC Bladen.

See you Sunday evening. #cantwait

2 FREE Events that will Strengthen Your Ministry

I am SO thankful for the age that we live in. Technology is a wonderful thing. Years ago when I entered ministry it was hard (and expensive) to get the kind of knowledge and training that many get today for very little or free.

For those of you who serve in ministry I wanted to make you aware of a couple taking place next week that will strengthen your ministry:


I wanted to remind you all that our next Roundtable with David Putman will be next Tuesday, December 4th. All of the information for the day is HERE. We will be meeting at Vertical Headquarters (401 e. 11th street, Lumberton, NC 28358). For our gathering we will learn a new system for making a yearly ministry calendar! If you plan on making it PLEASE REGISTER here it should take less than a minute and helps us to plan for lunch.


After talking to hundreds of preachers, we’ve found most preachers love preaching, but the grind of preparation can often become a pain.  Here are three things we’ve seen.

1. Great preaching comes from a great preparation system.  Perry Noble doesn’t prepare in a vacuum.  He has a team at NewSpring Church that helps him prepare.  Perry will talk about how this works at the FREE online event on December 5th.

2. A Preparation day is better than feeling like you have to prepare all the time.  Andy Stanley sets aside every Wednesday to prepare messages, and his team helps him keep this time guarded.  While Andy is gifted, his commitment to preparation helps make his messages memorable.  Andy will talk about the structure of his preparation day on the Preach Better Sermons online event.

3. Developing a sermon planning system takes the pain out of preparation.  There are things you can do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis that will dramatically improve your preparation time and help you deliver better messages. Helping you put something like this into place will be a part of the free online event.

Make a commitment to be a better preacher.  Sign up for the free online conference.  Here are the details.

  • Date:  December 5, 2012
  • Time:  12pm – 3:30 EST
  • Speakers:  Andy Stanley, Perry Noble, Louie Giglio, Dr. Charles Stanley, Vanable Moody, Jeff Foxworthy.  The event is being hosted by Jeff Henderson.
  • Registration:  Free sign up at

Hope this is helpful to you.

Sunday Nite (November 18)

My favorite thing about Sunday’s at Vertical? Besides the obvious answer of worshiping Jesus with His people, my favorite thing about Sunday’s at Vertical would have to be the opportunity to live out one of our core values, v-Formation #6: Pray Now, Speak Life. Every week I come face-to-face with people who are hurting and just need someone to speak the life of God’s word over their lives. It is amazing the way that Jesus moves in those times.

We had an amazing Sunday… I am so “GRATEFUL” for the opportunity to be a part of what Jesus is doing in Southeastern North Carolina. WOW. Hope you were with us, but if you weren’t here’s what you missed:

  • Week 3 of “Forgotten Words” was the FW, Gratitude. The title of yesterday’s message was, “A Story for God’s Glory”.
  • Our scripture was Luke 17:11-19. In the passage Jesus comes upon a group of outcast lepers. These men, separated from their previous lives, their homes, families, everything cry out to Jesus to have mercy on (and heal) them. He does by telling them to go show themselves to the priest before they were healed and as they went their healing took place. Out of the ten, ONE of them, recognizing that Jesus had healed him went back. When he did, Jesus then proceeded to save him from his sins as well.
  • Gratitude is not complete until gratitude is given. 10 guys. I’m sure every one of them were thankful for their healing, but only 1 was so filled with gratitude that he stopped what he wanted to do (go home) to do what he HAD to do. GRATITUDE says, “I cannot wait to get back to them… but there is ONE THING that I MUST do first!”
  • I shared how much I have taken for granted, especially in the area of showing gratitude towards those who have blessed me. Gratitude is not complete until gratitude is given. I plan to be a person who is not just thankful but will show gratitude towards those I’m thankful for.
  • This scripture shows me that just being thankful stops short of God’s blessing. The 9 were healed. AWESOME! But as great as that is, what they received was temporary. The 1: in his desire to express thanks and glory to God for his healing received what Jesus wanted to give to each and every one of them – HIS SALVATION. That is NOT temporary. Don’t settle for temporary.
  • Showing gratitude may unleash the supernatural on a situation – it completes the work that God desires to do. It allows us to be the hands, feet and mouthpiece of Jesus.
  • Gave a shout out to my man, Hector Mirayin yesterday’s message. Thanks for your help – that story made my point wonderfully.
  • Such a great morning of people serving Jesus in powerful ways throughout our facilities. From Waumba Land (pre-school) to Upstreet (elementary), in the parking lots, lobbies, auditorium and prayer room I saw people working, training, praying, loving and serving Jesus in people in outstanding ways. SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO MAKES VERTICAL “VERTICAL” ON A WEEKLY BASIS! And welcome to our new team members.
  • Vertical Worship was off-the-chain yesterday… So good! I am so thankful for musicians and singers who love Jesus greatly. It is so evident in what they do. I love the way that they lead that theater into praise to the King of all kings, Jesus. They opened yesterday’s music with “Exalted One” going right into “I Give my life to You”. Hearing our congregation sing out, “I give my life to you, my heart to You, You’re all I need – come and make me new” in unison is just amazing. They finished it up with a song that defined a period of our life as a baby church, “Give me Faith”.
  • SHOUT OUT to new vWorship drummer Ethan who did an incredible job yesterday.

So it’s Thanksgiving week. Our take away yesterday (SO WHAT?!?) was: I want you to think back to a time when someone blessed you and ask yourself if you showed gratitude towards that person for their kindness. No matter how big or small, if it comes up as you pray about it, I want you to show gratitude towards that person. A handwritten card, a phone call, a prayer over them in person… Gratitude is not complete until gratitude is given. Let’s be doers, because hearing without doing is useless.

Last Night in Bladen County

Joey Autry (Vertical Bladen Location Pastor) dropping vision like it’s HOT!

Last night at the Bridger Corporation Building in downtown Bladenboro, Vertical Bladen met for a follow-up to our November 4 ROADTRIP at Bladen Community College. I am so excited about what we experienced there last night. There was a buzz… a true excitement in the room as we realized that in 80 days Vertical Church will meet weekly in Bladen County!

Over the last 20 months hundreds of people have visited Vertical Church from Bladen County and loved it but just couldn’t make the weekly drive to Lumberton for church. We always felt God was drawing us back to Bladen – we felt that from the moment Joey joined our team back in 2010. Bladen County has some fantastic churches that are doing fantastic ministry and we cannot wait to team with them in making the Gospel known to the thousands who don’t go to church anywhere.

So very soon on Sunday’s we will do in Bladen County what we have done for the last 20 months in Lumberton – Vertical Church is coming to Bladen County.

The next Vertical Bladen meeting will be:

Join us for an evening of Christmas worship and celebration
Sunday, December 2nd at 5:30 pm at the Bridger Corporation Building (Old Traxx Restaurant) – 100 Railroad/Main Street, Bladenboro