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Archive for March, 2013


It’s good Friday – the day that we remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I hope that you will all take the time to remember and read the account of the events that took place that day:


We are going to have an unbelievable resurrection celebration Sunday morning. That being said:

STOP!!! That excuse for why you can’t invite them, that’s not the Lord. The devil will never encourage you to invite people to church (grin). Most people are just waiting for someone to invite them. What better place for someone who hasn’t been to church in a long time to RE-EXPERIENCE Church on Easter than Vertical Church?

Will You SHARE Why You Love Your Church?

“I love my church – so will you.”

That’s the message that we are sharing with our region. Easter is less than 2 weeks away and we believe this is going to be a life-changing day at our church. You have friends you have invited or WANT TO invite… this is your chance to share with them, and us, WHY you love your church by making your own “i love my church” video.

Here are the instructions:

  • Make it anywhere – at your favorite restaurant, at work, in your car (not while you’re driving), at home, at WalMart (don’t know why you would, but you could).
  • Use anything – you can record it on your phone or your webcam. Doesn’t matter, we can use it.
  • Share how Vertical has helped you to grow closer to Jesus.
  • Keep it short – 60 seconds or less. This isn’t your FULL TESTIMONY, just a testimony about what it is that you love about Vertical! Anybody can do that!!!

We want people to see and hear, from your mouths, WHY YOU LOVE VERTICAL CHURCH.

Make your video and either email to me ( or tag me on Facebook.

Here’s a video with some examples:

ilovemychurch from Vertical Church on Vimeo.



Help us make Easter special!!!

Sunday Nite (on a Monday Morning)

That sound. Dang.

Yesterday at Vertical we dug into a subject that most wish that they could leave buried. One of the post-service text messages I received described like yesterday as picking an old scab that didn’t heal correctly.

Thinking back on all I experienced it’s almost like yesterday wasn’t great – IT WAS! Great worship, great crowds, great reaction, great music. But it was also really heavy. And that’s what the “BIG C” does – the little c’s do business with the Father, and sometimes that business is hard but it’s all for the purpose of going where HE would have us to go, doing what HE would have us to do.

Here’s what yesterday was like at Vertical Church:

  • Week 2 of our “Hole in my Soul” series was titled, “Vertical Forgiveness”. Last week we saw that the lack of joy makes “the hole” bigger. This week we looked at the way that unforgiveness increases it as well.
  • So many people struggle with forgiveness issues. Holding on to grudges always keeps us from fully achieving what’s next. It creates a pain… and even if you’ve learned to live with it and manage the truth is that it’s always kind of there.
  • I asked the question, “How do you forgive someone who does not deserve your forgivness?” I dug into this from 1 Samuel 24. Ironically, “The Bible” miniseries hit the very passage I talked about. I didn’t know – but God did. #Hesgotitlikethat
  • The reason that we want to take REVENGE is because we don’t trust our God to AVENGE. It’s so easy to think, “If God was gonna handle this He would have already – He must want me to do something about it!” In this passage of scripture David had been running for his life for years!!!
  • What if the opportunity before you that seems your chance to get that person back IS ACTUALLY an opportunity for you to forgive. #thinkaboutthat #iwouldrathernot
  • How do we forgive someone who doesn’t deserve our forgiveness? Forgiveness isn’t an attitude, it’s an action. We recognize that It’s not forgive and forget – it’s forgive and forgive.
  • This week we are going to Focus and Forgive. I hope that you will listen to the message.
  • The biggest of SHOUTOUTS to Vertical Production Director Scott Shaver. Scott has MADE video happen for Vertical Church. Without Scott there is NO WAY that we are 1 Church in 2 Locations. His hard work is irreplaceable. And with his wife, Vertical Information Director Angela Shaver, by his side God is doing a great work in them both. Scott is carrying a heavy load right now but I believe that he is doing so through the lens of Matthew 11:28-30.
  • Speaking of Scott, Scott’s leadership over his teams is so evident in the way that they serve. The Vertical Bladen Production crew is killing it!! These guys are mainly new on the production side – they are functioning on an incredibly high level! I heard and saw soundcheck yesterday… DANG!!!
  • And can’t leave out Vertical Lumberton Production. With the crew going to our Bladen location to serve their absence is felt. But these people are like PRO’s – BRINGING IT week in and week out! So impressed with all of the people Jesus brings on our teams!
  • BTW… WE HAVE TEAMS KILLING IT ALL OVER the Church – VKidz at 2 locations, Waumba Land at 2 locations, VIP, Cafe, Parking, Host team, Kidz Check-in… It’s not easy to duplicate everything on this level but they are doing it. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MAKES VERTICAL, “Vertical”!!!!
  • Vertical Worship was so good today. At Lumberton we had Justin led, Robby on lead, John Astle on acoustic, Joey Hinson on bass and Ethan on drums. At Bladen we had Jon Lloyd and Alison Carrol leading, Joe McDaniel on keys, Josh Bryant on guitar, Christoph on bass and Andrew on drums.
  • The music was hot: “Your Love Never Fails” (Jesus Culture), “Kingdom Come” (Elevation), “Let Your Kingdom Reign” (Elevation).

Bladen Location Pastor Joey Autry said: ‎

Noteworthy stuff found online:

  • Nadia Jones: I borrowed my mommas van and took everyone and few extra kids to Vertical church. I looked like the woman who lived in a shoe.
  • Rodd Baxley: ‎”Forgiveness isn’t an attitude, it’s an action.”
  • Sonya McGirt: The problem is not fully forgetting but FULLY forgiving…Mike P
  • Santana Sessoms: Forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. Forgiveness doesn’t make the other person right, it makes you free..#♥
  • Haley Baxley: There is nothing like being able to worship in your own church. So glad Vertical is in Bladen County now. We need some revival ♥
  • Jeff Wright: It’s not forgive and forget…it’s forgive and forgive…talk about powerful.
  • Mitchell Cain: Forgiveness….powerful when you offer it! Life changing when you receive it!
  • Carrie: Great service at Vertical Church…. but when the message is about forgiveness and there’s someone there you haven’t forgiven…awkward!!
  • Shawn Baxley: Vertical Church was so great today! Forgive and forgive!
  • @notjohnlloyd: ”It’s not forgive and forget, it’s forgive and forgive…” Mike Pittman
So “the sound” was the sound of people doing business with God… and it was loud, poignant and had an “exclamation point” added to it. I really hope that you were with us. If you weren’t please check out the podcast or the Vertical app. You can’t get back yesterday but you can make every effort to be with us next Sunday at all Vertical locations for Week 3 of “Hole in my Soul”.

Until Jesus is Enough Nothing Else will be.

Check out this clip from “Hole in my Soul” Week 1:

Vertical Bladen Pics Video

Sunday was an incredible day. Bree Harris always does such a great job capturing our lives through her lens. Thanks Bree for capturing Launch Day at Bladen Community College!