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Archive for April, 2015

It’s Friday and I’m FIRED UP!

Friday morning = Time to catch up on everything I didn’t get done on the other 4 days of this week – Dreaming about all that will happen this weekend – Opportunities to bring glory to God – Looking forward to time with the people I love more than anything on this earth – highly caffeinated – Awesome.

I’m pretty stoked about the weekend. Here’s why:

  • Week One of “Death to Selfie” was incredible. Donnie brought a fantastic word about the dangers of comparison and the way that it can kill contentment in our life. It is SO EASY to look at people’s online post and think, “everybody else’s life is SO great and mine sucks!” It doesn’t – we must remember that just because we see it on Facebook does not make it so.
  • Are you more connected than ever yet sometimes feel more alone? I cannot wait to bring you week 2 Sunday! I think being connected is great. Sunday we are going to talk about how we can be more connected than EVER (and it will change your life and the life of those around you.)
  • It is Baptism Sunday at Ltown!!! Have you been baptized since you believed?!? If not, it’s time to publicly follow through with that commitment to Jesus through baptism. If you attend Vertical Lumberton and would like to be baptized this Sunday please inbox me and I will put you in touch with someone who will make that happen.
  • I am so proud of everyone who said “YES!” and have followed through with your commitments. We have been blown away by the way that you all have said “YES!” and have put action to those words… keep it up – we’re praying over you and your commitments.
  • Sunday Night is our Vertical University Interest Gathering. Some of your “YES!” commitments was to be a part of our Pembroke location coming this August. This Sunday night, April 19th, is our first interest gathering for anyone who is interested in being part or wants more information. As you know it takes a lot of preparation to open a Vertical Church – Sunday night is our first step in that. We will share what’s up, answer all of your questions, pray, hang out and eat some food. Sounds like an awesome Sunday night to me!

This is one of those days where I am blown away that I GET to do this. Don’t forget to bring those used jeans to donate this Sunday to either Vertical Location. Thank You, Jesus!

Vertical University Interest Gathering from mike pittman on Vimeo.

Vertical University Interest Meeting is this Sunday Night

Back when I began dreaming about planting a church (about 9 years), the location of the church that I dreamed about was in Pembroke, North Carolina. Now, if the question, “why Pembroke?”, just crossed your mind, you are probably not alone.

Why Pembroke?

I graduated from UNC Pembroke (actually, back in those days it was still called Pembroke State) in 1994. I did not know Jesus, did not care to know Jesus, and to be honest, during my time there, nobody really talked to me about Jesus. And to be honest, that bothers me. Out of the thousands of people I came into contact on that campus in 5 years, nobody ever felt led to talk to the metal drummer with the long hair about his need to know God?

Anyway, on with the story…

Years later as a Pastor, I recognized that my old stomping grounds would be an awesome place to share the Gospel with thousands of young people. Not that there weren’t churches there – there are some GREAT churches there. I just wondered if a different expression of our shared message of the forgiveness of God and His Glory would be successful aimed at those young adults, setting the foundations of the rest of their lives. A college student who learns to passionately love Jesus will live their life in a much different way. It will change the trajectory of the rest of their life.

God changed that first Vertical location from Pembroke to Lumberton (that’s a whole other story) but the time has finally come! In just 19 weeks, Vertical Church will launch it’s third location in Pembroke and I am INCREDIBLY jacked up about it. This Sunday night we are coming to Pembroke to talk about it:

Vertical University Interest Meeting

WHEN: This Sunday night, April 19th at 6pm
WHERE: Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) House – directly across from GPAC
WHAT: We will share the vision of Vertical University and how you can be part
WHO: Anyone who is interested in learning more about the HOW’S and WHY’s

Hopefully we will be able to answer all of your questions and get you as JACKED as we are. We will have some refreshments so we can hang out and chill afterwards. I hope to see you there.

UNCP Hector Online from mike pittman on Vimeo.

Why Bringing is > Inviting

Inviting people to Easter Services is GREAT! But bringing people to Easter Services is GREATER!

Bringing > Inviting

One of the most encouraging things that I find at Vertical is that when I meet new people and ask them how they ended up coming, they tell me a story about someone in our church who is a friend and told them about our church. (Relationships make the Difference). I love the way that Vertical Peeps get people to church even when the conversation leading to that is uncomfortable.

I wanted to give you a “day before Easter reminder”: There are a lot of people who feel alone – people who would LOVE to come to Vertical tomorrow morning but don’t want to show up BY THEMSELVES. (Remember those guys in Mark 2 who tore the roof off the house to get their friend to Jesus?)

Y’all, tomorrow is going to be a VERY powerful day at Vertical Church – people are JACKED! And I want you to know that I am praying for you today – not that you will just invite people but that you will offer to BRING them. Instead of saying, “I want you to come to Vertical for Easter service” say, “Why don’t you come to Vertical with me and we will eat lunch together after?”

That person/people you wrote on the wall last Sunday: we have prayed for them multiple times by name. Have you had a convo with them? Tomorrow is going to be a special day. Your person might have said “NO” before – this morning, say “YES” for them – They need another ask.

Bringing > Inviting