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Can it happen?

I’ve talked a lot this week with people. I’ve shared, i’ve dug into what they think, i’ve vision-cast, i’ve "waxed-on" un-eloquently. I’m excited about a lot of stuff and I want you to be excited too! (After all, we are on the greatest adventure throughout the whole stinkin’ universe – TOGETHER – how can you not be excited about that?) Here are some things that I am anticipating in 2007. I would love to hear not only feed-back from you on them, but also hear some of yours…

  • 2007 is gonna be a break-out year for Hyde Park. Over the next 8 weeks we are doing some major work to make sure that an unbelievable number of lives are changed in ’07. These lives will be the lives of members, attenders and people who, at the present time, have never stepped foot on the campus of Hyde Park Baptist Church – but they will – and their lives (and the lives of those they love) will be different because of it.
  • 40 Days of Prayer officially begins this Sunday. Our goal is to help everyone to start the new year right and it is IMPOSSIBLE to do that without seeking God. My prayer is that everyone (and their families as one) will take this initiative seriously. Pray with me that the people of Hyde Park understand that while "preaching moves the heart of men; prayer moves the heart of God."
  • Adding a 3rd AM Worship Service @ 9:45 am beginning March 4th (see my comments) will enable our church to continue to grow. The main reason we will grow through this will be the ability to connect more people to a "Bible Fellowship Group" (new name for Sunday School Classes). We are currently maxed-out in our ability to begin new classes for the hundreds of Hyde Park attendees who are not connected except through our worship service.
  • We will begin to explore new territory in the area of reaching the unchurched/de-churched of our region. We continually pray for the ability to get inside the minds of those who don’t know God and answer the questions that they are secretly asking. This will continue to stretch us in our comfort zone but that is a good thing. GOD DOES NOT LIVE IN A BOX – WE TEND TO "TRY" TO PUT HIM THERE! We’re going to continue to walk in faith, trying things we’ve never done before and allowing God to teach us what walking by faith really means. I really believe that God will honor our trusting Him WholeHeartedly. Let’s push the envelope to reach the people who matter to God!
  • Our enhanced schedule will be great (possibly explosive!) for our Student Ministry. With the new schedule Carole is asking the teens to attend the 9:45 worship service (they have been having a Student Worship Service @ 9:45 in the OASIS Student room). Their service will be moving to Wednesday Nites @ 6:30 in the Main Auditorium beginning March 7th. This move allows them a BIGGER service with better sound, lights, a live band, and room to grow in – an off-the-chain service that teens can be excited to invite their friends to. We pray that the Wednesday Nite G-FORCE SERVICE will be the highlight of a Robeson County teenagers week. We also pray that as students seek God like never before that the change in their lives will begin to challenge and change their schools’ student communities in a way that our region has never seen!
  • I am going to seek God like never before – I want to know Him as I never have before – I want to trust Him as I never have before – I want to serve Him as I never have before.
  • We will challenge our Small Groups to be more than just a weekly bible study whose sole purpose is to learn the bible. Bible Fellowship Groups (BFG’s) should be the place where a person at Hyde Park KNOWS that they’re cared for! It should be a group that doesn’t just "hear" the word of the Lord but "Does" something with what they hear. James says that "faith without works is a dead faith". We will challenge our BFG’s to actually do 2 different mission projects in ’07 – TOGETHER – AS A GROUP – providing the opportunity to use what they learn while at the same time building community, love and caring among themselves. We will also challenge our BFG’s to consider multiplying themselves into new groups in ’07 for the sake of providing new groups for people to join.
  • God will raise up more people to serve at Hyde Park in the various service opportunities available in ’07. People will begin to see that "YES, I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE" with their own lives at this church. They will begin to understand their own spiritual gifts and have a desire to use them for the glory of God.
  • I pray that God will continue to use Hyde Park to make His Name famous in our region. Regular people take Jesus for granted, "yeah, He’s God’s Son…". They know WHO He’s supposed to be and it makes no difference. "God, use us to lift the name of Jesus so High that everyone thinks differently about You and realizes their need to know You!"
  • The new service is going to help us connect with UNCP like never before. The College ministry has commited to being a part of the 9:45 Worship and moving their BFG to 11am which will allow a better opportunity for fellowship among the students. God is placing Christian men and women throughout the campus that will begin to make a difference. Pray that FCA headed by Coach Steve will be a huge impact on a school that is fired up about it’s new football program! "God give us favor on that campus – we know that there are many there that are destined to be Yours – they will leave campus and take Your fire around the world with them. Use Hyde Park to be a fire-starter in their lives!"

Perry Noble said it best when talking about His church. He said, "I believe that God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine… and I believe that we are going to see evidence of that very thing right here!!!" I AM PUMPED!!!

i couldn’t have said it better myself.

One Comment on "Can it happen?"

  1. Sebrina says:

    I TOTALLY agree Mike. I have felt for a while now that God was preparing a change for our church. I don’t think change is a bad thing. Change, to me allows growth. I am “PUMPED” as well as you are….I am so anxious to see what God will have in store for EVERYONE who attends, or HOPEFULLY WILL SOON be attending HP! There will be people who may not like it, but as long as we carry out God’s mission in this changing / growth process…He will, prayerfully open their eyes to see the true meaning of it all. It will take work and dedication, but it can be done in HIS NAME! Absolutely AWESOME post! AMEN!

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