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I’m back…

I just returned from the North Carolina Baptist State Convention of which our church (Hyde Park) is a cooperating member. I’m tired and "meeting’d" out but I wanted to post kinda where i’m at this afternoon…

The politics side of Baptist life bore me. They are a necessary evil because:

  1. if those of us who believe that the main thing is people being saved don’t stand up for the scriptures and the teachings of the bible, the bar is lowered. Ignorance is not bliss
  2. There are many in our convention who would love to allow some to run unaccountable while using monies given by cooperating churches.
  3. We have to do all this to keep us running in the right (and hopefully same) direction.

So, now that we got that out of the way…

On Monday, Eddie D and I had the priviledge of attending a luncheon on developing a prayer ministry at our church. Now most people would think that this is a given but the truth is most churches don’t pray the way that Pastor James Walker of Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville thinks it should be done (Pastor Walker was the featured speaker). Pastor Walker was saying that church-wide prayer should focus on a prayer-covering for the church that the power of God would be unleashed upon a congregation. As a result of Biltmores’ dedication to prayer they have over 1,000 people meeting weekly all over their area in groups to pray for issues that are given by the staff to guide them (please check out God’s 1300).

To say the least, Eddie and I were blown away by the power of God and the simplicity of His plan for us. When the meeting ended we went back to the prayer room at the church we were at and humbled ourselves – God showed up in such a real way. Without going into detail I believe that it’s fair to say that we obviously understood His leading.

Why are we SO CONCEITED? Why is it that we think that "we’ve got this one, God…". We choose not to pray when God has promised that if we will stay close to Him, confess and turn from our sin that He will heal our land. We need Him so, so much. On the other hand, maybe i’m just referring to me. You probably don’t deal with it like I do.

Beginning soon, we will begin a serious prayer ministry designed to bring the power of God to the ministry of Hyde Park. It won’t be a "Big Program" (like "just Walk across the Room") that we’ll be largely promoting. We will be choosing from among us those who are spiritual – those who seem to be prayer warriors. We will not be praying for "Aunt Sally’s big toe – it has the fungus and she can’t walk" because you can pray for your Aunt Sally’s toe. These prayer groups will focus on God’s leadership and direction of Hyde Park, the ministry of reaching people, transforming lives, providing hedges of protection for our leadership and the overall holiness of those who are His.

I wonder what the outcome of this will be…

Will this be another thing that people begin but have no follow-through, OR

Will this be the thing that finally brings God’s downpour to our thirsty land…

If revival comes it won’t be the "hocus-pocus" type where we pray "Oh God, send your spirit to us" meaning, "I don’t want to do anything, change anything, or be anything – I just want you to rush upon me in such a way that i’ll be changed!" That, my friends, is what I call "hocus-pocus" revival and it ain’t real. It doesn’t happen that way.

Revival is expensive. It cost real people commiting to turning their lives over to Christ. It requires us to desire true holiness in our lives. Revival is not a series of meetings – revival is God’s people serious about their OWN spiritual state and, in humility and openness, allowing God to do something with it.

I wonder, what will I do? Will I be faithful to His call?

I wonder, what will you do? Will you be faithful to His call?

God will rock our world if we’ll let Him. I can’t wait to see if we will.

2 Comments on "I’m back…"

  1. shelly says:

    Mike, I have enjoyed reading your blog, Jan Benson sent it to me and I have kept posted daily.
    I wanted to share with you some things the Lord has brought to my attention in my personal life and maybe someone can use this, I have been strugling with personal issues like everyone does and THE LORD no one else led me to JOB I started reading from the beginning and HE spoke to me and asked If I or satan would put you to the test how would you stand? I tell you now this is a question a lot of us need to really think about and put ourselves in Job’s shoes.
    Not just as a person but as a world!!!
    Please give me any insight you can share or more scriptures.

  2. mike p says:

    Hey shelly. For me it always comes back to the fact that in spite of all he went through, Job (although questioning the WHY behind what was happening) chose to say nevertheless, “Blessed be the Name of the Lord!”. I too have asked the question “would I stand in times of testing?” And I believe that as long as I keep J.O.Y. (Jesus 1st, Others 2nd, Me last) in the proper perspective that I can handle anything that he throws my way (not that i’m asking for a major challenge) Many people think too much (and too often) of themselves. The strength that you speak of only comes through a powerful, personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and study of His Word. May we all desire to grow in that way.

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