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Halloween: It IS what it is.

Why would a church be part of, much less be a sponsor of a Halloween festival? That is a good, valid question. How about a little backstory?

Years ago (over a decade) in the baptist church I was part of they always did a fall festival. Most churches have one. The fall festival at this church was always held on the Saturday before Oct. 31st. The kids wore costumes (albeit Christian inspired ones), there was a cake walk, bobbing for apples and most importantly, BUNCHES OF CANDY!!! In other words, they had a halloween party for the church – they just didn’t do it on “the devil’s day”.

Whatever. You’re giving your people an alternative on another nite. Call it what you want – you had a halloween party. The sad part about this practice is that it is an inward gathering, designed to entertain the people who attend our church and normally has no reason that outsiders would attend which I think is a shame.

That’s the way my mind works – Everything we do usually finds me asking the question, “how can we use this to reach people with the Gospel? How can Jesus use this to open people’s eyes to the church?” I began questioning, “why are we doing a halloween party on a night other than October 31st? Why are we not taking advantage of the fact that multitudes of people are out on halloween night – why would we not bring them to our church?”

Now, I understand that by having halloween parties it appears that we are promoting Halloween, but let’s be honest: aren’t most of your people are quietly taking part anyway?¬†It is what it is. We can pretend it’s not there but it will not go away. With this in mind, for the sake of meeting with those who would normally not attend our church, why would we not take advantage of this date which is huge?

In the case of Vertical Church we weren’t looking to do anything for Halloween, however, our city recreation department came to us and asked us to be part of this event with them. They have seen other events we have thrown in our short life as a church and wanted our mark on it. Joining with our city for Halloween Fest gives us the opportunity to love on people outside of our walls, provide a safe alternative to trick or treating on the street and introduce who we are to people who may not even be aware of VC. It also gives us the opportunity to help our city, to do something well for the city we live in and love. A prayer of ours as a church has been Acts 2:47, “(they were)¬†praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.”

So yeah, I’m doing Halloween, and yes, my church is definitely promoting it big time on the web. Truth is, I hope you’ll be there too. If you are, I’ll be the one who WON’T BE worshiping the devil, but rather, publicly worshiping Jesus the Savior through my service to my community (1 Cor 10:31 – Acts 8:8)

2 Comments on "Halloween: It IS what it is."

  1. Cyndi Lamb says:

    Mike…I’m so glad that Vertical is making its presence known in the community. What better way to meet those people who have either NEVER been “in a church”, or have been hurt “by the church”, or even those who deny Christ altogether. LOVE has been, is, and ALWAYS will be an action…you either Receive HIM, Share HIM with others, or Fail HIM…but TRUE LOVE is always DOING SOMETHING GOOD, and ENCOURAGING SOMEONE. Jesus “hung out” with sinners BECAUSE HE cared about them! He wanted to HEAL them from the inside out, and If we shut HIM up inside the walls of our CHURCH HOUSE or our BODILY TEMPLE…WE’RE NOT doing what HE DIED FOR…Call it what you will, but “THE CHURCH” had better be about the BUSY-NESS of GOD, and we had better GO OUT…and COMPEL them to COME INTO THE ARK OF SAFETY before it’s EVERLASTING TOO LATE!!! I believe that!! Our time is running out to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we’ll never catch the fish if we never GO to the water, and cast our spiritual “line”. Even the BEST bait will do no good if you’re not where the HUNGRY FISH are! Face it…they would NEVER openly admit it (unless under conviction), but people who don’t KNOW LOVE and have a relationship WITH HIM…are lost, and hungry…always looking for HIM in all the wrong places. They don’t even realize it until WE bring HIM (LOVE) to them.

    All I can say is GO GETTEM’ V!!! I’m so glad our HYDE PARK Campus is open to the whole community also! You KNOW how many people we have the potential to reach on this ONE NIGHT, and SHAME ON US as Christians…(little Christs), if we keep it all private and don’t reach out when we have such an opportunity. I’m SO GLAD we “GET IT” as I’ve said to you many times since coming into worship with you guys in BOTH places. KEEP on KEEPING LOVE ALIVE and in MOTION!!! To GOD be the GLORY!!! I LOVE YALL!!!!!!

    • mike p says:

      Spot on, Cyndi. I am thankful that HP leverages October 31 for the glory of God. NOBODY in this region will have more potential to touch people on that night than y’all. Love you.

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