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Sunday Nite (October 30)

Share the Love.

If you’re reading this post you probably know that last weekend we challenged our church to “share the love” throughout our region through service as well as gifting people. That being said, this has been one of the most incredible week’s I have EVER experienced in over 12 years of being in ministry. Today at Vertical Church… thank You Jesus for the opportunity to see and experience this move of God in our region. Here’s what’s on my heart tonight:

  • Today was week 2 of “The Office”. We truly believe that our work life was never intended to be separate from our spiritual life. The term “spiritual compartmentalization” has no place in the life of a person who has been filled with the Spirit of Jesus.
  • Our Worship Arts Pastor Jon Lloyd did a great job bringing this weekend’s message. He also brought a new challenge to our church, TGIM (you’ll have to check out the podcast).
  • The implications of a church filled with members that live with a TGIM frame of mind would bring great change to the work culture of our region. I pray that God would change our hearts that it would happen. Ultimately we must realize as believers that as we work in our jobs we work for our Savior. God redeems all things and draws us to Himself.
  • Much praise to our Great God for bringing a great message and challenge through today’s message and our series. I look forward to stepping up to bat as I close out “The Office” next weekend.
  • So thankful for the talented people God has brought around me.
  • With Jon bringing today’s message I actually led worship with Vertical Worship. This was my 1st time leading worship at Vertical Church and my 1st time leading music for a full worship service in 14 months.
  • Prior to Vertical Church I was a worship leader for 13 years and have led approximately 1,000 services so I have done this a time or two (grin).
  • Many of you reading this already know about my past as a WL  because A) you have known me for a while B) you’ve been involved in church and knew I was a WL. Just to show you that Vertical Church is reaching outside of the norm in church the predominate comments made to me in the lobby after services were, “I didn’t really know you could sing, Pastor Mike.”
  • I love the way that week after week Vertical delivers the unexpected, raises the bar, and presents the Gospel in creative ways. Big props to our Service Programming Director Brandon Meadows (who is also our Student Pastor) for continuing to program incredible services. Jesus is using you big time to draw people to Him, bro!
  • That being said, today’s Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Christian was just wrong (grin). Felt the need to apologize both times. Hilarious!
  • I hope that Jon will give a musical rundown of Vertical Worship on his blog tomorrow.
  • So many 1st time guests today, salvations, opportunities to pray… thank You Jesus.
  • Once again we set attendance records in many areas including overall. Joey Autry came to me and gave me a fake number for attendance which I thought was a good crowd. I said to him, “are you disappointed with that number?” to which he busted out laughing saying, “no man, but I just can’t keep a straight face with you!” When he showed me the number in attendance today we had a little hallelujah party right there as we had firmly broke through an attendance barrier that can be hard to break through!
  • HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: in both services when plugging our upcoming Night of Worship at West Bladen HS much of the crowd broke out in applause and shouting. Truth? After serving in ministry for so long there have been many times where I felt like a hype man and had to create momentum around an event. It feels so amazing to actually feel like we have authentic momentum that we can ride with.
  • As we came to the end of serving in the projects this afternoon I was talking with Donnie and we were rejoicing together. He made the comment, “man, all I can think about is what would have happened with me if I wouldn’t have taken this step of faith… If I wouldn’t have done this and I had to sit back and watch God work through you guys… So glad we did!” Me too, Donnie P.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night – BIGGS PARK MALL, Halloween Fest. Vertical Church: let’s dominate the last night of “Share the Love” and love our city beyond anything they have ever experienced!!!

Got something to say? Go for it!