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10 “Be’s” – Part Two

Austin_Powers_Mike_Myers_as_Dr_Evil I even made Dr. Evil think… 

Hopefully you checked out yesterday's post (if not you should read it here first). Your comments were great! Some of you were public, others private but I am so thankful for your interaction.

Here are the other 5 "be's" that have helped me to stay on track through the years as a leader in God's church.


  • Be accountable: Who has permission to speak into your life when it is obvious something is out of whack? Who knows you like that? Being a stage personality (no matter how many people's lives you are speaking into) can be dangerous. Remember what I said yesterday, DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID! You need a few people who you can let your guard down with but make sure that they are as strong or stronger than you are as otherwise you may have a yes man doing a strong man's job – you don't want someone that you can push around. It's too easy to fall… make sure there is someone there to keep that from happening. Please be diligent about this.
  • Be Challenged: Most everything you do is a challenge to others – who is challenging you? Read books, blogs and listen to preachers other than your own – keep fresh water flowing into your heart and Spirit. Be a learner but not a follower and remember, what works somewhere else might not work in your context. Maybe what you see that could work just isn't for now. 11 years ago I was told that what I currently do would not work in our region.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit: The power of the Holy Spirit in your life will bring a boldness into your ministry that does not reek of puffed-up arrogance. You will never have enough of His Spirit – you will never be filled if you aren't spending quality time in the presence of God.
  • Be creative: God is so amazingly creative!! Look at our world – seen any wonders lately? The mountains… the ocean… the tropics… glaciers… Wow! Why are WE at times so boring? We have believed the lie that excellence is not a priority.
  • Be Dangerous: We not only have the Living God on our side, we have the power of the Living God living INSIDE of us!!! What are we afraid of? God's church shouldn't be a safe-haven for scared, separatist believers but rather it should be a dangerous place that JESUS uses to bring light and life into the darkness that fills our region. 

As I said in yesterday's post, this list is not in order nor is it exhaustive – we could probably add stuff all day long. Which one would you add? Bring it?

9 Comments on "10 “Be’s” – Part Two"

  1. Bree says:

    Be yourself with His leading. (Don’t conform to ‘man-made’ rules) I think so many people think there is a certain way to be a leader. I don’t necessarily believe that always. Don’t get me wrong….be Biblical. But the people I see in the ministry who have an edge or there is a little something unusual about them tend to draw me in because I want to hear what they have to say. Being a cookie-cutter image may not be what God intends for you to be. I believe He created us ALL differently to add something special to the mix . I don’t remember getting a manual when I got saved. But I do remember reading the Word of God and it says in it that we are made in His image. And as you state in point #4, that what He has created is pretty AWESOME! (My favorite point by the way ;) )Live your life out LOUD for HIM!

  2. Tom Harris says:

    Terrible! Now that you are upset, I’m trying to be the ‘no’ man. Good stuff. In your writing there is a freshness, an excitement to what you are trying to get across. It doesn’t have the same ol’ stale going-through-the-motions stuff. You can feel the energy. You are the alternative and alternative is good. It’s the only way some people are going to be reached. Don’t drink my Kool-Aid!!!!!!!

  3. mike p says:

    Bree, that’s good stuff there – literally a number 6. I don’t think it’s necessary to say that I believe your point has been one of the things that has defined our ministry together. That point has also been the most misunderstood part of what made us “us”. I pray that after I’m gone that out ministry never becomes one that judges how they are doing by looking at other churches but rather by gaging the impact that we are having on those we are trying to reach.
    Great, great point.

  4. mike p says:

    No Tom, NOT YOU!!!! Don’t offer the Kool-Aid!!! (grinning)
    But seriously, dude, thanks for the kind words. You are definitely my friend, the abominable NoMan.

  5. Kcb4567 says:

    I love the 10 ‘Be’s”. What a great reminder and continual challenge for every God fearing believer. I agree with Bree as well. God made you the way you are for a purpose…HIS PURPOSE. He has given us certain talents and capabilities so we can achieve HIS PURPOSE for our lives. When we are living in the way God created and designed us to be we can finally be used by God. God has to have first with everything that we do. First in our thoughts, mind, breath, hopes…our whole being- everything that makes us who we are as a person. There is no exception to the rule. When we start to make exceptions…we start falling from where God wants us. Thanks again for the thoughts…I look forward to sharing this with Joel.

  6. mike p says:

    Those are powerful words, Kristen; you are exactly right, when we make exceptions we begin to fall. These “Be’s” have helped me.
    I am very thankful that you were part of this journey with us. We miss you!

  7. Kcb4567 says:

    I am very grateful that I could be a part of it. I miss u all too! However,I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do with the various changes. Change is scary….but so good when it is of God. Hopefully our paths will intertwine again….like the threads of a tapestry.

  8. joel says:

    I miss my accountability group. I still have a Paul, and a Barnabas but mentoring is not quite the same as the accountability you get from a group. Elsewise… it’s too easy to get to the Kool aide!

  9. mike p says:

    Joel, NO MAN – DON’T DRINK IT!!!! You are SO right! How important is it to not surround yourself with people who are “yes” men? Finding those men of God is so important to your growth – and it is imperative that we be intentional about this or it won’t happen.

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