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Sunday Nite (April 14, 2013)

FAQ Week 2 is in the books. Incredible day filled with worship, tension, questions, conviction, understanding and most importantly:


Wouldn’t it be terrible to go to church and hear that you and your life is in violation of God’s expectations and NOT HAVE someone to tell us how God can fix us and give us steps to do so?

I had the opportunity to preach at and experience both Vertical Locations yesterday. I hope that you were with us – if you weren’t here’s what you missed:

  • On Week 2 of FAQ we explored shacking up, gambling and why God allows bad things to happen to good people.
  • This week Donnie had the opportunity to put ME on the hot seat (revenge?). His questions for me: Paying taxes; Does God promise He won’t place more on me than I can handle; Why do some people raise their hands during songs; Is interracial marriage  prohibited in the Bible and is it ok to fantasize about your spouse?

    Will post tomorrow.

  • This was not an easy message to deliver.  But it’s like I said LIVE in both services, please understand that we are FOR you. If you have issues in any of the subjects we are dealing with we want to help you to take your next step with Jesus.

My man DK Lemmons ( had some great summaries of my message so the following are his quotes:

  •  Is gambling a sin? Bible doesn’t significantly prohibits. It’s not the game, but the manner in which we play it.
  • Why do we raise hands? Psalms 63:4 calls for us to raise our hands in praise!!
  • Interracial marriage? Most take Deut. out of context. It talks about interbelief not race. It is our duty not to chase after foreign gods.
  • Bad things 2 good people? No magical answer, God is God and we are not. Misunderstanding that God will keep bad things from happening.
  • Bible never said life will be easy after salvation. John 16:33- u will have hardship, but Christ has overcome the world! Ex: Book of Job
  • Why Bad things happen? 1.) Sin. 2.) God tests us. 3.) Satan (destroyer). 4.) Free Will. Our choice a against God.
  • God is always just, and sovereign!! He is not always fair. If he did, he would treat us as our sins deserve. How great is His love for us!!
Great notes DK!
  • I believe that the Cohabitation Ceremony video was a hit. I know people were cracking up at both locations where i was LIVE. Shoutout to Sam and Beth Powers for being great sports and playing our couple having the Shacking Up Ceremony. Yes, they are married. And yes, Beth is pregnant.

    The Video Shoot

  • Yes, she was pregnant previous to the shooting of this video (grin)
  • I certainly hope that people saw our heart in that…. we love people and are FOR them. We want to help them take the next step with Jesus.
  • Vertical Worship was great at Lumberton!!! Jon Lloyd leading with Gail, Christoph and Ethan on drums. Today was Gary Floyd’s 1st time on guitar for us at VC (he has played bass before). Gary is one of my favorite local guitarists from back in the day, possibly the best in the area!!! We played together back when I was 18… it is SO INCREDIBLE to see people I once played with and grew up learning music from using that talent to bring glory to Jesus.!!!

    Jon, Gail and Gary

  • Lumberton’s cafe environment is incredible for this series! I will try to get a picture for next week! I love our creative people at Vertical Church.
  • Lumberton VIP was rockin’ yesterday!!! They make Vertical, “vertical”.
  • When I walked into Vertical Bladen for the 1st time since launch day to preach at the 11am service i wanted to cry. No kidding! Some of our staff and leaders over there have been with us since day 1 of Vertical and I miss them so. We discussed this after the service. We understand that God wanted us to do this, and agree that it is totally worth it. But it doesn’t take away the fact that you miss seeing those people every day.
  • BTW… Vertical Bladen knocking it out of the park! Parking team was awesome driving up, VIP team, blowing it out, check in, cafe!!! Production and audio had it going on and the stage looked absolutely incredible.
  • Great crowd at BCC. You can tell that we are all getting to know each other over there. It really is just like when we started the 1st time in Lumberton. I predict that starting THIS COMING WEEKEND things are going to another level. 1st Baptism service at Vertical Bladen. I think i heard 7 people currently scheduled to be baptized. It’s ON baby!!!

    me at BCC – 11am service

  • Vertical Worship Bladen was on fire!!! Alison lead worship along with Amber Davis (1st time i believe), Josh on guitar, John A on acoustic, Robby Gaddy on bass (bass?!?) and Andrew on drums.
  • The music was en fuego at both locations: The Time has Come, Never Once and one of my all time favorites, “Always”. Lumberton threw in another favorite of mine, “The Anthem” right before my message.
  • Thankful to Vertical Worship Director Rhonda Lovin for the way that she brings it all together with the team! I can’t imagine how hard it is to schedule 2 locations to the level we do. WOW!!! And you thought she was just a great singer (grin).

    Tonight we had VERGE at Candy Sue’s Downtown. VERGE is our partnership class and the only way a person can join Vertical Church. We do VERGE approximately 3 times per year. Congratulations to our new Vertical Partners.

  • We will be doing a Bladen County VERGE on May 19th! You can sign up to attend Bladen VERGE right here.
  • So excited for our Church Plant, FuZion Church Raeford, as they had an incredible day yesterday!!!

Got something to say? Go for it!