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The Coldest, Wettest Night of My Life

If you are going to try to do what God wants to do thru you, your spiritual enemy will do whatever he can to stop you! This might not comfort you in the moment, in the midst of your storms and challenges, but I believe that the closer you get, the harder that you’ll have to fight.

I wonder how many of you have found that the more you try to follow God, the harder it gets? Here’s an encouragement for you – IT WILL GET BETTER! You just have to stay in there, saying day in and day out, “I’m not giving up – I know God is leading me – I know God is with me – I AM NOT QUITTING!” Remember what we learned last week: We don’t face opposition for doing something wrong, we face spiritual opposition when we are doing something right.

The battle might be the toughest near the end but you are right at the point of break through! It is always darkest in the moments before the dawn breaks. I experienced this first hand a couple of years ago…

It is always darkest in the moments before the dawn breaks.

Every summer my son Matt, along with Pastor Donnie and his son Dylan and I, join some friends to tackle a portion of the Appalachian Trail. This trip is one of the highlights of my year. It is a man’s trip, totally roughing it, pack in-pack out, all foods and camping accommodations for the duration of the trip. On one particular trip we were caught off guard as a storm came up suddenly on the high altitude that we were camped at. We had planned to shelter camp the whole trip, meaning we were going to sleep in open air shelters that are placed at various places along the trail. But on this particular night a shelter just wasn’t in the cards as a large group beat us to the shelter, taking our chance for a roof out from under us.

We had no tents.

That’s another message about being prepared for whatever may come our way. “We’ll be fine.” our friends assured us. The radar had shown that it should be a pretty clear night. So we set up camp and were just getting to sleep as the sun was setting in the west. It wasn’t 10 minutes before one of the guys yelled, “you better make plans for some cover, I hear a storm coming up pretty quick through the trees!” Within the next 60 seconds the BOTTOM FELL OUT of the sky. We attempted to wrap ourselves in 2 tarps that we were actually laying on (that was a really bad idea). It wasn’t long before we were soaked, along with our sleeping bags and everything we had outside of our backpacks.

Everything was soaked. The ground was muddy. There was nowhere to go. No wood was dry enough for fire. And the rain, though no longer heavy, continued to drizzle, not for the next hour or two, mind you, but ALL NIGHT LONG.

We were cold at around 58 degrees. Matt was shivering which worried me, and there was nowhere to get warm or comfortable. All I could think about was keeping Matt warm, laughing about how bad this actually sucked, and praying continuously for the morning to come.

I never went to sleep. And as the night went on it got darker and darker on top of that tree covered mountain. The minutes turned to hours, and my prayers were for the sun to come up and the rainy drizzle to stop.

The dawn is breaking – the sun is about to come up.

The sun DID come up and you better believe we quickly broke camp to make sure that NO ONE was able to keep us out of our shelter on that next night. I was asleep by 4pm!!! That night was discouraging, but making camp and drying out our clothes was ENCOURAGING. It was ok and the rest of the trip HAD to be (and was) better than the beginning of it.

Your enemy will work hard to discourage you, scare you, distract you, slow you down and eventually to get you to give up on the dream that God has given to you. This weekend, as we look at this last section from Nehemiah’s story, you are going to learn the most important play from your spiritual enemy’s playbook and how to beat it every time.

This is MY FAVORITE PART of Nehemiah’s story. I cannot wait for you to experience it!

Got something to say? Go for it!