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Sunday Nite (on a Monday Afternoon)

I know that I begin most Sunday nite recaps by saying something like, "Today was so amazing" – at the risk I won't say it again (even if it was :)):

  • Pastor finished up the "Be Free" Series yesterday. Good stuff as we worked our way through the book of Galatians.
  • One of the cool things about going through a book is that when you hit on a subject that some don't like they can't accuse you of picking a scripture with an agenda in mind. 
  • I love what Perry Noble said in his post today: If everybody likes you then you’ve spent way too much time kissing rear ends instead of being faithful to who God has called you to be and what He has called you to do!
  • Galatians 5:15 (in the NIV) states, "If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other". As Pastor broke that down he made this statement: when the church fights and bites at each other we are literally eating ourselves. This in itself is often the major problem in congregations, disunity that doesn't see each other as an extension of one-another, but rather, as separate beings. In Christ we are to be one.
  • I, for one, continue to be thankful to be part of a congregation that "gets" this.
  • Pastor spent the majority of the message demonstrating what spiritual community looks like. I would love to see us take that concept even deeper, applying it at a more life-on-life, in home (and the community) approach. Maybe Pastor was planting a seed for some of that.
  • He also pointed out that one of the key elements of a worship experience is confession – do you think of that often? Is there a time during worship where you do that? I think we should do that more, don't you?
  • We were blessed and pleased today to see that we filled up the Operation Christmas Child Semi-trailer! What a great ministry OCC is – we are so thankful to join arms with Samaritan's Purse in this endeavor. As Carole said, "this shoebox is the easiest way to share the gospel of Jesus with our world".
  • The Worship Choir was rockin' yesterday morning with some new members – so excited to see enthusiasm throughout that group! Anyone interested in singing with us for the Christmas Season (and beyond) can download our music here. All of you are welcome to join us Wednesday Nites at 8pm in the Auditorium…
  • …that is EXCEPT THIS WEDNESDAY – we will have no services Wednesday Nite due to the Thanksgiving break.
  • AND SPEAKING OF HYDE PARK WORSHIP: this weekend we will have a special time of worship as we welcome the Recording Group, "Sisters" to Hyde Park this Sunday morning during both our 9am and our 10:30 am services. The group is made up of sisters, Kim Lord, Heather Day, and Valerie Ellenburg. Back in the day Kim, Heather and Valerie were members of their family group, the Ruppes, as well as currently being members of the group, "LordSong" with Kim's husband, Michael. We're looking forward to a special time of worship this Sunday.
  • Our worship Sunday was kind of a dual-service approach: 1st service was, "Our God Saves" (Baloche), At Calvary (Hymn – G3 arrangement) and "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)". 2nd Service: "Our God Saves", "Let God Arise" (Tomlin) and "Came to My Rescue" (Hillsong). I liked the dual approach and feel that we might do this more after the 1st of the year.

I hope that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving – still praying that God will open your eyes as to ways that YOU can give-thanks through a practical application. My love to you all. 

3 Comments on "Sunday Nite (on a Monday Afternoon)"

  1. jed bishop says:

    lots of sarcasm

  2. mike p says:

    Blessings to you – happy thanksgiving

  3. jed bishop says:

    The Lord Jesus Himself on several occasions tried to thin the group to test their commitment and faith. Preach the WORD of God and the wolves will leave you because they can’t stand the truth. Blessings to you too mate, I would love to meet the staff. WEBSITE HAS BEEN HELPFUL IN MY JOURNEY,,,GREAT WORK. BE BACK AT YOUR PLACE OF WORSHIP IN TWO WEEKS…..SHALOM JBISH

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