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Sunday Nite

I am SO tired tonite…

My head hurts - my body hurts - but you know what…

I STILL FEEL GOOD!! Today was a pretty amazing day at hyde park – I sure do hope that you were with us! Here are the things on my mind tonite:

  • Great crowds today – and I'm not just referring to the numbers. It was very obvious in the 1st and 3rd service that God is up to something. I believe He's healing hearts, drawing people and just working in our midst. I saw people responding in worship who I personally haven't seen engage in a long time. Very, very encouraging!
  • Our worship songs today: At Calvary (Standard – G3/Robert Elkins Arrangement), Believe (Hillsong), Happy Day (Tim Hughes), At the Cross (Hillsong). Special Nite of Worship: Come Thou Fount, Come thou King (Gateway Worship), Awesome is the Lord Most High (Tomlin/Passion), I'll Fly Away (Standard), The Stand (Hillsong United), Here I am To Worship (Tim Hughes – G3/Robert Elkins Arrangement)
  • Just saw an iphone commercial that was talking about all the "apps" available – cool stuff! (yeah, I guess my A.D.D. is kickin' tonite too :))

We finished the "Rooted" series today with a powerful message from John chapter 11. When the podcast is posted (by Tuesday) you gotta check it out if you missed it! A couple of points that struck me:

  • "Why does the bible speak so much about giving? It's because God knows us – He knows that His #1 competitor to your devotion is material posessions."
  • "People intersect our lives who grow AND hinder your faith. The majority of the people that you meet in life will not encourage your faith".
  • "you know, some painful experiences are self-inflicted – anybody remember Jonah?"
  • "God can use pain and even sickness to bring Him glory. You know, I DIDN'T SIGN UP  FOR SICKNESS to bring glory to God!!! I wanna give Him glory in victory, in winning, in celebration. But you know, the truth is, Jesus shows us in this scripture (John 11:4) that there's another avenue that God uses to bring Himself glory".
  • The shortest verse in the bible (John 11:35) may also be one of the most powerful.
  • "You know, I always wanna say to people who are hurting, 'it's gonna be alright' but I can't because it doesn't always turn out 'our version' of alright. What I can say is that God knows and He wants to use this situation to teach you to trust Him."

A couple of other thoughts before I pass out…

  • Just had to share that as pastor shared,"You choose to participate with God in faith excercising activities" I had a thought that I wrote down: God has RELIT my passion for worship leading. Isn't that exciting?!!!? I'm not going backward – I'm heading forward into the future and I'm PUMPED!!!! (don't really know why that statement caused that reaction – but it felt like revelation to me :))
  • Next weekend is going to be a very special weekend as we'll celebrate Baptism (if you need to be baptized let me know) and the Lord's Supper. We have a very special presentation of the Lord's Supper. Seriously… a can't miss Sunday – I'm already ready!!!
  • The week after (February 8th) is going to be another amazing service – we have something planned for that day that is unlike anything most of you have ever experienced and just may take your worship to a whole nutha level!
  • Really enjoyed playing drums today! I wasn't scheduled but was scheduled to play in a few weeks so we just moved the day up. Please remember James as you pray – he is struggling with gout (sp?) and could barely walk (much less play). I love playing with our band!!
  • Our new attenders class, FaithTrac 101, is on February 22nd – all new attenders need to take this class with Pastor Harrell. Register here (and make sure to tell us how many will eat lunch – we feed the whole family).

Ok, that's it. See you on here tomorrow – don't forget to check out the facebook page for new pics!

Got something to say? Go for it!