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A Tension I Deal With

In Sunday's message Pastor made this statement: If there's no tension in you, where's the challenge to your faith? In other words (from the outline) "When you walk by faith God will always take you outside your comfort zone".

This is not my only tension – but none-the-less I began thinking about myself as a worship leader and the tension I find myself dealing with. I find a tension within myself in the challenge I have planning worship week in and week out. That tension is getting beyond the challenge of programming for JESUS rather than people. If you plan worship long enough you will eventually get to the place where you will be challenged by the desire to program in a way that acheives the desired results of the music. But the truth is…

What God needs from me as a worship leader isn't good music – He desires a leader who can present supernatural worship.

Not to be all weird and churchy on you, but our music should be set apart and anointed by God. When we lead worship, that worship needs to hold within it the supernatural - the presence of JESUS, the power to break through all the junk that people bring into the house from their week. Let's face it – they come in from all different places in life: some worshpers, some seekers; some broken hearted, some wholehearted; some offering all they have, some giving God one more chance.

We shouldn't… NO! WE CAN'T just half-heartedly walk into the house of worship acting as if we're doing God a favor by showing up. This is especially huge for the worship leader, singer, band member and A/V tech – but you know it's also important for the believer sitting in the congregation. After all, prayer and worship is not for God's benefit (He doesn't need our worship – He has created beings who were made for the purpose of worship who have and will worship Him for eternity) – worship and prayer is for our benefit.

May we all remember that what we do in woship is not entertainment – it's our spiritual act of worship, singing to the ONE, the only ONE Who holds the power to break the chains that people have in their lives. 

What spiritual tension do you have in you? Teaching? Hospitality? Serving? Healing? Blessing? Whatever you do, do it supernaturally in the power of God.

5 Comments on "A Tension I Deal With"

  1. adam herod says:

    Ummm…that’s GOOD STUFF bro!

  2. mike p says:

    Thanks Adam. I’m sure you could definitely relate – hope over time that more and more people will “get it”.

  3. Cyndi says:

    Mike P, If you have EVER spoken the truth, you spoke it today! That’s EXACTLY what I was talking about the other day in my post. We don’t know what people have been through by the time they reach our campus on Sunday morning or on Wednesday night. We don’t know the battles they have fought throughout their week in their marriages, in their families, in their jobs, etc…and it is up to the WORSHIP leaders to usher them into the presence of Jehovah! To prepare them to feast on the Word of God, and allow themselves to be taken to that peaceful place only found in HIM; THAT’s what its all about! Thank you for your fervent post this morning. If nobody else needed it…I DID!
    God help us to be more about you in 2009 than EVER before? I love you brother!

  4. Rhonda says:

    I couldn’t agree more; this was exactly my point when I had a similar discussion after choir practice not long ago. I’m not sure I presented it as clearly but this definitely was and still is my heart. Thank you for confirming that this is what our ministry is all about!

  5. mike p says:

    Cyndi – exactly… The funny thing is that this is not a new revelation but (and this is where it gets tricky) we can find ourselves very easily slipping into the place where we don’t even realize we aren’t leading from a place of spiritual leadership. You don’t do this on purpose – nobody who is serious about this “phones it in” on purpose – unfortunately, you recognize later (shamefully).
    Rhonda – You know, it’s not that anything actually changed, however, it’s just a reaffirmation, and an acknowledgement that this ministry is a spirit-led, supernatural environment that somehow allows God’s presence and Spirit to flow in and through the lives of those who are in its presence. I am thankful to be a part of it myself. I’m glad you’re along for the journey.

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