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What a Sunday!!!

TODAY was an awesome day!!!

It didn’t start out great – Today’s drummer left a voicemail really early that he had been sick all nite long (get better James) and our other drummer was in Charlotte. I thought about going with our young Justin (who can play anything) because I really wanted to lead…After a brief discussion with the band, they requested that I play drums at 11 minutes til the start (for those who don’t know, I’ve been a drummer most of my life – it was my major instrument – i’m a "metal drummer" at heart.) Don’t tell anyone, but my fingers are blistered – guess i’ve gotten "soft".

So – Rhonda stepped up and led, I played drums, the band rocked and everything was just "off the chain"! Week after week our worship ministry gets better and deeper. It truly pleases me when they are great and I’m not "up front".

And…Tonite we had our "Night of Worship" which was really, really great! We decided this year to gather once per quarter on Sunday evenings to glorify God and to worship with people we don’t normally get to see (as we are split over 3 services).

As you can tell I’m pretty excited and refreshed at the way everything went. Here’s what else is on my mind tonite in the Sunday nite recap

  • Our God Saves is a great anthem for the church! Today was our 1st day using it and I COULDN’T WAIT – i KNEW that the church was gonna love it. Whenever I hear that chorus I just wanna lift my hands and sing at the top of my voice…and sure enough, tonite when we reached the chorus hands went up in holy abandon to the Lord – it was obvious that I am not the only one inspired by those powerful words.
  • Almost a year ago we went to our new 3 service schedule. When we did we abolished Sunday night services and there was a little rumble from those who thought we should have church on Sunday night. You know…many of the people who had a problem when we quit having church on Sunday nite didn’t come to our Night of Worship tonite – do you find that as Interesting as i do? In the famous words of Forrest Gump, "That’s all i gotta say about that…" :)
  • "Mad Money" – the figures that Pastor Harrell dropped on the church about where Americans stand financially compared to the rest of the world were staggering. That was the talk of my lunch table…
  • …then tonite, Our Senegal Mission Team showed and reminded us how good we have it!
  • Met with BFG leadership tonite – talked about the big "40 Day Study" kickin’ off on Easter. Big things are right around the corner. Honestly, those that were there thought we should get rid of those who chose not to attend :) i defended those who didn’t attend because i know that they WOULD me. Right?
  • Joe Sangl will be with us in 2 weeks – we’re gearing up for the "Financial Learning Experience". Can i let you off the hook about something? Most people are ashamed to admit that they need help in the area of finances – some people are great in this area, most are weak. That room will be full of people like you who just want to make a positive turn financially. Joe is SO GOOD in this area – his passion for biblical finances is so contagious. So register already! :)
  • Not saying that anyone is, but…why would people get mad about us talking about money? You know, when I became a Christian all anyone wanted to talk about was what you’re supposed to do with the 1st 10% – with "MAD MONEY", we’re gonna help you with making good decisions with the other 90% – you can do way more with that when you allow God to be a part of that percentage as well.

Check back tomorrow – we’re gonna start talking about the Easter Series, "Made".

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6 Comments on "What a Sunday!!!"

  1. Blake says:

    Hey man…
    Guess a drummer was extremely hard to come by these days. Yesterday, our drummer passed out between services with a mild heart attack… after being rushed to the ER, the campus pastor asked from the stage, “Is there a drummer in the house”. As it went, there was, and worship continued… Please pray for our drummer, I hear it’s his 2nd “heart event” – he looks like he’s a fairly young guy too.
    Miss you guys…

  2. mike p says:

    I guess it wasn’t a really good day for drummers, huh? (see HUGE blister on the index finger)
    Love you man, things are good…

  3. bree says:

    like ya bookshelf! ( know me…I notice stuff like that.) Diggin that!

  4. mike p says:

    yeah…knew you’d be jealous!

  5. Joseph Sangl says:

    I’m ready to carry the crusade to Hyde Park! Can’t wait!

  6. mike p says:

    We’re gearin’ up for ya, Joe!! So far we’ve got 50 who are ready to revolutionize their finances…more to come!

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