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Do YOU know what Friday means?

i wonder how long YOU’VE been reading "WholeHearted Life"?  257 posts and nearly 1 year of writing (October 10th will be my "1 year birthday" – you coming to the party?). Well if you’re a long time reader you know that Friday is normally filled with ramblings from someone who is trying to process everything that he’s experienced in the past 5 days… if you’re not a long time reader, you must be warned: it’s Friday and my A.D.D. is truly kickin!

What am I thinking about today…

  • the weekend (of course). Sunday is coming… hard to believe that "Secrets" will conclude next week – only 2 more messages. This weekend Pastor will address the issue of secret shame. Don’t miss it – this weekend could be a point of freedom for eveyone reading!
  • speaking of "Secrets"… is there anyone reading that maybe has begun or had a positive experience/change as a result of this message series that would be willing to share that with me? If you have a short testimony about something going on in you as a result, email me and share.
  • and one more thing about "Secrets": Pastor and I did an interview with the Fayetteville Observer yesterday about "". Bonita from the Observer called on Tuesday because she was interested in doing a story on the site – it seems she thought it was an innovative idea (by the way… she found the site because she saw the signs riding down the road and wondered what it was :) )
  • We will begin a new series on October 14th called – "DRIVEN" and I am really excited about it. More about "Driven" coming next week but i can say this – We (you and I) will show how "Driven" we are with a tangible demonstration of the love of JESUS throughout the whole series. We’re gonna meet a need in our community, bringing HIM the glory He deserves and putting our love on display…
  • I love coffee. :)
  • I was involved in something yesterday morning that impacted me beyond belief… God showed me something about myself that I hate and I’m sure that He’s displeased with (stop your wondering what kind of horrible thing I did – a few of those closest to me already know about it and it’s nothing that i ‘did’ – it’s more of a matter of the heart."). I hope that I can talk about it in the near future – it certainly impacted me and I believe it will change the way I look at people forever (at least I hope it will).
  • My friend Donnie is crazy!!! God is going to use him in the most unbelievable way – Donnie’s gonna lead stuff that people say can’t be done because he ain’t scared! Definitely one of the "iron" people in my life. Now, if I can just get him blogging :) .
  • How is your prayer life? Are you praying for God’s leadership, seeking to grow, praying for brokenness or just asking Him to do stuff for you?
  • Pray that people will be honest this weekend. Especially pray that those who have followed Christ for a long time wouldn’t treat this weekend’s message as something that applies to others and not to them. I don’t know about you but I never hear a message that has no application to me personally… if YOU do, pray for ears to hear. I pray that for you right now.

I love all of you and am looking forward to worshiping with you in 2 days!

7 Comments on "Do YOU know what Friday means?"

  1. Janice says:

    I love coffee too Mike, plus I love reading your blogs…looking forward to Sunday!( The Fayetteville Observer? WOW, word is getting out, lol!)

  2. Adeana says:

    That A.D.D really is kickin’ today isn’t it, lol. I haven’t been reading long at all. I believe I started shortly before the praise and worship talk that we had on here. I do enjoy reading your blogs, just don’t always remember or get to it. And other times, I am just not sure how to respond, so I don’t, but I have read it.
    Ohh and Mardie and I saw our first sign across the parking lot from a questionable store over by Lung Wah….Of course I didn’t notice it, Mardie had to point it out. Great place for the sign.

  3. mike p says:

    Janice – thanks for the encouragement – I am a fan of your posts on the message board as well.
    Adeana – for a “short-time” reader, you have made some big time comments! May God use those signs to lead people to take the first step towards Him that their lives will be changed for ever!

  4. Laurie Ashley says:

    I guess I started reading your blog in the summer? It’s been fairly recently and I love the challenge it provides me everyday. Reflection is so important in any part of our lives–thinking about where you’ve been and where you’re headed and who and what impacted you on the way–the blog gives me a nice point of reflecion about where i am each day…thanks for doing it!

  5. mike p says:

    Thank you, Laurie, for being a reader and a great commenter. You know, I guess if no one read I probably wouldn’t be as challenged as I am to be the best I can be at this. I love doing it and love being a part of so many people’s lives. It’s a priviledge and an honor…

  6. Tom says:

    Hey, man! I didn’t realize it had been a year. I’ve probably read a quarter to a half of the blogs but it’s almost always a good, fast, interesting read. (I don’t read all of ‘em ’cause of my wife, the computer hog. Hah!) Glad to see the Observer picked up on Secrets. Being innovative and doing different stuff is one way to keep the average person who may not be in a church connected (even by just a newspaper article). The one article with one line in it may be enough to spark Mr. Average Person to take another look at Christ and church. As you have mentioned, communication in all its forms will be very important to the life of the modern church and its continued influence and ensuring it keeps existing relevantly.

  7. ThomasP says:

    your blog really gives me get throught the week.i really enjoy the way i Love coffee to.i hope you enjoy the sunday sermons.i send you.i learn a lot from reading them.we will see you tomorrow.mike i’m glad to be a part of the family of God.

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