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Ordinary Days with Jesus (Part 3?)

Well, it should be part 3, let’s call it that. So I’m teaching this class, right? Wednesday nites – really challenging stuff (on the simple side) about spending our ordinary days in the presence of JESUS (Based on the study "An Ordinary Day with Jesus" by John Ortberg). The problem is that it’s an "application" class, meaning, it’s not a class that you just go in so you can learn something new (information) – the class is built one discipline upon another (application), meaning, to really get anything out of the class you have to actually do the simple assignments/practices over the next week.

Week 1 – Waking up and Going to sleep with Jesus
Week 2 – Learning to apply/use the "Right Gauge" in your life (love)
Week 3 – Beginning your workday in Jesus’ Name

The way that you spend your workday is huge! Most people work because they have to (money) and don’t get out of it what God would have them to…

QUESTION: What are some ways that your workday might be different if you began it in Jesus’ name? (seriously – stop and think about it… beginning your day by comitting all that happens to Him, asking Him to make you effective and successful and asking Him if you may partner with Him throughout the day.) Maybe, after you think about it a moment, you need to pause and do that very thing right now.

  • We talked about placing symbols or reminders in your work setting to help you remember that you don’t work alone…
  • looking for simple acts of service that you can do for those around you at work (in Jesus’ name – "how may I serve you today" to a co-worker could be an unbelievable start)
  • We talked about learning from difficult people. Everyone agreed that they’ve all dealt with difficult people and most currently have them in their life. We called them "sandpaper people" (thanks Letress) and I told them that the purpose of the "sandpaper person is to rub away YOUR rough edges." We are usually so busy thinking about what we dislike about difficult people that we miss the fact that we have our own rough edge to deal with. Difficult people help us to grow in our ability to love.
  • We learned a new phrase. As you wince when someone says something that rubs you the wrong way you can say to yourself, "School is in session; here’s my chance to learn about love."
  • Lastly we dealt with defensiveness. Most of us tend to take feedback with difficulty (even when it’s constructive). Many of us (myself included) feel the need to defend ourself during times of feedback (or criticism). I shared that when I receive criticism I try hard to take it "like a man" then I take it to the Lord and ask Him to show me if anything in what was said might be true about me (and then I ask Him to heal that in me – teach me through the experience). I can only think of one time that someone said something about me that I found myself totally innocent. (in other words, there is often a sliver of truth found in the criticism – the rest might be trash, but learn from the truth, throw the rest away.)

I hope that my class will all grow tremendously through this study. I’m praying that we will not just be hearers of the word but that we might actually do something with the knowledge we receive. (James 1:22-25).

4 Comments on "Ordinary Days with Jesus (Part 3?)"

  1. Laurie Ashley says:

    I think critcism is very hard for most of us to take because we can see others’ faults also. Our first reaction, often times when someone offers us feedback is to think of what you could say to them about their life or work or whatever…or at least that is often my first response. Even when you ask someone for feedback it can be hard to take. Fact is, we all can SEE others in a light that they can’t see themselves. I think there is a little piece of every one of us that is unknown to us, and that is how we really come across to others. Rarely will even your worse enemy really tell you the truth about how you come across. I know, from experience, that I often come across differently than I feel in my heart–but, as Christians, we do have to take some ownership of that. I often think about my “sandpaper” people but find it so hard to believe that I might be someone else’s “sandpaper” person (although I am certain I fit that bill for many). It’s kinda like when the pastor spoke the other day–if you think we’re not talking about you–you’re guilty of number one–
    You can spot those people who think they don’t have anything to find fault over–or noone thinks badly of them–or they have it all together–I’ve been that person, but thankfully, God has shown me just how untrue that really is–It’s always a godo idea to keep in mind when you “go to schoo” with someone–they might be in the same class!!
    Love ya’ll!

  2. Letress Hammonds says:

    Man was I ever challenged today! My “school is in session” was on accepting some “criticism” about my attitude towards a loved ones future. Your comment immediately came to mind about finding the truth in their comments and praying about it. Believe me, I prayed! God is so good!

  3. mike p says:

    Laurie – I loved that, “It’s always a godo idea to keep in mind when you “go to school” with someone–they might be in the same class!!” That is “class”ic!
    Letress, is that not amazing?!? that on the day after we talk about this you are confronted with it in your own life? God IS Good, you’re so right!

  4. Laurie Ashley says:

    hardy har har….what pun!

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